Monday, December 31, 2007

Calvin Magee (OC) coming to Michigan

From the WV Metro News:

Also can listen to him on that web link:

Rich Rodriguez is gone, but the plays called for the Mountaineer offense in the Jan. 2 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma will be the same. That’s because the coach who has called most of the plays for the last five seasons is still on staff…for now.

Assistant Head Coach Calvin Magee is likely headed for Michigan just hours after the bowl game to join Rodriguez, but for the moment it’s still McGee in the booth, sending plays down to the sideline and, in turn, to quarterback Pat White.

Even while Rodriguez was here, the play calls originated with Magee.
“I make the original calls. Rich lets it ride most of the time,” said McGee. “Rich (was) the head ball coach so he always had the final say.”

So now, with Bill Stewart filling the void left by Rodriguez’s departure, will the execution shift for the bowl? “The original call will still be made by me,” said Magee. “If Stu has something he wants to interject then he will tell me.”

Magee joined another former Mountaineer Assistant Coach Tony Gibson at Rodriguez’s press conference at Michigan two weeks ago. But unlike Gibson and Rodriguez—who both resigned a short time later—Magee decided to stay through the next game.

Admittedly, it’s awkward. “The guys know I’m leaving,” said Magee. “I know I’m leaving.” Still, Magee decided the best thing to do was remain a Mountaineer for a few more days.
“I wanted to be here,” said Magee. “I’ve been calling them (the plays) for five years, so I wanted to call them for one more and then I’ll think about Michigan on, I guess, Thursday.”

Friday, December 28, 2007

Michigan Hockey: GLI Tournament Michigan vs. Providence


December 28, 2007

Great Lakes Invitational

Michigan vs. Providence

4:30pm ESt - 7:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 636

Fox Sports Detroit

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Coaches Corner: Mailbag question regarding the spread offenses:

Got an e-mail from Jim asking about the differences of the spread offense from one team to the other.

The term spread has become a generic, catch all term. It is used to describe any multiple WR set or package. Reality is there is huge difference among all these offenses. Even those that appear same generally have tweaks or other differences.

Even version Coach Rod used at Tulane and Clemson is different then one used at West Virginia. And then you have empty which is different from four WR sets used by spread teams. The version used by R-Rod at Tulane and Clemson used same formations as West Virginia model. All used multiple WR's and ran mostly out of shot gun. But Tulane and Clemson version were pass 1st, use pass to set up run offenses. Clemson, Tulane version still featured productive if not dominating running games.

These styles can also be effective with either a running or non-running QB. Clemson was perfect example of this. The Tigers average 400 yards per game in total offense and featured 100 yard per game rushing attack. It also excelled with two different QB's, with completely different styles and skills sets. In 1998, while at Tulane, The Green Tide average 500 yards of total offense. That included 300 yards passing and 200 yards running. This version of spread is similar to pro style used by Patriots and other pro teams. Combining passing game with strong running game. Using pass to set up the run. This is done by forcing defense to put fewer people in the box. This makes for more space and gaps for RB's. You can use big backs like Stepen Jackson, or quick smaller one similar to Noel DeVine. This is because there are two different series to spread/multiple WR sets, inside zone and trap series and outside running series.

The West Virginia style, sometimes called spread option, uses similar formations and passing attack. Difference is new version relies not only on passing, but a superior instead of just productive running game. The spread option also relies on QB who can read on the fly and is threat to run the ball. This really puts stress on a defense. It opens space between Lbers and DB's by forcing Lbers stay in box extra count to play the run. It is this space that makes multiple WR sets/spread offenses difficult to defend. Creating space makes it easier to get your superior athletes involved. They do this by forcing defenses defend the entire field. That stretches a defense by formation from sideline to sideline. This gives an offense the separation they are trying to cause. And with proper personnel, the formations also stretch a defense vertically. Multiple WR sets/ spread offenses also create mismatches by forcing defensive personnel to do things they are not best at, what they do not normally do.

Example, OLber, like say Chris Graham playing in space against the slot. Or, nickel or safety being forced to play in box to stop run. So read/multiple WR set can further stress a defense by going to no huddle. This keeps defense from using proper personnel and also wears down the defense. To exploit these mismatches QB's need to check at LOS. That gives defenses real fits. Spread also magnifies any error defense makes. By having to defend entire field any blown assignment or missed tackle can lead to huge plays.

Of course anytime you have a question please e-mail and Erik and CoachBt will answer your questions.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jeff Casteel West Virginia DC & LB Coach:

We will be discussing Coach Jeff Casteel and what he might bring to Michigan. Will he be the DC and LB coach?

