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2010 Michigan Recruiting: Tremondae Branch -- Defensive Tackle

Tremondae Branch

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Hard-nosed tough defensive tackle who is built to play nose tackle. Short and stout, uses his leverage advantage well and is hard to move. Has short arms and this could be a huge disadvantage at next level. Has shown limited pass rush potential so far.

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Coaches Corner: Coach Hopson -- Inside Linebackers

Inside Linebackers:

Coach Hopson was cut down to around fifteen minutes. Coach Gibson was completely eliminated for second year in a row! With all the linebacker talk on the boards and blogs thought we would give the little they gave us.

First thing to remember, we are talking inside linebackers, not weak side linebackers, or spinners / hybrid defensive end / outside linebackers.

Coach Hopson went over basics of playing inside linebacker, stance and skills and than showed us some film of what to expect. Really helped when watching practice.

Stance and Skills

1) Positive Chin Angles - Chin over toes.

2) Strong through the middle - take on blockers and defeat them.

3) Two shuffle steps, this was enlightening, Michigan is not playing a downhill attack the blocker style, they are playing the shuffle, stay out of garbage style.

Coach Hop said this is because of defending so much zone blocking. If you come downhill too fast you cannot adjust and get caught in all the garbage when running back changes track. More on this afterwards.

4) Leverage on the gap, keep outside arm / shoulder free. This is extremely important and something Michigan has had problems with in the past.

5) Stay Low, Coach Hopson preaches and you will hear him say it hundreds of times per practice. STAY LOW, Am adding this to my coaching vocabulary.

6) Get and keep pad levels down - To this say Amen!

7) Hot Feet - Same as quick feet / need to always be moving.

With regards to #3, this is becoming one of the great debates in college football. Do you still read the guard and fill when they block down or base.

Or do you do as Michigan does and start with two shuffles. As usual there is no right or wrong way, just different. Talked to five different linebacker coaches this year and got five different answers, no surprise.

Thing to remember here is teams that use fullback lead / sprint draw offense could provide Michigan with a challenge, where spread zone teams might be easier to defend.

Think of problems Michigan has stopping Beanie Wells and his cut backs, or Javon Ringer with his 200 or so yards rushing. Not getting downhill and hitting fullback at line of scrimmage in theory could present problems.

But again against zone teams, Wisconsin and Northwestern, etc... Michigan should be better. Teams to watch this for are Notre Dame, Iowa, Ohio State, and Michigan State in particular in our opinion.

Tomorrow we will talk about inside linebackers themselves.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Kevin Henry -- Defensive Tackle

Kevin Henry

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Two way high school athlete, plays tight end and defensive end. Shows an aggressive, physical element to his game. Okay get off and plays hard. Needs to watch his pad level and get better at taking on blockers.

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Maibag question: Can Michigan beat Ohio State this year

I enjoy reading your blog and I can feel your honesty on the topics you discuss.

In your honest opinion, do you think Michigan will beat Ohio State this year? I know this is a tough question and I am not really asking you to predict anything.

However, based up on your knowledge of the two teams' offense, defense, & special team, do you see Michigan breaking the curse this year? Better yet, what do you think Michigan's chances are against other rivals such as Notre Dame, Penn State, MSU, & Wisconsin?




Thanks for the tough question and comments.

Ohio State definitely has the better talent at most positions at this time. There advantage at quarterback and the defensive line is considerable in our opinion.

That said we think Michigan's chance of beating Ohio State is better this year than next for several reasons and this is going against what most Michigan fans feel. This year's game is played in Ann Arbor and is always better to play at home then the "snake pit" for a Michigan team in which the fans in C-Bus are tough on any Michigan team let alone how good they might be that year.

Ohio State is still young on the offensive line and there best player is our former player Justin Boren. They have nobody (right now in our opinion) to replace Beanie Wells at this time, and will have a drop off at linebacker.

Also think the secondary, especially the safeties will not be up to Ohio State's usual standards under Coach Tressel.

In regards to the other teams in the Big Ten we feel Michigan will have to fight, bite, scratch in every game this year and cannot rely on being Michigan to win games.

Michigan cannot beat themselves which means making mental mistakes with penalties, turnovers, poor special teams play and giving up big plays on defense. That was huge part of last seasons problems besides struggling to learn and run the read-option offense that ranked in the 100's in almost every category last year.

