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Mailbag question from Ed

Eroc and CoachBt,

I have a question for you guys. Defense is disciplined on the backside (gap integrity maintained), what does this open up?

What I am thinking here is that, a smart Big 10 Defensive Coordinator will look at the way Wally Burnham of South Florida schemed and shut down the WVU run game the past two years.

From what I understand, Burnham, with his Alabama and then Big 12 background, came to his approach to defending the RR/WVU zone-read option from a traditional defend-the-option background, which apparently gave him a leg up on analyzing the zone-read blocking/cutback schemes.

Thank you for sharing your expertise!


Thanks Ed for the question.

Backside discipline, staying home, is a must if you are going to stop the third phase of the quarterback read option. One thing that makes this easier to understand is to look at the quarterback read, or spread option as a version of the split back veer. You have the inside zone as option #1, you have the option with slot as pitch back as option #2, and then quarterback keep as option 3. This offense is sometimes called triple option.

What it makes defenses do is stay home both to the backside, but also to the front side to stop the option. This allows the offense to out-man the defense, or at least get as many blockers as defenders in phase one. It also makes stopping phase one of the offense key to stopping the package. If the running back is able to gain yardage in phase the pressure on the backside to make plays becomes overwhelming. Same as in the split back veer, making that front side defensive end stay home and play quarterback with the running back chewing yards directly in front of him was almost impossible. Also sitting and playing that gap integrity also sets up the zone trap and counter inside the defensive end.

What the last Defensive Coordinator I have talked to about defending read option have talked about is defending read option similar to defending split back veer and Winged T offenses. Against veer you basically play assignment or man to man defense then certain defenders responsible for specific players on the offense. Linebacker has running back, phase 1, defensive end has quarterback front side, outside linebacker or safety has pitch man, etc. To combat the quarterback read you cross read with your outside linebackers.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coaches Corner: Defensive fronts and techniques

How will the Defense work or and what to look for:

There has been a buzz with information since Michigan is looking at playing more press or tight coverage with their cornerbacks. Question becomes how the rest of the defense will play and the effect of the cornerback’s out on an island while much will depend on what defense played.

Playing press coverage will have different effect depending on what personnel is on the field. Press in 4-3 will have different effect than press in 3-3. Reason for this is match up on slots will be different if you have nickel in game, than if you are in base and have weak side linebacker paying slot. I sure all of us still shutter at sight of Chris Graham lining up over Ohio State’s Anthony Gonzalez.

Basic tenet is you can play any defense coverage out of press you could play out of soft coverage. Only difference is you are giving your underneath people time to help in under coverage. You are also giving your blitzer and front four time to get heat on quarterback. First thing press coverage does is change the quarterback read, and effect the hot wide receiver’s. So out of press coverage you can play man, man under deep zone, and even still play 3 deep. Many Tampa 2 teams play press and then sit the cornerbacks in the flat. One of biggest things you need to do in press coverage is make sure your under people, safeties, linebacker’s, or nickel to reroute slots. If they do not do this, and inside wide receivers/slots can attack safeties without impediment, they will put a stress on the defense that will be tough to overcome.

Defensive Fronts
There are two generally accepted numbering systems used to align Defensive fronts. First is simple. Each player/position in the frontlines up in a 1, 2, or a 3 technique on his assigned defender. 1 tech means inside shade, 2 tech is head up, and 3 tech is outside shade. By inside shade, I mean line up on shoulder of defender closest, by outside shade I mean shoulder furthest from the ball. This scheme not used much any more. The second method numbers the alignments from 1 to 9, with each number telling the defender which offensive player to line up on, and in what technique. 0 tech is head up on the center.1 tech is either inside shade of offensive guard, or outside shade of offensive center. 2 tech is head up on offensive guard. 3 tech is outside shade of offensive guard. 4 tech is gap between offensive tackle and offensive guard, or inside shade of offensive tackle. 5 tech is head up, or outside eye of offensive tackle. 6 tech is gap between offensive tackle and tight end. 7 tech is inside shade of tight end. 8 tech is head up on tight end. In addition, 9 tech is outside shade of tight end. There are as always-slight variations on these alignments.

Even Fronts:
In the 4-3, 4-2, or other even front the defensive tackles in base lineup in 2 techs, or head up on offensive guards. Defensive end to the strong side/tight end side will play either a 7, 8, or 9 technique. Defensive end quick side, away from the tight end. Will play either 5 or 6 tech on the offensive tackle. Some teams will use the wide side of field for calls instead of tight end. One basic variation, which some teams actually use as their base to stem or shift the defensive tackles to strong side. This puts defensive tackle to strong side in 3 tech, and defensive tackle to quick side in1 tech. 1 tech defensive tackle is sometimes called a nose tackle.