The 3-3-5 refers to a defense that has three down linemen (the "3" level), three linebackers and two corners (the "5" level), one free safety and 2 strong safeties (the "3"level).

This is similar to a 33 stack, but with players more spread. Also called the "umbrella" defense or "3-deep." In this set, the third safety would be referred to as a "weak safety" (WS) and allows two position safeties at the mid-level with a third safety deep. It is because of this that the secondary safety in a football defense is called a free safety rather than a weak safety.

The 33 stack uses an extra strong safety, and "stacks" linebackers and safetys directly behind the defensive linemen:

The 3-3-5 removes a lineman to get the nickelback:

Coach Jeff Casteel has an excellent coaching resume. He served as D-Line coach and S&C coach at Shepherd College. Before serving as Assistant Head Coach there. He also served as DE coach at Texas El-Paso before moving to West Virginia. He coached Lb's at West Virginia and has since added DC to his duties along with continuing to coach LB's.

In 2001 West Virginia under tuteledge of Coach casteel chnged from 4-3 scheme and adpoted a 3-3 stack defense. Coach Casteel like 3-3 because he thinks it allows him to stop the run and still have an aggresive blitz scheme to rush the passer.

Coach Casteel wants his defense to confuse the offense by dsirupting their blocking schemes. He believes best way to do this is to have more 2nd level players. Key to this type of strategy is that 2nd level players have better sight and vison. This makes it easier to run and pusre to the ball. 3-3 is designed to give smaller, quicker, more athletic players a chance for success.

It also makes it easier for the defense to adapt or adjust to different types of offenses. Coach Casteel believes in blitzing and stunting on most downs. He thinks that constantly switching packages he makes it keeps offenses off balance and Offense linemen hesitant. By doing this Coach Casteel has taken one of poorer defense in country and had them ranked consistantly in top 10 in many categories.

Erik Werling:
Coach Jeff Casteel is the Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers coach at West Virginia right now and could he be both at Michigan?

He was elevated to co-defensive coordinator prior to the 2002 season, in charge of all defensive personnel. In 2001, his first season at WVU, Casteel served as the coach of the WVU defensive line. Casteel came to WVU from Texas-El Paso; he coached the defensive ends there, as UTEP won the 2000 WAC title and a bid to the Humanitarian Bowl. From 1991-99, he was assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Shepherd College; Shepherd won six WVIAC championships during that time. He served as defensive line and strength coach at Shepherd from 1988-90. In 1987, he was defensive coordinator at Miami (Fla.) Palmetto High School.

A native of Paden City, W.Va., Casteel holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from California (Pa.) University. He served as a student and graduate assistant coach at his alma mater from 1984-86, and also worked in the training camp of the CFL’s Baltimore Stallions for two seasons.

West Virginia Defense:
This past season they have ranked near the top in the NCAA for many stats, but will this defense be able t o work at a more hard nose run type of conference in the Big Ten compared to more of a spread type defense in the Big East?

Their defense in 2007 was 4th in total defense with 291.92 yards a game with 4.41 yard average on 795 plays with 3503 yards. they were 7th in scoring defense with 17.3 points a game with giving up a total of 207 points this season.

If your interested in learning more about the 3-3-5 stack defense you can find a video from the West Virginia coaches here:
Price: $39.99

This product is produced exclusively by Championship Productions, Inc. and it cannot be sold for less from any web site or catalog. Number: FD-02057C
With Jeff Casteel, West Virginia University Defensive Coordinator/Linebacker Coach;and Bill Kirelawich,West Virginia University Defensive Line Coach. Includes a foreword by Rich Rodriguez former West Virginia Head Coach, The Mountaineers finished the 2001 season ranked 104th in NCAA Division I rushing defense.

In 2002, they implemented the 3-3 Odd Stack Defense and finished the year ranked 11th in rushing defense!

The 3-3 Stack is a rush-oriented defense that is simple to run, gives your defense more second level players (making it easier to see and get to the ball), the odd-man front confuses offenses and creates problems for blocking schemes and it's great for teams with smaller personnel on defense.

Casteel and Kirelawich give you everything you need to start running the 3-3 Stack: personnel suggestions, alignments, responsibilities, and techniques. They present all of the principles of the defense with detailed diagrams and practice footage. An excellent defensive overview!
49 minutes. 2003.

13th in pass defense with 184.33 yards a game
15th in run defense with 107.6 yards a game with 2.91 yards a carry on 443 attempts with 1291 yards.

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Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas Michigan Fans Ho-Ho-Ho

Merry Christmas Michigan fans and everybody else I hope you got all that Michigan gear you wanted under your Christmas tree.

As we celebrate Christmas, I want to thank you for being part of my little "E-Blog" family. I hope that you will have an opportunity to relax at least a bit during Christmas and spend time with family and friends.