Michigan fans probably do not want to hear this about Michigan State, but they might be a real threat for the Big Ten title this year because this is not your typical Michigan State program anymore. Remember last year everybody was waiting for them to fall at the end, but they fought in several games and came away with wins. This year they do not play Ohio State so that could be a factor for the Big Ten title and their toughest conference game is home against Penn State with their toughest conference road game possible being Illinois.

Penn State loses a lot of depth along with players that started, but they have a key person back and that is Darryll Clark. Some are scared what Penn State might be able to do this year, but we have to see it first with all those players gone.

Wisconsin even though they were ranked high last year at the beginning of the year feel fast and hard after the Michigan game. They were probably the biggest disappointment for the Big Ten and you have to think that Coach Bret Bielema is or will be on the hot seat even though former Coach Barry Alvarez was the one who appointed him in that position and is the current athletic director at Wisconsin.

Iowa could be the sleeper pick in the Big Ten, but not saying they have a chance at winning the Big Ten this year because they have tough games on the road at Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State.

Notre Dame has better talent and more experienced players at key positions, but will they finally turn it around or could this be the year Coach Charlie Weis looks for a new job after this season and Notre Dame goes hard after Urban Meyer? We has Michigan fans do not want to see Urban Meyer at Notre Dame.

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2010 Michigan Recruiting: Evan Hailes -- Defensive Tackle -- Penn State Commit

Evan Hailes

Football Video Highlights:

CoachBt /ErocWolverine quick comments: Super strong and physical defensive tackle prospect. He is especially tough run defender. Perfect fit for either 1-tech defensive tackle or nose tackle. Moves okay for his size. Shows a good bull rush. Needs to improve his overall condition which should help his overall game.

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Michigan Stadium Pictures

Mailbag question: Highlight tapes of recruits

Quick question:

When Coaches watch film are they looking at highlight tapes or complete game footage to see if the kid blocks, takes plays off, etc...Because I wasn't the greatest player in the world but I'm sure I could make a video to show people and they'd think hey this kids not bad. I guess that would be time consuming but you'd probably learn a lot more about the kid. I mean how much can you learn from a highlight tape.

Thanks, love the blog. On a side note I got my picture on your site so that's cool too. So thanks for all you do. I know its probably tough putting things together everyday, especially this time of year.

Jason H.


Thanks for the question and comments.

This is one of the biggest changes in football recruiting. When CoachBt first started coaching (they sent sticks figures to coaches because there was no tape ... lol). Okay back to it the players would put together highlight tapes and send them around to get noticed.

As you said even an average player can look outstanding when you use to put together a thirty second video highlights of your best 7-10 plays. A few years later teams started requesting entire game films, usually two or three to get better idea how good a player was.

Teams wanted to see how a player reacted to a negative play, how they played in different situations, and if they were as good at end of game as at beginning.
Today's teams will actually request specific games tapes. They do enough research to know about the quality of opponents and want to see how they perform against top notch competition.

Then you throw in all the combines and camps that are put on for kids these days and kids can get noticed a lot easier than ever in the past. The only problem with going off camps and combine "numbers" is it might be tough to tell how good of a football player a kid really is without seeing game film of him.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Marquis Flowers -- Safety

Marquis Flowers

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Two way high school player we like better on defense. Good movement skills for his size and shows a good physical game. Needs to be better at taking on blockers and coverage skills. We would not be surprised if Marquis grows into an outside linebacker at the college level.

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DirecTV: BET HD added

BET HD is "live" on DirecTV for those interested.

DirecTV Channel 329

Mailbag question: Regarding Onwukaife


What do you guys make of the recent recruiting of Holmes Onwukaife? Do you "buy into" the theories being given that there are no more spots left at DE or do you think they are waiting on "bigger fish" or somebody else and wanted to stall him?

Where do you think Onwukaife would have played at Michigan.

Could something like this hurt the Michigan program by cutting kids loose? Also if there was no more spots shouldn't the coaches pull the offers and let kids know or is that something they do not do just in case if they have to go back to those kids if a recruit backs out?

Greg T.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion this does not hurt Michigan at all because a lot of programs have to do the same thing because it is becoming a common place in college football recruiting with how early football recruiting is becoming along with how many offers are going out to kids to compete with other programs.