Odd fronts:
In 3-4, 3-3, or other odd fronts, the alignment is similar. Your nose tackle will generally line up in 0 tech. They will from time to time stem to shift into a 1 tech. Moreover, even go step further and actually tilt directly towards the center. The defensive tackles/defensive ends will play in either 5 or 6 techs. There are many variations.

This might confuse people more and this could raise more questions. Therefore, if you have any questions please e-mail and we will try and answer them. It is just difficult when you do not have specifics, down and distance along with the situation a defense might be in during a game. This was just a small sample of CoachBt brain … lol.

Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Michigan Men's Basketall: Wrap-up

Michigan Men's Basketball: Nothwstern at Michigan. NW had a huge lead and Michigan came back, but ended up short losing 60-62.

Michigan Men's Basketball Highlights

Northwestern at Michigan game highlights

Michigan Football Tidbits:

Well several guys are not doing the work-outs right now (Terrance Taylor, Will Johnson, Brandon Harrison and Carson Butler). Nothing major to really report right now except for the fact they are being held out so no worries right now. This is probably a good thing right now.

Regarding Mike Barwis and I know I have been in the group that is thrilled he is at Michigan and he is a major improvement, but some fans are going a little bit overboard saying this is going to take us over the top against teams like Ohio State. OSU has a great S&C program as well and we are just finally getting to the other programs as far as S&C and accountability. Do not get me wrong he will be a great benefit. Barwis himself has stated that he would rather have five star kids and improve them even more than have three star kids and try to make them into five star kids. One thing Barwis will do is make these guys work up to their potential compared to the previous staff where the kids really had to push themselves. They do not have to worry about that under Barwis he will push them to the limit and will make some kids look elsewhere. Will tell you that everything is going great right now and the kids have really bought into the program, but remember that is just S&C and not football.

The former players were all excited and impressed with the accessibility to the all the coaches and that they were able to talk with Coach Rod himself. They talked to him about what their expectations were for the Michigan coach running a clean program, being aggressive, remembering tradition, and doing it the Michigan way.

Coach Rod recruiting in 2009 will mold his program at Michigan. We really need to improve our recruiting and the athletic ability in these classes coming in the next several years. Yes what they do this football season will be very important, but the kind of kids he will recruit in his very first complete year will dictate the direction he wants his program. The interesting thing I will be looking at is what kind of Quarterback he goes after in 2009. We all know he is not interested in a pro style quarterback, but it will be interesting to see if he goes after a pass first quarterback then run (scrambles) when needed or will he go after a run first quarterback then pass when needed. That might just dictate the kind of wide receivers we will be able to land in the future. Really, Coach Rod and Carr are not that different in the type of kids they want to get at Michigan. They both want great athletes who have great potential at the college level. The only two real differences is that Coach Rod once a dual threat QB where Carr went for a pro-style QB. Coach Rod is looking for faster, smaller, quicker slot wide receivers where Carr did not really look for them and just went after the pro-style wide receivers that are tall and bigger built. You could probably say a little difference in the offensive line where he is looking for more athletic type kids, but the major differences is that Coach Rod wants them to be thinner and quicker where Carr wanted the kids bigger. Defensively they will be looking for the same type of kids the only problem is getting those types of kids where Michigan has struggled at times at certain positions. Every defense wants their defensive players to be aggressive, fast, can hit, etc. They want the strong and quick pass rushers while getting the big strong run stoppers while having linebackers that can cover TE's in the passing game and be able to go sideline to sideline in the running game. The biggest difference will be getting these guys prepared to play in shape compared to Carr's players and that is where Barwis is holding these kids accountable.

We are lacking athletic ability at several positions. Safety right now we have Stevie Brown as being most athletic safety. Some people might say Artis Chambers, but he is not a great athlete. You have the cornerback position in which now they want to play press coverage and we might struggle a little bit. Well Morgan Trent has not been able to play press coverage yet at Michigan at least not for along period. Will he be able to do that the entire game? You have Trent and Donovan Warren, but no proven depth to do this yet. Michigan has Troy Woolfolk, James Rogers and Boubacar Cissoko who is all-good kids, but unproven. The linebacker positions we have good kids coming, but again unproven. Fitzgerald needs a lot of work and strength is a big issue and he might not be ready until later in the year, but again we have lot of unproven kids in this position and these kids will indeed have to step up this year for our defense to be dominant. We are trying to win a Big Ten Championship here and the defense is supposed to be our strength of the team this year and will carry this team early. Remember defense wins championships.