Also want to thank everybody for the support and also the comments of the blog. A big thank you to CoachBt helping me out and a big "THANK YOU" to CoachBt with the coaches corner answering questions.

Use this time to slow the pace a bit from the last month of the coaching search, reflect on the things that mean the most, and gain a new perspective on all things in life. That sounds a bit deep, but frankly all it takes is to be with loved ones and truly focus on them rather than the day-to-day work that occupies so much of our lives during these busy times along with trying to follow "As the Michigan Wolverines Turn" (my wife thought her soaps were addicting).

From my family to yours, have a safe Christmas. Thanks again for being part of my blog family.

Merry Christmas,

Monday, December 24, 2007

Poll results:

What would you like Coach Rod to change the most at Michigan

4 (3%)

Assistant Coaches
6 (4%)

100 (75%)

23 (17%)

Votes so far: 133 Poll closed

Thanks for everybody that voted.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mailbag question about "Black Thursday" at Michigan:

Got an e-mail from Tom:

Eroc and CoachBt,

What happened and why was all the coaches fired from the current staff and do you see if any would be retained by Coach Rod? Also what is the reason to fire them if they are going to hire them all back?

Thanks guys,

My first reaction to the firings was complete shock. I thought Coach R-Rod would keep some former staff members on board to help with the change over, but the more I thought about his actions the more I realized the wisdom of what Coach R-Rod did.

Easiest thing would have been to keep select former assistants on staff. Easy and extremely safe. One thing we know coach R-Rod is that he is neither. He is an aggressive risk taker and he just a giant message that he is complete and total charge. Probably biggest question is why take the risk. First it is just his nature. But there are some excellent reasons more related to football.

The message he just sent his team is loud and clear. The old ways are gone. Things will be done my way. If you do not like that, good luck, no hard feelings, this program is just not for you any more. He know longer has to watch his back, And worry about players running to hold over assistants complaining about how things have changed. Coach R-Rod has his work cut out for him trying to get Michigan players prepared for his systems.

A staff in place who are at least familiar with his style and philosophies will make a tremendous difference in getting his systems taught. Not having to coach coaches as well as players will make huge difference. None of our former offense assistants have any experience in spread offense. Let alone Coach R-Rods version. With coaches experienced in his schemes available not bringing them in would have been questionable IMO. Plus, coach R-Rod spent time watching practices this week. Was this as much an audition for coaches as players, possibly. He very well could not have liked how they interacted with players, or thought their styles would not work with him. Sometimes it more about fit then talent.

I am not saying this is without risk. To was some huge risk involved. 1st he has no coach with Big Ten experience. He and staff are going to do extensive and exhaustive film work to get up to steam on Big Ten opponents. And there just some things you cannot learn from film. There is also risk of losing many of this year recruits. And then having to establish connections with High School coaches in the area. Keeping support staff should help with that. But loses might not be as large as originally thought.

Many of these new recruits just might not fit into Coach R-Rods new system. And Coach and staff have already have some contacts in Ohio from time at West Virginia. In closing I think we just a got our first glance of how Coach R-Rod works. He is not going to be a status quo type coach. He is going to be fiercely loyal, hard working, aggressive SOB. Players are probably going to be moaning and groaning. Good, it is about time we change this lazy, uninspiring attitude. And we just saw the first move. I am sure there are more to come!

Well first off I was extremely shocked when Angelique Chengelis broke the story on the Detroit News web page. I really could not understand why he did it that way, but after really thinking about it and then replaying his press conference he said that he was going to do this and have those guys go through the process. He said "there will be several WV people, there will be several outside that we will look at and also several re-hired I do not call it retained to be part of our staff."

So after watching the replay of it again I understood why he did this and it does make a lot of sense. First off it shows that he is in total control evens if Bill Martin and he having a deal worked out about keeping so many coaches or at least a couple. Also shows the players that a new sheriff is in town and things aren't going to be like they have been around Ann Arbor. I believe this will also show that he means business and wants to take this program over and do it his way.

Well after Friday we learned that Fred Jackson was "re-hired" and Fred made it seem like at least two more coaches from the former staff could be on the new staff. We know that R-Rod will have Calvin Magee as his OC will he coach another position? Tony Gibson will be his CB coach, Bruce Tall as the Safety coach and Jeff Casteel as his DC will he coach another position as well at Michigan where he coached LB's at WV. A lot of the other spots are up in the air and might depend on whom and when West Virginia hires a coach. The sooner the better especially if you are hoping more of the former coaches get retained or re-hired.