Had Michigan offered, and later pulled Onwukaife offer that would be different situation. Just because a player wants to commit, does not mean a program is obligated to accept him at any time.

Many times offers are sent out to keep up with other schools and sometimes there are stipulations tied in with the offer such as giving a recruit only a certain amount of time to decide, timing on the decision, other kids committing, running out if scholarships, etc.

For why no offer, in our opinion Onwukaife did not have a natural position in Michigan's new defensive scheme. He is not big enough to play on the line, and not athletic enough to play in space, or at quick / spinner.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Alfy Hill -- Defensive End

Alfy Hill

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: He has a nice combination of size and overall athletic ability. He is capable of chasing down ball carrier from behind. He gets too deep at times and will need to work on his change of direction.

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Coach Rod and Coach Beilein speak

Coaches Corner: Coach Tall and his players-- Part 2

Defensive Tackles / Nose Tackles:

Mike Martin: Did not practice or scrimmage because he was injured. Based on last years film / performance Martin has the most upside of any nose tackle since Branch or Watson. Difference is he has better work ethic than other two combined!

Renaldo Sagesse: Tons of respect for this kid. This program is not easy for bigger guys and he sticks it out and works hard. Has the ability to be a big contributor.

Vince Helmuth: Okay, worked hard and gave solid effort. Just not a true nose tackle in our opinion.

William Campbell: No doubting the raw skills and talent. Needs a ton of work and some patience. Red shirt would be best in our opinion, but not likely.

Defensive Ends:

Brandon Graham: Broken record time. Best player on team period. Was basically unblock able. Only defensive Linemen who provided any consistent pass rush.

Thing that B. Graham does so well is gain leverage, he does it with combination of get off and ability to dip that front shoulder and get offensive tackles off balance. Thing that surprised us is despite not being a physical giant B. Graham is really strong, once he gets offensive tackle off balance he has the strength to move him backwards.

Ryan Van Bergen: Kid size is impressive, he is huge. Very good against the run. Not a great overall athlete, and that limits pass rush. But has talent to very good.

Adam Patterson: Big body who can help out at RVB's position or even at defensive tackle. Not overly quick or athletic, but he is good at point of attack.

Greg Banks: Every time we watch this kid he makes great plays against the run. Gets and maintains great low leverage. But he gets almost zero penetration or pass rush.

William Campbell: Also played some here, same great athlete who needs work on fundamentals.

Campbell's fundamentals have already shown improvement from his high school film. He starting to use his hands and his quickness. He still needs to learn proper leverage and pad level. Also needs to learn he cannot muscle every opponent.

The reason we think a red-shirt would help is it would allow W. Campbell to develop physically and allow him to work on his fundamentals instead of playing through poor ones. Worry that playing a kid before he is ready sets up scenario of him getting beat up and reading in papers and other places he is flop or bust or whatever. 18 year olds going up against 5th year seniors can be trying and difficult especially if you have poor fundamentals.

Three keys this year:
1) Is to stay healthy. The drop off from group one to group two at most positions is noticeable and significant.

2) Pressure from front is on my list. Would go further and say pressure sets up the third key. Improved pass rush will be one of the keys to improved defense in our opinion.

3) More turnovers, especially interceptions.

One final note: Finding quality defensive linemen is second hardest position to fill behind quarterbacks.

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2010 Michigan Recruiting: Dior Mathis -- Cornerback / Slot Receiver

Dior Mathis




CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Super quick athlete capable of playing either cornerback or slot receiver. Has been timed in sub 11 flat 100m in track. Smooth and ease backpedal and very fluid in changing from back pedal to forward run. Very sudden and explosive on offense with excellent hands. Size could be an issue against some bigger wide receivers.

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Coaches Corner: Coach Tall -- Part 1

Coach Tall gave the most informative talk of the clinic. He started by going over the basics / fundamentals of stance etc, went into drills he used to improve fundamentals and other skills, and then he used / said drills in his practice.

This allowed us to actually see how Coach Tall used the drills and gave us idea exactly what we were looking at. Talked to multiple coaches at the defensive line practice sessions who were equally happy with what Coach Tall gave us. Going to add two drills that Coach Tall used to my practice schedule.

Coach Tall started by stating defensive line is at the low end of the food chain. That is exactly how I teach it as do most others.