Regarding the offense, we are starting over and kids that have not played a lot at Michigan. We are starting a new QB, RB, WR's and several offensive linemen. Hemingway and Clemons are not super fast and either is Mathews. Darrell Stonum is indeed the fastest wide receiver Michigan has right now and could be a starter with his deep threat capabilities or at least plays a lot this year. Clemons has the ability to stretch a defense vertically also. While not as fast as Stonum he makes up for this with superior jumping ability and height. Very similar to the way David Terrell could stretch a defense with less than blazing speed. Also, think that Roy Roundtree has more speed than other WR’s mentioned (Clemons and Hemingway), but will probably red-shirt. Also in Coach Rod's offense, SE’s can also stretch a defense with combination of speed and height. An athlete as Webb or Moore could easily out muscle or jump smaller CB’s to help stretch a defense vertically. SE’s are very often one on one in secondary running fades, slants, and hitches. So I believe Michigan will look for another speed tall wide receiver. Martell Webb we are not even sure what position he is going to be playing this year. The funny thing is our strongest position will be the RB's even though hardly any of them have gotten much playing time behind the four-year starter Mike Hart who carried most of the load.

Next years recruiting class could be twenty-five class again so I am going t0 break down what I believe Michigan will look for in the 2009 recruiting class.

2009 Recruiting breakdown (25 IMO):
Offense (10):
2 Quarterback's
1 Running Back
2 Split End (WR)
2 Slot (WR)
3 Offensive Line
0 Tight Ends

Defense (14):
2 safeties
2 Cornerbacks
1 Nickel (can play all DB's positions)
2 Defensive Tackles
3 Defensive Ends
2 Inside Linebackers
2 Outside Linebackers

Special Teams (1):
1 Kicker/Punter

Starters going into spring (IMO – several possible position changes for spring ball):
Offense: (like what we saw at in the bowl game)
SE…..Toney Clemons
TE…..Carson Butler
OT…..Perry Dorrestein/Cory Zirbel
OG….Justin Boren
OC….Tim McAvoy/David Molk
OG….Steve Schilling
OT….Mark Ortmann
Slot…Avery Horn
SE..…Greg Mathews
QB….Steven Threet
RB….Kevin Grady

CB….Morgan Trent
DE….Tim Jamison
DT….Terrance Taylor
DT….Will Johnson
DE….Brandon Graham
CB….Donovan Warren
LB….Jonas Mouton
LB….John Thompson
LB….Obi Ezeh
S……Charles Stewart
S……Stevie Brown

Written by ErocWolverine

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Coaches Corner: Let's talk a little zone blocking

There have been questions raised about how Michigan’s blocking will differ from last year. We are told that West Virginia is a zone team and that will be different from what Michigan did last year.

When all we have heard for last two years is that Michigan has been employing zone blocking. What gives? The skinny is that there are two types of zone blocking, outside zone, or stretch blocking, and inside zone blocking. Michigan employed outside zone last two years, West Virginia uses inside zone scheme. The two schemes have some things in common, but many more differences. The breakdown based on how they are similar and where they differ.

How the same:
Both types of zone have the same rules. In addition, there are only two rules. Rule #1 is you are either covered or uncovered; rule #2 is work for a double team. That is it. Another similarity is both schemes have all linemen step in the same direction. If you are running 32 zones, all linemen step to the right, 33 zone all linemen to the left. Both also employ a short first step to side you are blocking. In addition, position of helmet is huge, although you position the helmet is in different spots. Both also employ the punch to slow down angling linemen and allow your teammate to get to proper place. In both styles, you also teach your linemen to sprint or run full speed once you achieve the double.

First difference is the Offensive linemen first step. In stretch blocking linemen step at 45-degree angle to line of scrimmage. In inside zone linemen step flat to the line of scrimmage. The 45-degree step is used because in stretch blocking it is important that the linemen get vertical so they push the defender or stretch the defense to the sidelines. This 45-degree step usually means that the feet end up heal to toe. With inside zone, you step flat because preventing penetration is paramount. This means that linemen’s feet are in line with each other.