What happens to Scot Loeffler as the QB coach, Erik Campbell at WR coach and Steve Stripling as the DL coach who seem to be the guys possibly might have a chance to get re-hired as well, but again a lot will learned once WV hires a coach.

Your allowed ten coaches total:
1) HC ..... R-Rod
2) OC ..... Calvin Magee
3) DC ..... Jeff Casteel (will he coach LB's)
4) CB ..... Tony Gibson
5) S ...... Bruce Tall
6) RB ..... Fred Jackson
7) WR .....
8) QB .....
9) DL .....
10) OL .....

Of course they are bringing in Mike Barwis as the S&C coach.

Thanks Tom for the e-mail and also the comments. As always please e-mail your questions to and also feel free to comment on each article written. Just remember I am a construction worker and "English" wasn't my subject in school many moons ago in which you guys have probably found out when reading (or trying to read) my stuff.
Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mike Barwis: Final thoughts

One thing I like about what Barwis says "that he holds the players/coaches accountable."

That is the one problem I have had with Michigan staff/players in the past. That to me means the players have to put the time in and work hard along with the coaches have to be there to push them. Both didn't happen at Michigan in the past. I remember hearing stories of Gabe Watson going and signing in and then sitting in the back telling jokes for almost two hours before they were able to leave.

No more of this "voluntary" work-outs anymore. Barwis commented on that very thing and said so is breathing.

From what I have been able to find out about Barwis is he takes every guy and makes them accountable. He also will not let them go either he will make sure they are working hard or they probably will not be on the team long or play.

Barwis makes it tough on the kids that do attend the off season program and lets them know it would not be as bad if their team mates would show up and participate. It is trying to get the program where the upperclassmen are telling the younger guys that this is how it is done and you better be there if you want to play. That is how Ohio State does it and it almost becomes second nature to them.

Not all the problems were the coaches or the players it was a combination of both and the players are going to get a huge wake-up call that they are under a new sheriff and do they want to keep being mediocre or do they want to strive to be the best they can be?

I guess after spring ball we will find out how many are sticking around and how many leave? Also will be interesting to see how the players adapt to the new off season program where most of the players went home, but at West Virginia most of the players stayed there and worked out with Barwis.

Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

Mailbag question about new multi-purpose field house facilities.

Got an e-mail from Neil:

Eroc and Coach,

I see the facilities the players at West Virginia have at their disposal, how does Michigan's compare at this now and when the renovations are completed, will we be in line with other top university's S&C programs?

Thank you,

Currently Michigan facilities are not as updated as West Virginia's. They are not even close to other top programs currently. West Virginia just did huge upgrade as did Ohio State and it shows. Will they be line with other top programs when finished? IMO, Coach R-Rod probably would not have taken job unless he had some sort of guarantees that Michigan facilities would be on par with the best. Both Coach R-Rod and Mike Barwis are aware of importance of having updated, top-notch facilities in attracting and developing players.

As Coach said previously Michigan is probably 10-15 years behind Ohio State right now in this category. Will they catch up or at least be able to compete closer with them after the new Multi-purpose Indoor Field House is built? Who knows we do not really know what it is going to look like "inside" and do not know what is going to be all in it.

Oosterbaan Field House was constructed in 1981 and was one of the first indoor practice facilities in the country. However, due to its size limitations, the existing field house presents challenge for the practice of football indoors. The limited dimensions make full-scale football scrimmaging and kicking practice difficult. Space limitations also make it inadequate for many other teams sports.

Oosterbaan Field house is located adjacent to Schembechler Hall on State Street. The building is used by Michigan football, baseball, softball, field hockey, men's soccer and women's soccer for indoor practices. This facility is also used by the University's intramural and club sports.

Featuring a complete Field turf field, the enclosed practice and playing area provides year-round training and development opportunities. Oosterbaan Field house, features two end line filming stations, a climate-controlled playing/spectating environment and sideline seating for 500 people. The building is joined to Schembechler Hall which houses state-of-the-art athletic training and weight rooms.

The athletic department is proposing a new multi-purpose field house to be constructed parallel to Oosterbaan Field House to the north. The new building will consist of an additional 117,160 square feet. It will include a regulation football field and 18,000 square feet of support/storage space. An in-fill artificial turf surface will cover the football field and adjacent sidelines. The expanded multi-purpose facilities will continue to serve the needs of the Intercollegiate and Recreational Sports programs.