Michigan under Coach Tall uses three different stances. Each stance has a different purposes.

Stance One was called a power stance. It is the every down stance.

1) You want to be in drive position to hold point of attack.
2) Feet slightly wider than shoulders.
3) Off hand ready to attack.
4) Outside foot at instep of front foot.
5) Watch the back tip of the ball for movement.

Stance two was called jet, it was used for pass rush situations, or other times you want to get up field in a hurry such as slants or stunts.

1) Only difference is foot positions.
2) In jet you use toe to heel foot position.
3) Your 1st step is 6 inches.

Stance #3 is called Steelers. This is used in goal line and other short yardage situations.

1) Feet are balanced, toe to toe / balanced.
2) Keep air under both toes.

Defensive line drills:

Coach Tall divides them into three groups, contact, movement, and escape.

Contact Drills

1) Fit and Collision for tackling.
2) Lots of Sled work, also uses sled for combination drills, working contact and movement.

Movement Drills:

1) Works in chutes for angles.
2) Also works with bags for angles and pursuits.

Escapes: defeat blocks, these are the ones I am adding.

1) Puts players in fit, rip inside hand through outside shoulder.
2) If getting beat player is to shrug his shoulders, drop the outside leg back and adjust leverage.
3) This next drill is excellent and when asked Coach Tall about his explanation made tons of sense.

You put defender into pressed out position with blocker. Blocker walks in either direction, defender has move his feet and keep leverage. At command defender rips through using technique above and keeps outside leverage. Reason this is so important is because with so many teams zoning it is almost impossible to just sit in gaps. If defenders feet stop moving and offensive linemen keep his moving he will gain leverage on the defender and the RB will find the seam.

Part 2 will discuss some players on the defensive line.

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2010 Michigan Recruiting: Brandon Willis -- Defensive Tackle

Brandon Willis

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Solid defensive line prospect that is good fit for Michigan’s new scheme. Comes off the ball well and uses his hands very well for high school football player. Will need to get bigger and stronger and be more consistent with his pad level.

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Links of Interest in Michigan

Hello my fellow wolverines, it has been a couple days and much has happened – I hope you have your reading glasses and mouse clicking finger ready. The B10 is still being called the cream puff league, whilst other conferences coaches are spouting about idea OOCS, there are some who are being praised though they could care less how they win.

There are still others, who know football is about money and having a surplus like UM, and one of our fiercest rivals ND refuses to give up independence because of the moola, schools are flocking to play for payday stakes, and even though the purist disbelieve -even scholarships are about money. UM player Andre Criswell had a bad injury when he showed up on campus but had no insurance, so he waited until he got to UM to get it fixed and that is why he and other UM athletes give back in so many ways such as camps, because it (the college and money) put them in a better place – even if by doing so we are destroying the world by playing our silly foosball game. Discussing silly – finally a level view by a WVeer has come to light, it may been a sign of the apocalypse. But, with all your and my love for the Maize and Blue, some feel we need to keep our expectations low. And yes the B10 continues to get berated also.

Many an analyst are starting to take an early look at the B10, and not looking so favorably at the Wolverines, maybe the sentiment that UM needs to play some southern football might help our current haphazard appearance and things have not always been so bad below the Mason-Dixon line. But until the OOC improves, we can expect the beating in the media to continue regardless of who joins the conference or if our conference network gives out awards, or even if we have a top RB such as Minor with break-out year possibilities. The conference and our weak schedule just make us a target for UM is just so-n-so or having the so-n-so dregs of our conference pass us and more worthy of notoriety. So the predictions will continue; teams which we have stomped for years such as PSU will be favored over UM and MSU will be labeled the “in-state school” all over one season and one win by these schools. Speaking of stomped, we must also gather ourselves against tGA. Sure we can attend exhibits of glory days, and even take an early lead in recruiting, but until it translates to Ws it is truly trivial. I do believe the time is now, when people do not expect us to jam it down their throats – to do so, to rise above expectations, to stop resting on the past or pre-earned love, and to drive past being an “old favorite” and start deserving to win. I as a fan refuse to go into a season with any notion of what is acceptable, only a fool says it is ok if we lose this many games or 6th place is alright, Toledo and Appy State should show us that – they were “supposed” to lose but refused to accept that – why should we then? We do not need a gimmick field, but do need our players and coaches be warriors, but Boise would be acceptable as an opener. For all the harrumph about Sparty’s exceptional prospect pick-ups (and we must admit they are good picks) they are sure scared about losing them, and are really supportive of early signings. Well at least UM, RR, or the B10 are not the only whipping boys these days. The announcers are taking their lumps and even have lists of suitable replacements. Speaking of taking lumps, your spot on the golf course maybe by someone else – the course has set new rules. Ok enough of my team and B10 rant – on to recruiting.