Second difference is aiming point of the linemen. In stretch blocking the linemen’s aiming point is the far arm or armpit of the Defensive linemen. With inside zone, the aiming point is the center of the defenders body. In stretch blocking your goal is to cover the far number of the defender. Inside zone, you trying to cover the defenders body not get the far number. When executing the stretch block your helmet needs to just above the far number, with inside zone your helmet needs to be right below the chin. If you do not have proper helmet location performing the key difference will be almost impossible. The key or better-stated biggest difference is how you move the defender. With stretch blocking, you are running or pushing the defender to the sidelines. You are literally trying to stretch or gain separation in the defense. With inside zone, you trying to move the defender vertical or move the line of scrimmage backwards.

Moving line of scrimmage backwards allows the RB, or QB to cutback through the backside seam for big yardage. This is not blocking, but key to understanding the difference in blocking knows the RB’s course. In stretch play RB’s aiming point is inside leg or hip of TE. If there is no TE, most teams call it ghost TE and use same point. With inside zone, the RB’s aiming point is inside leg of play side OG. This allows the RB, or QB to cut through either play side or backside A and B gaps. That makes this scheme tough to defend. If you backside defenders to not maintain gap integrity, they give up big chunks of yardage. Think ASU and Oregon last year. These are major similarities and differences.

If this confuses you more or creates further questions, simply Email we will answer your questions.

Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Michigan Wrestling: Wrap-up

Michigan Wrestling: Michigan State at Michigan.

Michigan Wrestling: Highlights

Michigan Wrestling: Michigan State at Michigan. Michigan wins the match 24-11.

Michigan Women's Basketball Highlights

Michigan Women's Basketball: Michigan at Illinois. Michigan won 55-52

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Michigan Hockey: Michigan State vs. Michigan

Michigan Hockey: Michigan State vs. Michigan at the Joe. Michigan wins the hockey game 5-2.

Coaches Corner: Rating the 2008 Michigan Wolverines (2 Split Ends) commits:

Wide Receivers will be broken into two positions, Split Ends and Slots. Each need different skills, and is very different positions.

At Split End Michigan signed two very good players in Stonum and Roundtree. Both have the skills and talent to very successful in Coach Rod’s offense. Split Ends need to be not just good, but outstanding blockers. They will spend a large block of time each practice honing their blocking skills. Split End’s are trying to pin Defensive Backs into the boundary to open up the area outside the hashes for the running game. If you remember when we talked about defending spread offense we talked about importance of keeping ball between the hashes. It is these blocks that turn 7 yard gains into 20 yards or Touchdowns.

Both Stonum and Roundtree have the size and toughness to be excellent blockers. This type of blocking in space, of some of the best athletes on the field is one of toughest assignments in game. Both also have the speed and hands to be outstanding Split Ends. Stonum will be one of the fastest players on the roster, and Roundtree some of the best hands.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Michigan Hockey: Michigan at Michigan State

Michigan Hockey: Michigan at Michigan State Highlights. Michigan loses the hockey game 5-2.

Poll Results: What offensive freshman will make the biggest impact this fall?

What offensive freshman will make the biggest impact this fall?

Michael Shaw........8.....(6%)

Daryl Stonum.......28.....(22%)

Justin Feagin......17.....(13%)

Terrence Robinson..23.....(18%)

Sam McGuffie.......40.....(32%)

Martavious Odoms....8.....(6%)

Votes so far: 124

Poll closed

Coaches Corner: Rating the 2008 Michigan Wolverines (3 Slot Receivers) commits:

Wide Receivers will be broken into two positions, Split Ends and Slot Receivers. Each need different skills, and is very different positions.

Slot Receivers of all the changes Coach Rod will bring to the field, use of these dynamite players has to be most excited. Getting ball into these types of athlete’s hands in space is going to make defenses defend the entire field.

These are the type of players "Old Michigan" never even truly considered, but the ability to take a short pass and turn into the a huge gain makes an offense more efficient. Terrence Robinson (T-Rob), Martavious Odoms and Michael Shaw all have the skill and talent to be outstanding in the slot. And again, their skills complement each other.

T-Rob is explosive, with good hands, and an excellent ball carrier. He is also great in space and has ability to make first defender miss.

Odoms is probably a better receiver at this time, has better hands, but not as dangerous a runner or after the catch.

Shaw is excellent ball carrier who will need work to refine his receiving skills. And a great bonus to recruiting this type of player is they make very good to excellent return men.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coaches Corner: Rating the 2008 Michigan Wolverines (2 Running Back) commits:

Running Backs:

Great group whose skills complement each other very well.

McGuffie is super fast, explosive running who can cut on a dime. He has home run ability each time he touches the ball.