They broke ground a few weeks ago on this project so time will tell.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mike Barwis S&C coach part 3 (records)

Current West Virginia Football Speed and Strength:

Offensive line:
Vertical Jump - S. Capers - 31"
Bench - E. Jobe - 440lbs
225lbs. Bench - E. Jobe/T. Reed - 23 Times
Squat - G. Isdaner - 615lbs
Clean - T. Reed - 340 PC
40 Time - S. Capers - 4.94
300 Yard Shuttle - R. Stanchel - 1:00.0
Pro Agility - S. Capers - 4.64

Defensive Line:
Vertical Jump - M. Broxie / T. Merrow - 31"
Bench - K. Dykers - 500lbs
225lbs. Bench - K. Dykes - 30 Times
Squat - C. Neild - 640lbs
Clean - K. Dykers - 350 PC
40 time - T. Merrow - 4.73
300 Yard Shuttle - T. Merrow - 0:54.20
Pro Agility - M. Broxie - 4.41

Line Backers:
Vertical Jump - Z. Cooper - 37.5"
Bench - M. Magro - 455lbs
225lbs. Bench - M. Magro - 28 Times
Squat - M. Magro - 660lbs
Clean - M. Magro - 455 HC
40 Time - O. Goulbourne - 4.49
300 Yard Shuttle - O. Goulbourne - 0:50.96
Pro Agility - B. Hathaway - 4.12

Tight Ends:
Vertical Jump - B. Tate - 35"
Bench - M. Villagrana - 370lbs
225lbs. Bench - M. Villagrana - 22 Times
Squat - S. Loving - 515lbs
Clean - S. Morrone - 395 HC
40 Time - B. Tate - 4.89
300 Yard Shuttle - S. Loving - 0:58.41
Pro Agility - S. Monroe - 4:56

Running Backs:
Vertical Jump - E. Collington - 37"
Bench - J. Gwaltney - 410lbs
225lbs. Bench - J. Gwaltney - 20 Times
Squat - O. Schmitt 640lbs.
Clean -O. Schmitt - 365 PC / 525 HC
40 Time - S. Slaton - 4.36
300 Yard Shuttle - S. Slaton - 0:52.16
Pro Agility - E. Collington - 4.15

Quarter Backs:
Vertical Jump - P. White/J. Brown - 35"
Bench - N. Sowers - 345lns
225lbs. Bench - A. Bednarik - 14 Times
Squat - N. Sowers - 525
Clean - N. Sowers - 405 HC
40 Time - P. White - 4.41
300 Yard Shuttle - J. Brown - 0:52.38
Pro Agility - N. Sowers - 4.1

Wide Receivers:
Vertical Jump - D. Reynaud - 41"
Bench - D. Jalloh - 380lbs
225lbs. Bench - T. Gonzales - 16 Times
Squat - D. Reynaud - 695lbs
Clean - D. Reynaud - 385 HC
40 Time - D. Reynaud - 4.46
300 Yard Shuttle - D. Phillips - 0:53.39
Pro Agility - D. Robinson - 4.11

Defensive Backs:
Vertical Jump - Q. Andrews - 36.5"
Bench - S. Glover - 370lbs
225lbs. Bench - S. Glover - 18 Times
Squat - E. Wicks - 585lbs
Clean - Q. Andrews 355 HC
40 Time - L. Williams - 4.44
300 Yard Shuttle - L. Williams - 0:49.38
Pro Agility - V. Rivers - 4.03

Special Team:
Vertical Jump - Z. Flynt - 34"
Bench - A. Hughes - 345lbs
225lbs. Bench - A. Hughes - 15 Times
Squat - Z. Flynt - 500lbs
Clean - P. McAfee - 355 HC
40 Time - P. McAfee - 4.62
300 Yard Shuttle - S. Kozlowski - 0:54.32
Pro Agility - P. McAffee - 4.11

Teams Best:
Vertical Jump - D. Reynaud - 41"
Bench - K. Dykes - 500lbs
225lbs. Bench - K. Dykes - 30 Times
Squat - D. Reynaud - 695lbs
Clean - O. Schmitt - 365 PC / 525 HC
40 Time - S. Slaton - 4.36
300 Yard Shuttle - L. Williams - 0:49.38
Pro Agility - V. Rivers - 4.03

All-Time Records at each Position:

Offensive Line:
Vertical Jump - S. Capers - 2007 - 31"
Bench - D. Mozes - 2006 - 480lbs
225lbs. Bench - D. Mozes - 2004 - 30 Times
Squat - G. Isdaner - 2006 - 615lbs
Clean - D. Mozes - 2006 - 440 HC / 355 PC
40 Time - S. Capers - 2007 - 4.94
300 Yard Shuttle - D. Chrissy - 2005 - 0:56.76
Pro Agility - D. Mozes - 2004 - 4.49