Let us first cut our list down. FSU struck twice for prospects WR DeJoshua Johnson and CB Merrill Noel. Safety Lamarcus Joyner has narrow his list and um is not on it, CB Jonathan Mincy selected Auburn, S Daniel Easterly went westerly to the Illini, OT Dakota Anderson opted for Ball State, DE TJ Clemmings pledged PITT, and we already lost out on 2011 RB prospect Marlin Lane who has jumped aboard with Clemson. Now on to those still on the board.

Former UM Gabe Watson player was in attendance at Germany football camp, which only helps our visibility and Canadian under the RADAR football DE Mehdi Abdesmad lists UM as a school of interest, his video should help UM’s interest. Speaking of the great white north, Yooper QB Kyle Jensen intends to try and wqalk-on at UM, and though we have two QBs committed to play we are still getting interest from Munchie Legaux and Kofi Hughes. Though some feel we are full at OLB that is far from the case, RR is being more selective. We lost out on Detroit premier talent Gholston, but we are still active on LBs such as Crab Bowl player Josh Furman, Corey Nelson who is wavering on final lists but may not have room in Texas, and Duke Commit Aramide Olaniyan who was on Ums early list is thinking about tripping. Now I am not stating that all are OLB candidates – just enforcing that RR is becoming more protective of his remaining slots now that we are at 15 commits. Speaking of number 15, UM welcomes aboard former Stanford commit CB Courtney Avery, UM is also hearing from CB Detrick Bonner who is favoring UM. On other areas of the defensive side of recruiting DEs Jackson Jeffcoat is playing basketball and visiting the Longhorns, Alfy Hill is close to committing to the Heels, and Henry Anderson is beginning to narrow his view. In the safety area – Latwan Anderson has listed top 5 which includes UM, and it is a battle between WV and UM not MSU, Marquis Flowers has an impressive offer list and recently added a PAC10, and though Miles Simpson may not be getting much bally-hoo right now in the Fall he will. Ok, time to switch to offense.

QB Devin Gardner is a terrific player and we are fortunate to have him, heck tGA is now looking at the #54 QB as they have egged all in one basket with Montana like we did TP. In other portions of backfield recruiting RB elite coverboy Lache Seastrunk has his own Texas blogging section and has stats that deserve so, closer to home recent visitor Austin White is some of the dynamic resurgence of SE Michigan football and recently earned an IU offer, Prospect Codey Ellenwood is performing in the diamond, Mack Brown is visiting UGA, the Gamebirds are trying to pull Roy Finch, Eduardo Clements has weird math after Miami visit, and Dietrich Riley reigns supreme in his area. More prospects from commit Drew Dileo’s area are going B10. Though we are essentially full at WR some slot need is still present, in-state recruit Kevonte Martin says CMU leads, Antonio Goodwin has jumped into the UA game spot vacated by Ambles, and Nick Jones favors South Carolina. As for the Big Uglies recent camper Garret Davis will be a catch to whoever lands him; and Florida lineman Trammel Williams has said a UM offer would be reason for pause, but Illini and SC standout at present. In the ST arena several kickers are getting looked at, one that is looking back is Drew Basil. O now to the previously committed and professional.

It must be a spur in the saddle of Ohio to have a UM commit lead to the first Big 33 win by OH in a long time. But that is exactly what the nice wolverine find RB Fitzgerald Toussaint did. Scoring Twice and one on a 46 yard reception romp, but though he is from down south he is not a buckeye. However, he did not do it alone and the B10 had a good showing. In the pros Arrington will battle for spot at WR, our 5,351 yard thrower Brady has tossed another in the oven, and several other former UM players will join the UFL. Ok, let’s bounce on to UM basketball and other sports.