Cox is a big strong, shoulders square type of runner who takes the fight to the defender.

Shaw could be a 3rd option at RB. He played very well in an offense very similar to Michigan’s in high school. However, I believe he starts his career at slot.

Both McGuffie and Cox have the skill set to fit well into coach Rod’s offense. McGuffie is perfect fit for the outside series, and Cox will do well in the inside zone and zone trap series. Both can play in the max set, or in the passing game. Having this type of diverse talent will make defending Michigan difficult.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michigan Women's Basketball: Kevin Borseth

Michigan Women's Basketball: Looking at the Michigan program and also Kevin Borseth and the change that he has brought to the women's basketball program at Michigan.

Coaches Corner: Rating the 2008 Michigan Wolverines (2 Tight Ends) commits:

Tight Ends just might be the most underrated group recruited this year. Both are very talented athletes capable of playing more than one position. I was pleasantly surprised when Coach Rod and staff kept both Tight Ends. Using Tight Ends as change up in offense will make it much tougher to defend.

Both Koger and Moore have very good skill sets, but what really is good if that styles compliment each other really well. Moore is long speedy athlete who can stretch a defense and is excellent after the catch who can also play Split End. Koger is stronger, more physical player who is an excellent blocker. Koger can also double as H-Back type player, called max back in Coach Rod’s offense.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michigan Baseball: Interview Rich Maloney

Michigan Baseball: Rich Maloney with BTN about the upcoming baseball season.

Coaches Corner: Rating the 2008 Michigan Wolverines (4 Linebackers) commits:

Linebacker's (4) in the 2008 class:

We would rate this Linebacker class as outstanding. All four have very good movement skills, and play the game with a passion and aggression necessary to be outstanding linebackers. They also have the skills to play well on special teams. This is an area sometimes overlooked that Coach Rod will make a priority. Plus all have skill sets to play multiple positions and in nickel packages.

Fitzgerald is the biggest and strongest of the group. He can play either Sam or Mike strong side or middle. He is intense nasty player who takes on blockers well. He has that key skill to play either strong side linebacker or middle linebacker. Very good at point of attack that could easily lineup at defensive end in nickel and dime packages.

Witherspoon is very versatile player who could easily play any of the three linebacker positions. Excellent pass rusher who could line up at defensive end in nickel for being used as designated blitzer and man can he HIT!

Demens is not flashy; all he does is make tackles. He is a solid, fundamental strong outside linebacker. His excellent movement skills will be a great help in space and in coverage.

Hill just might be my favorite player in the whole class regardless of position. He brings a fire and attitude that puts a smile on my face. Strength of his game is speed, lateral, movement, and physical play, exact skill set needed to play weak side linebacker. With his burst and explosion will make a dynamite nickel and dime package player. He would make outstanding blitzer, guy just drills the quarterbacks. In some packages could even put hand on ground and play defensive end. Lined up wide on offensive tackles, and with his explosion he could drive those guys’ nuts.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Coaches Corner: Rating the 2008 Michigan Wolverines (6 Offensive Line) commits:

Michigan Wolverines (Offensive Line) recruits are loaded with potential. They are very good fit for what Coach Rod and staff want to accomplish on offense. Most show excellent movement skills, and ability to pull and trap.

Dan O'Neill and Patrick Omameh are the key recruits in this class of Offensive linemen. We have some depth and talent at the interior offensive linemen at this time. It is offensive tackle where Michigan is lacking depth and talent.

Dan O’Neill is perfect fit at (Right Tackle). Big, tough, and nasty, he is the type of talent that is needed to run the inside zone. In addition, he is athletic enough to run the outside series also. As added bonus, he comes from program that ran version of spread offense.

Patrick Omameh is more of a (Left Tackle). He has the long arms and super quick feet to protect the backside. He also shows skill set to perform the backside cut off that is necessary to run the ball in Coach Rod’s offense. He is probably the rawest and going to require the most work especially with Mr. Barwis.

Elliott Mealer has most potential. He is excellent combination of size and athletic ability. Elliott Mealer moves very well for player his size. The fact he is still growing and could possibly add another inch or so only improves his chances. Elliott Mealer will need a year or two with Mr. Barwis to improve his strength and overall conditioning, but these types of players who are athletic enough to play basketball seem to make outstanding offensive linemen.

Kurt Wermers also shows ability to pull and trap on film. He moves his feet very well and shows nice hips. From strength point, he is probably not as far along as Mealer, but strength is probably the easiest of the linemen skills to improve.