Defensive Line:
Vertical Jump - W. Young - 2004 - 33.5"
Bench - K. Dykes - 2006 - 500lbs
225lbs. Bench - P. Liebig - 2004 - 33 Times
Squat - C. Wilson - 2006 - 680lbs
Clean - P. Liebig - 2006 - 410 PC
Clean - C. Wilson/P. Liebig - 2006 - 430 HC
40 Time - T. Merrow - 2006 - 4.73
300 Yard Shuttle - T. Merrow - 2006 - 0:54.20
Pro Agility - C. Wilson - 2004 - 4.25

Line Backers:
Vertical Jump - Z. Cooper - 2007 - 37.5
Bench -M. Magro - 2006 - 455lbs
225lbs. Bench - M. Magro - 2006 - 28 Times
Squat - M. Magro - 2006 - 660lbs
Clean - M. Magro - 2006 - 455 HC
40 Time - O. Goulbourne - 2007 - 4.49
300 Yard Shuttle - O. Goulbourne - 2007 - 0:50.96
Pro Agility - S. Gyorko - 2004 - 4.02

Tight Ends:
Vertical Jump - B. Tate - 2007 - 35"
Bench - M. Villagrana - 2005 - 370lbs
225lbs. Bench - M. Villagrana - 2005 - 22 Times
Squat - S. Loving - 2007 - 515lbs
Clean - S. Morrone - 2007 - 395 HC
40 Time - A. Serena - 2005 - 4.75
300 Yard Shuttle - B. Palmer - 2004 - 0:57.00
Pro Agility - B. Palmer - 2004 - 3.92

Running Backs:
Vertical Jump - E. Collington - 2007 - 37"
Bench - J. Dziak - 2005 - 440lbs
225lbs. Bench - J. Dziak - 2005 - 24 Times
Squat - O. Schmitt - 2006 - 640lbs
Clean - O. Schmitt - 2006 - 525 HC
40 Time - S. Slaton - 2007 - 4.36
300 Yard Shuttle - S. Slaton - 2007 - 0:52.16
Pro Agility - K. Harris - 2004 - 4.02

Quarter Backs:
Vertical Jump - R. Marshall/ D. Thompson - 2004 - 37.5
Bench - N. Sowers - 2007 - 345lbs
225lbs. Bench - A. Bednarik - 2004 - 14 Times
Squat - N. Sowers - 2007 - 525lbs
Clean - N. Sowers - 2007 - 405 HC
40 Time - R. Marshall - 2004 - 4.36
300 Yard Shuttle - R. Marhsall - 2004 - 0:51
Pro Agility - R. Marshall - 2004 - 3.86

Wide Receiver:
Vertical Jump - D. Reynaud - 2006 - 41"
Bench - D. Jalloh - 2007 - 380lbs
225lbs. Bench - T. Gonzalez - 2007 - 16 Times
Squat - D. Reynaud - 2006 - 695lbs
Clean - D. Reynaud - 2007 - 385 HC
40 Time - C. Henry - 2004 - 4.29
300 Yard Shuttle - T. McClintic - 2005 - 0:50.89
Pro Agility - B. Myles - 2004 - 3.82

Defensive Backs:
Vertical Jump - A. Mims - 2004 - 43"
Bench - A. Jones - 2006 - 395lbs
225lbs. Bench - S. Glover - 2007 - 18 Times
Squat - E. Wicks - 2006 - 585lbs
Clean - M. Law - 2006 - 355 HC
40 Time - A. Jones - 2004 - 4.27
300 Yard Shuttle - L. Williams - 2006 - 0:49.38
Pro Agility - A. Mims - 2004 - 3.82

Special Teams:
Vertical Jump - Z. Flynt - 2007 - 34"
Bench - T. Lindsey - 2006 - 355lbs
225lbs. Bench - S. Fleming - 2004 - 17 Times
Squat - T. Lindsey - 2006 - 565lbs
Clean - T. Lindsey - 2006 - 395 HC
40 Time - P. McAfee - 2006 - 4.62
300 Yard Shuttle - G. Shehl - 2005 - 0:52.87
Pro Agility - B. Cooper - 2004 - 3.96

Best All-Time Records:
Vertical Jump - A. Mims
Bench - K. Dykes
225lbs. Bench - P. Liebig
Squat - D. Reynaud
Clean - P. Liebig / O. Schmitt
40 Time - Ad. Jones
300 Yard Shuttle - L. Williams
Pro Agility - B. Myles / A. Mims

Mailbag question regarding the difference between 3-3 defense and 5-3 / 4-3?

Got an e-mail from Grant:

Hey Coach how does the 3-3 differ with the 5-3 / 4-3 in basic alignment?

CoachBt: 3-3 can be made to look like 5-3 by simply moving SS's up to line of scrimmage. Big difference is in 5-3 you use different type of personnel. You use a bigger stronger, personnel in 5-3.