UM has hired a new basketball strength Coach to fill the vacancy, UM raided Clemson to find former buckeye Jon Sanderson. Meanwhile Crisler Arena is next up for a facelift. Coach Beilein is getting his feet wet in USA basketball and is getting some WV RR type attention, which will help in recruiting and UM is already in good position for next season. Speaking of next season in the NCAA, there will be additional rules as such people already know how to fix them. As for orange ball recruiting – PG Ray McCallum’s dad gets to see the best while viewing his son, and Duke see Jr. as one of the best. Another PG Brandon Kearney team advanced as he scored eights points in a recent tourney, and the coach battles to keep his good players, C Matt Kamieniecki has the coaches raving, Iowa legacy SG Roy Marble has his Iowa offer, PG Patrick Lucas-Perry is topping the local prep league, and UM is on another super sophomore SF DeJuan Marrero. In female hoops UM is getting 6’1” athlete of the year Rachel Sheffer. And finally, in lacrosse UM’s team found success despite obscurity.

Well all see I am one of the few guys who don’t lie about size. I appreciate the read.



Michigan Football Tidbits: Summer Workouts

Had a chance to watch workouts in Ann Arbor. Couple of comments:

Have been lucky enough to be able to at times watch Michigan football up close. The Coach Rod tenure has had a pretty rough start and like all of you we live and die on Saturdays watching our favorite team.

For some unknown or hard to explain reason we find ourselves having a sense of calm or having less anxiety over Michigan football. Reason after watching the kids go through workouts we truly believe the kids are doing everything they can to develop as football players, get in great shape and put in the necessary time to be successful.

On the boards / blogs we can all agree to disagree over issues like schemes, coaching decisions, recruiting, and all other issues that pertain to football, but in our opinion one thing it is hard to argue or disagree about is the effort being put in by these kids.

Now understand that many other BCS college programs have similar programs and similar expectations from their players.

In the past when Michigan would play on Saturday we found even on days we won there was just something missing or felt somewhat empty because we just did not feel Michigan was playing up to potential.

We know the goal is to win, but really believe that quickly Michigan football will exhibit that "killer instinct" that has been missing for years.

We just need to get some more talented players.

Just some kids who look physically ready to go:

Herron: No doubt he has put in the work and now we find out if he can play.

Moundros: Wonder just how good he would be if he played in a pro system, but this kid is big and quick for a fullback.

Vlad: Keep saying this, but just do not remember Michigan having a safety that looks like a natural at safety. He says he is close to 100%. What a huge sleeper in last years class.

B. Graham: Early in his career we questioned his work ethic. No longer.

Martin: Impact player? Lets hope he can stay healthy. We think he will surprise some people rushing the passer.

Schilling: After a very slow start with Barwis a year ago, in which he lost a ton of weight his weight is not only back, but he is over 300 lbs. His move to offensive guard seems to agree with him. Think he has a future which includes playing on Sundays.

Fitzgerald: Another kid who struggled with Barwis early on, but is getting bigger and bigger.

Matthews: Big difference in how he simply walks around Schembechler Hall. A year ago he moped around, did not run routes in summer quickly. When coaches were not around at times he would walk back to huddle in players practice or simply sit plays out. This year he is vocally telling freshman and other wide receivers to step it up a notch and to finish routes etc. Expect a big year.

Tate: Workaholic which we all know this, but have been surprised that he seems to be able to throw the ball forever.

D. Robinson: He looks good throwing the ball, but (warning) all quarterbacks look good throwing in skeleton drills.

Ortmann: This spring early on Ortmann was under the microscope. He had the pressure of having to perform or Michigan would of been going in another direction. As of now Ortmann is a sure starter who has answered the challenge.

Omameh: Got off to a slow start in spring and Huyge was the biggest surprise. Throughout the spring the first teams running game continued to improve, but by the end of spring Omameh had gained ground. So much so that right now Huyge is still the front runner, but it is close.

Barnum: Has just been hampered by injuries and needs to show in fall he is ready. Coaches love his potential, but he has not been healthy enough to compete. We see him as back-up early next year on the interior.

B. Smith: Hard to judge B. Smiths attitude because he is working hard, but his problem has not been work ethic it has been competing in practice. Hope his move to linebacker will allow him to just play and not over think.

Hawthorne: Has gained some weight, but still looks thin.