Rocko Khoury shows less movement skill than the other two, but is probably further along strength wise. He is classic mauler who when he locks onto defender is capable of finishing his blocks with authority. Really needs to concentrate on being able to move his feet and his agility.

Of the three Wermers shows best at protection. All three will need considerable work in this area, which is not unusual for high school linemen however. Pass protection is generally area that needs most work. Always remember offensive line is probably the toughest position to project and evaluate. Therefore, there are no guarantees for any of these kids. Heart, work ethic, staying healthy, and learning your assignments are all variables just as important as strength and speed training. This game is just as much mental as it is physical and pertains as much too offensive line play as any position with possible exception of quarter back.

Ricky Barnum is the type of talent that offensive line Coach Frey talks about when discussing personnel needed to execute the spread offense, quick and agile enough to pull and trap, but stout enough to move the line of scrimmage when running inside zone series. Of the key interior linemen he is probably, the most ready to contribute early.

I would rate this group as low floor and very high ceiling this because the potential is there to be a very special group. However, it is not there yet, and in fact, 3 players, and maybe a 4th, will be learning new positions. Elliott Mealer, Rocko Khoury, Ricky Barnum, and even Dann O'Neill will be playing positions they did not play in high school. This can make projecting player’s performance very difficult. It can also make projecting, or grading the group difficult.

Making the projection difficult is fact that some are still growing. In addition, could very easily grow into different position. The reason I give this group high ceiling is that the overall athletic is excellent. They all process specific skill that will help them fit into Coach Rod’s offense. Do think that Rocko Khoury, Kurt Wermers, and Ricky Barnum start at interior linemen. Also, believe that Dann O’Neill starts right tackle and Patrick Omameh starts and projects at left tackle. The wild card here is Elliott Mealer because he is still growing could easily fit at either offensive tackle or be an excellent fit at either offensive guard.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Michigan Basketball: osu at Michigan

What a day at Crisler Arena. First, had a sell out crowd and created a buzz in the air with osu in town along with Coach Rod speaking at halftime. This basketball program needed this and got it today in front of a packed house. One thing that this team has right now is confidence and to me that is more important than a lot of things for such a young team especially at this point in time for this basketball program.

Here is a link to see the game highlights:

The team played a very good first half and only had a little lull where osu went on a 10-2 run over a three minute time period. Going in tied at halftime had to give Michigan confidence along with how the crowd came out to support the program today.

At halftime, Coach Rod gave a “typical” Michigan coach response and did not guarantee like other coaches have done in the past, but he said "I'm not going to make any predictions just yet, other than one thing, if you come into the Big House when the Maize and Blue comes out of the tunnel, I guarantee you that they will play hard and they will play physical," Rodriguez told a sellout Crisler Arena crowd Sunday during halftime of the Michigan-Ohio State men's basketball game.

Second half the team really took control early on and really showed they can play with any team in the Big Ten. Yes, they need Manny and DeShawn to have good games for that to happen and show Michigan can get it done. The depth of talent is not great, but Michigan players have guys that give what they have and sometimes that is all you can ask (IMO).

This team might not be as talented as last years or more wins then last year, but this team has shown through this years tough schedule and being very young they continue to show they do not give up, they hustle, they play with heart, they fight and battle till the buzzard goes off.

If this type of game along with how Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims played does not excite the local area kids and does not show the “Detroit Coaches” that Coach Beilein is not going anywhere and is going to turn this program around then keep sending your kids to other programs that do you favors.

Some people say this was only one game, but (IMO) this was so much more than just one game. This win can show fans, alumni, donors, recruits, coaches, etc. that Michigan is struggling this year, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is getting brighter and brighter each game we move forward.

Some people will look and say well Coach Beilein is not bringing in a good class in 2008. Well I say he is bringing in guys that can help this team next year. He already has LLP coming in next year; he will help at the guard position, and has Stu that will only make Manny and the other players better because he will be able to hit the open shot when the boys drive to the hoop and kick it out to him. In addition, the “bigs” will not be double-teamed as hard when you have a guy waiting out at the three point line ready to receive the ball and hit the open three pointer. Cronin is a kid that might need a year or two, but I believe he can be a very good player in Coach Beilein’s system.