3-3 is a hybrid 5-3 using extra DB's to give defense more flexibility. As for alignment, in 5-3 and 3-3 you generally have a NT cover the center, and two DT's who either play in four or five techniques. four tech means DT's are in B gap or between OT's and OG. In five technique DT's line up head to outside shade on OT.

Both defenses also have a MLB who stacks behind the NT. Both also have two OLB's who can stack behind the DT's in 3-3 but can be either stacked behind DE's or line up in an inside or outside shade on DE's in the 5-3.

In 3-3 instead of DE's you generally have the two safeties in place of DE's. These DB's/safeties give 3-3 more flexibility in alignment than in 5-3 and usually adapt depending on offenses formation. The back 3, 2CB's and FS generally will play three deep in base for both defenses, but depending on blitz package you can man up.

One big advantage to 3-3 is ability to play some sort of two deep coverage with either man under or five under similar to Tampa 2. This is very difficult to do in 5-3. Your OLB's will generally be no match for either slot or athletic TE's in coverage.

4-3 is completely different front and scheme. In base 4-3 you line up with DT's covering OG's and DE's covering or outside shade on OT's. They still use MLB covering center and have OLB's to cover TE's or stacked to outside shade on DE's. However in 4-3 your MLB is generally not stacked behind a D-Linemen. Secondary is completely different in 4-3, because you have only four DB's. You do not have the flexibility a 3-3 has and having SS allows you roll the secondary either to the strength of the formation or to the wide side of the field.

Thanks for writing in and hope you understand the basics of these defenses and formations better.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mike Barwis S&C coach part two

West Virginia players training in the impressive 22,000-square-foot (third-largest in America) strength center at Mountaineer Field or the brand new state-of-the-art training facility at the WVU Coliseum, or the Shell Building Weight Room with easy access to the indoor and outdoor tracks and natatorium, the options are almost endless. West Virginia athletes can use more than 20 tons of weights and dumbbells, 26 pieces of Hammer Strength equipment, 20 cardiovascular pieces, ten squat racks and 15 Olympic platforms, supervised by a pro-level staff up-to-date in training techniques and skill development.

West Virginia has the one of just two facilities in college football with a 1/13th mile track and a three-lane 40-yard straightaway, all it circles inside the weight room. The Caperton Indoor Practice Facility is an all-weather environ for year-round conditioning, and in the heat of summer, there is no challenge likes running the infamous Law School Hill. The WVU strength staff has a passion for developing the complete athlete, focusing on optimum performance on the field.

West Virginia football power is not just lifting weights it's boosting the total package, as athletes are educated and trained in every aspect of speed improvement, agility, quickness, flexibility, explosion and nutrition. Next comes specific training in upper body strength and enhancing the lower body "power zone." All that goes hand in hand with West Virginia skill development program, preparing through position-specific drills for performance enhancement.

Your strength coaches understand the proven keys to success: speed, agility, flexibility, strength and power. They teach, train, set goals and insist on doing things the right way, giving each Mountaineer his own program for improvement. Every school in America develops its athletes from the neck down, but at WVU, you build excellence in both the mental and physical aspects of the game.

Mike Barwis believes in everybody working together and to let the players know they aren't alone. Working together builds a team, through lifting, the Mountaineer Olympics, the Tour of Duty and workouts. Shared sweat brings camaraderie; you are soon convinced that you can depend on the hard-working guy next to you to hold the rope. Mountaineer strength is an intense, everyday commitment. There is no such thing as a part-time champion.

West Virginia strength coach Mike Barwis is an old-school guy. When Pac-Man Jones rolled into weightlifting sessions a few minute late at the beginning of his sophomore year, Barwis scowled and shoved a 40-pound sandbag at him. A few minute later, Jones, already breathing hard, found himself running alone around Mountaineer Field. West Virginia strength coach Mike Barwis was perhaps the most effective role model in Jones' life. "If you are late for your job in real life, you get fired," Barwis said. "He thought it was OK to be late, so I always made him pay ten fold. After a while, you get disciplined." Jones and Barwis, who took an aggressive approach with him, grew close. Barwis, perhaps, was the most effective male role model in Jones' life. Maybe it is not a coincidence that Jones' biggest mis-step at West Virginia occurred before Barwis joined Rich Rodriguez's staff in Morgantown.

A good strength and conditioning coach is worth his weight in gold! West Virginia head strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis was mentioned by all 22 seniors in their talks when they left the program. To a man, they simultaneously hated and loved the man. Aside from the obvious improvements in their athletic ability, the value of Barwis's program, the pre and off season conditioning, was in its ability to unite the players under a common, but very demanding experience. You cannot find a turn around story in the country that does not have a strength and conditioning program that transcends just getting stronger and faster. These programs build iron will, team cohesion, confidence, intensity and most of all - desire to achieve goals.