Jones: Also is thin, but seems to have gained more weight than Hawthorne.

Mouton: Looks ready to go.

Stonum: Will get every opportunity to win a spot and the reason for this is he is just that much more talented.

Hemingway / Savoy: Would be safe way to go, but probably wont unless Stonum shows he cant play (ala catch the ball).

Stokes: Will be one to watch, but just where will be the question.

Roundtree: Think coaches know what he can do and will play, but just do not think he starts.

Break out year: Boo-Boo, Woolfolk, and hopefully Herron (We need these players to step up).

Not a lot of information, but not a ton going on except kids going through workouts and drills.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Wayne Dorsey -- Defensive End

Wayne Dorsey

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Great size and quickness, comes of the ball like a shot. His motor is always running and shows outstanding hustle. Plays excessively high and does not get enough separation.

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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

Coaches Corner: Ranking the Quarterbacks -- Part 2

Based on film and seeing Forcier in person thought it would be fun to compare and get some dialogue going. We will be discussing Tate Forcier, Denard Robinson, Devin Gardner , and Cornelius Jones. We have excluded David Cone and Nick Sheridan in this comparisons.

Using following criteria, arm strength, speed, intangibles, mechanics, accuracy, and elusiveness. These are strictly opinions based completely on film and what we witnessed.


1) D. Robinson: This kid is scary in space, Shows ability to choke motor, set up blocks, and explode past defenders. Might be Michigan's most dangerous offense weapon in space period.

2) Going to cheat again and call draw between C. Jones and D. Gardner: It is very close with both having different strengths. Think Jones is bit quicker and Gardner bit better moving laterally. Both are very good and will give defenses problems with their elusiveness.

3. T. Forcier: Surprisingly quick feet gets out of trouble in a hurry. Does not have the overall speed or athletic ability of top three. But more than enough to be successful.

Mechanics: Poor quarterback mechanics, bad habits can be one of the most difficult things in football to change or correct.

1) T. Forcier: One of the strengths of Tate's game in our opinion. Throws over the top, sets feet well, nice quick release and throws well on move.

2) D. Robinson: Really nice mechanics, sets his feet, throws over the top. Only negative is has a bit of longer wind up, instead of compact delivery ala Forcier.

3) D. Gardner: Three and four were very close and reasonable argument can be made for reversing the two. This is completely on what we have seen. His short, semi sidearm wind up motion will have to improve.

4) C. Jones: Made him last strictly do inconsistency. Looks great on one throw, raw and clueless on next.

Intangibles: In our opinion this is the #1 criteria to look for in quarterbacks! Leadership, swagger, and feel for game.

1) T. Forcier: If mechanics are not strength of Forcier's game this sure the Hell is. Kid has that swagger, confidence that helps entire team, but he also shows a feel, knowledge, playmaking ability that is fun to watch. And of course the #1 intangible, coming in early and having complete spring under his belt.

2) D. Robinson: Close between D. Robinson and D. Gardner. They both have that playmaking ability that is scary. D. Robinson overall elusiveness and feel for finding open receivers won out for us. But it was close between all three actually. Also liked patience D. Robinson shows on film.

3) D. Gardner: He is definitely has a ton of playmaking ability, and is a outstanding leader. Playing split end at 7 on 7 shows a confidence and maturity that is key. Just a 1/2 notch below D. Robinson.

4) C. Jones: Only two years of experience shows here. Brings ball down early and gets a bit fancy. But again playing other positions at camp is major plus. He could make up quite a bit o this with added experience.

Rating the Quarterbacks:

If was to rate them off high school performance, which is not scientific. Two still having senior years to compete.

1) T. Forcier
2) D. Robinson
3) D. Gardner
4) C. Jones

Off Potential / Highest Ceiling

1) D. Gardner
2) D. Robinson
3) C. Jones
3) T. Forcier

Cheating a bit on last one. but it is real tough call, Forcier's intangibles vs. Jones' athletic ability.


It is natural for all to be very excited with the quarterback talent Coach Rod and staff are accumulating. Especially after what happened at quarterback last season. Please show some patience and give these kids time to gain experience. This is not a difficult offense to learn. It is extremely difficult to execute, especially for quarterbacks. Do not expect miracles or you are setting yourself up for disappointment and kids for failure.

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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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