I hope that the 2009 kids will be looking at what Michigan can offer them along with the style of play that Michigan is using and not what coaches are telling them about Michigan. One thing I notice and would love to show recruits videos of Coach Beilein on the sidelines when he is coaching kids up and instructing them what to do and then show those same kids Izzo (little napoleon) and how he is on the sidelines towards the kids by downgrading them and yelling at them. He is a smaller version of Bobby Knight, but not very good at it (IMO). I believe he needs to be like that because of his height and tries to scares the kids to death. In addition, he is a guy that will smile at you and then stab you right in the back as soon as you turn around. Just ask some of the recruits how much he bad mouths Michigan so to me he is scared what Michigan could be if they ever get this thing back on the track. No offense to msu fans, but your still little brother and Michigan is on their way back.

written by ErocWolverine

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures of Michigan Stadium Renovations Part 2

MGoBlogs: Football, Vol. I, No. 1
February 14, 2008

Chasing the Dream
The underlying theme of the Michigan football program since 1969 has been "The Team, The Team, The Team." First-year head coach Rich Rodriguez provided students at U-M the opportunity to join the 2008 team in an open tryout held at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse on Valentine's Day.

"The tryout provides guys with the opportunity to chase a dream," said Rodriguez. "They want the Michigan football experience and that opportunity to run down the tunnel and into the stadium in front of 110,000 fans."

Sixty-five students registered for the tryouts and went through an hour-and-a-half workout session that included stretching and conditioning drills, position drills and a 40-yard dash. The goal was to find student-athletes that can help the program during the upcoming season.

Rodriguez, a former walk-on who earned a scholarship at West Virginia, estimated that over the past six years he kept 20-25 walk-ons from open tryouts, including four players that earned scholarships and two that became starters for the Mountaineers.

"The importance of a walk-on can be immeasurable," added Rodriguez. "They can provide special teams support, participate on the demonstration teams, or earn a role on the offensive or defensive units. It's great to get walk-ons out for the team because you know they are playing for the love of the game. All they want is an opportunity, and I hope that we want to provide that to them."

Rodriguez plans to keep some walk-ons for the winter conditioning program and spring practice slated to begin March 15.

Pictures of Michigan Stadium Renovations Part 1

Michigan Stadium renovations are getting a lot of the groundwork done right now along with dirt moved. By the tunnel (gate 1) on the right side the big hill is completely gone and that is where they are, going to have loading docks for the home and visitors equipment vehicles along with team buses. Shoring this wall up they have put a concrete wall up and will later brick that area. Then by the press box side they have took down almost all the brick and steel fencing by the street side. They have lowered that area probably ten feet and are putting footers and taken down the “regents area” of the press box. On the north end, they have removed a lot of dirt by Wolverine Plaza (gate 8) and (gate 9) that will be permanent concession stands along with restrooms and sales buildings. South end will be doing the same thing as well so things are going on all around the stadium.

Map of Michigan Stadium

Dirt hill gone by the tunnel

Concrete pumping trucks getting ready to start pumping the concrete shoring up the wall

Digging footers and lowering the grade on the press box side

Farther viw of the press box side

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pictures of Michigan Wolverines future "Field House"

Michigan Wolverines football “future” field house:

Just getting underway is the field house completion date by the year 2010 I believe which will add another indoor practice facility along with more locker room space, offices, weight room, etc.

Not much too really look at yet except getting footers ready to start the process and a lot of underground stuff that usually does not get noticed when starting a new project. One thing that struck me was the “the wall” was down when I drove by and it really just looked weird when I stopped there to take these pictures. I was told a new wall would replace the old wall that they had to knock down during construction so fans that think it will be open to the public to walk by think again. In addition, the main road will be the building in the front so the outdoor practice field will be behind it.

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2008 Michigan's "Mock Rock"

Nice to see these student/athletes on a lighter side and also them supporting the C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital.

15 minute video highlights of "Mock Rock"
You will have to slide the bar down till you find "Mock Rock" since other videos have went up since this was done.

20 pictures from "Mock Rock"

The 9th Annual
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Hill Auditorium

Every year the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) and the Letterwinners M-Club (varsity athlete alumni association) present Mock Rock, a light-hearted talent and variety show featuring current varsity student-athletes.

The event was created by the M-Club and SAAC in 1999 as a tribute to the life of Michigan wrestler Jeff Reese, who died during training.

Proceeds from Mock Rock initially went to the Jeff Reese endowed scholarship fund. Once this goal was met, the student-athletes wanted to keep the tradition of Mock Rock alive, with C.S. Mott Children's Hospital being the ideal partner.
Every Thursday night student-athletes have the opportunity to participate in the "From the Heart" program, visiting with the patients of Mott and sharing some special moments. The time is usually spent telling stories, playing with toys and signing autographs. Michigan student-athletes love to volunteer their time, but Mock Rock gives them the opportunity to do more for these kids.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pictures of Michigan Baseball "Ray Fisher Stadium" renovations at Wilpon complex: Part 2

“Meet the Wolverines” Baseball Night Scheduled for Feb. 20, 2008:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- University of Michigan head baseball coach Rich Maloney announced that the public will have the opportunity to greet his 2008 squad at the fourth annual "Meet the Wolverines Night" Wednesday, Feb. 20, at the Junge Family Champions Center (located between Crisler Arena and Michigan Stadium).

The event scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. with doors opening at 5 p.m.Prior to the event's start time, local radio station WTKA (1050 AM) will broadcast an hour-long Michigan Baseball Preview show from the Junge Center. The Ann Arbor-based sports talk radio station's sister station, W4 Country (102.9 FM), will also be on-location, broadcasting remotely for two hours from 5-7 p.m.During the evening festivities, Maloney and his staff will introduce the defending Big Ten and NCAA Nashville Regional champion Wolverines, and the Michigan players and coaches will be available for photos and autographs throughout the Champions Center.

Highlight videos will be shown, posters will be handed out, and light snacks and beverages will be available for the free event, which is expected to run until 8 p.m.Baseball America's preseason No. 8-ranked Wolverines will travel to Port St. Lucie, Fla., the following day to prepare for college baseball's inaugural opening day Friday, Feb. 22, as they face off with Villanova in the New York Mets spring training complex.

The Maize and Blue will open its home schedule against Oakland University Wednesday and Thursday, March 19-20, and U-M starts Big Ten action by hosting Iowa in a four-game series on Friday through Sunday, March 28-30.For more information contact baseball secretary Helen Nelson at or call the baseball office (734) 647-4550. Season tickets for the Wolverines' 2008 home slate, which cost as low as $30 for a season package, are available now via the Michigan Ticket Office at 866.296.MTIX or visit the U-M Ticket Department website at

Michigan Baseball "indoor" Hitting and Pitching building:

Michigan Baseball 3rd baseline "inside the park" Press Box and Offices:

Michigan Baseball "outdoor" Hitting cage close up:

Michigan Baseball "outdoor" Hitting cage:

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Pictures of Michigan Baseball "Ray Fisher Stadium" renovations at Wilpon complex: Part 1

Michigan Baseball “Ray Fisher Stadium” renovations at Wilpon complex:

I was able to walk around the stadium a little bit and really impressed with the facility and how it looks with the iron gates entrances along with the brick that goes with the surrounding buildings. It is going to be one of the nicest college baseball facilities around or at least be able to compete with the national college baseball programs in the country.

Rich Maloney is very excited about the complex and is very excited all the hard work he has put into getting the donors to believe in his program and the direction he was going to take this struggling program when he took it over and now he has a potential of getting his team to the college world series. Last year they were Regional champions, but were not able to host the “Super regional” because of the renovations going on and lost in three games to the later College World Series champions Oregon State who has won it two years in a row.

Michigan Baseball "outside view":

Michigan Baseball 3rd baseline seats and "indoor facility":

Michigan Baseball Press Box:

Michigan Baseball 1st baseline "inside the park" Offices and Press Box":

Michigan Baseball 1st base seats:

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poll Results: How do you rate the Michigan recruiting class

A.....Great Class.........122.....(40%)

B.....Good Class..........144.....(48%)

C.....Decent Class.........11......(3%)

D.....OK Class.................8......(2%)

F.....Terrible Class......15......(5%)

Votes so far: 300

Poll closed

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Pictures of Michigan Softball “Alumni Field” renovations at Wilpon complex:

Michigan Softball “Alumni Field” renovations at Wilpon complex:

I was talking with several of the construction workers “bricklayers” on the day of the football-signing day (Feb. 6, 2008). They were telling me they were a little behind because of the weather since they were working in some terrible conditions, but should be no hold ups for the completion before the first pitch is made on Wednesday April 2, 2008 in their home opener against Bowling Green.

I was not able to get any closer because they had a Gradall in the way and they would not let me get away from the car because I did not technically “sign in” with the office trailer, but still had my trusty hardhat there just in case … lol

Michigan Softball 3rd baseline:

Michigan Softball 3rd baseline seats:

Michigan Softball "indoor" Hitting Building:

Michigan Softball 1st baseline seats from Michigan Baseball 3rd baseline:

Michigan Softball 1st baseline seats from Michigan Baseball 1st baseline:
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