The Barwis Factor: Putting the stars through the workouts:

Patrick White and Steve Slaton will be regulars with Barwis throughout the summer. Thanks to the hard work put in with West Virginia strength coach Mike Barwis, Steve Slaton can break tackles with ease.

Patrick White: To understand anything about life for the players in Morgantown in the summer, you have to understand about our strength coach Mike Barwis. I just tell young guys when they get here, "Be aware and keep your distance."

That is why they say the strength coach might be one of the most important people in a football program, because that is where we spend most of our time all summer and Barwis makes every day count. He is full of energy.

A typical workout is intense with platform lifts, bench, squat, back, biceps and triceps lifts. Then we go to injury prevention: balancing on balls, flexibility, plyos and conditioning.

I have yet to see Mike Barwis one day that he is not amped up. The man has an arm that is rock-solid. Every muscle on his body looks like its solid wood. Even though he gets after us and is a strict disciplinarian, he treats every single player with respect. That is why he has our respect right back.

Steve Slaton: That is because Barwis is a mixed-martial arts guy, and he will take you down before you even know he is there, but Barwis is someone who will prepare you for the ultimate challenges of football. All the workouts you've ever had in your life does not set you up for Mike and one day in his weight room.

Mike is Hyper-energy! Mike Barwis knows what your best is, and he wants it every day, 110%. "All I want is all you got." That is one of his trademarks.

Conditioning - just a pretty word for running, and running, and running. That is the worst part, the running. Running sprints, running intervals, running the hill behind the practice field. He knows what you can take, and he tries to get a little bit more.

If you are a Mountaineer football player, or any type of Mountaineer athlete, you are spending the summer living "Barwis Days." We are here at "Barwis Beach." But when we are done, we will be ready for anything. He was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm of West Virginia strength coach Mike Barwis, and is looking forward to working with him. "He has so much energy," and also "The players said he gets the job done. He said by the time the season starts, I will be bigger, stronger and faster."

Autumn Barwis: Mike Barwis wife is the Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning serves as the associate director of strength and conditioning for WVU's varsity sports. Barwis directly works with gymnastics and football as well as supervising women's soccer, volleyball, crew, women's tennis, women's track, open lift, and cheerleading. She joined the Mountaineer strength program in 2000 as an intern, and worked as a graduate assistant and then assistant and associate coach for varsity sports until her most recent promotion in February, 2004. Barwis, a former collegiate gymnast, is a 2001 Wilson College Graduate with a bachelor's degree in exercise and sports science and a minor in athletic coaching. Speck completed work on a master's degree in athletic coaching with an emphasis in strength and conditioning at WVU in 2003.

Coaches Corner: Mailbag question regarding R-Rod's 3-3-5 defense

Got an e-mail from Tony:

What is a 3-3-5 Stack defense and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

What is the difference between the stack and the plain old 3-3-5 (nickel)? With Coach R-Rod in the Big House now will this be our base defense? Can you stop the run with it?

Thank you,

CoachBt: There is little difference between 3-3 and 3-3 stack. One is just variation of the other. Only major difference is alignment. In stack you line your LB's up directly behind your D-Line, hence the name stack. In 3-3 you generally shade either your LB's or D-Line either to the strength of the offense or towards the wide side of the field.

Strength: 3-3 is a very flexible or easy to adapt defense it is also a very aggressive/attack defense. You are generally bringing either one and many times two defenders on blitzes. 3-3 is also a fast defense the five DB's and two OLB's are usually people who can run and cover ground. 3-3 also allows you to adjust easily to any multiple WR sets the offense may use. 3-3 can also be tough to zone block. Stacked LB's are protected and tough to block.

Weakness: While 3-3 is fast it is also generally a smaller defense also, and can be muscled by a team likes LSU. To work your front three need to be extremely tough against the run. Three front is also called a two gap defense. Because your front three is responsible for two gaps. This can be very difficult to execute especially against a team that is accomplished at gap blocking. Gap blocking allows you double up on the front three. Holding two gaps while being doubled is a bitch. Zone traps can be extremely effective against three fronts. Also teams that have big strong TE, or who run two TE sets can give 3-3 problems either offense will out man you at point of attack. Or, if defense rolls safety in box, TE is usually a mismatch for most safeties to handle in the running game. Can you stop the run 3-3 stack is very good against team that uses perimeter attack. That includes option, sweeps, outside zone or stretch play and most perimeter trick plays. It is not very stout against a team that runs sprint draw or other power games. It (IMO) is also vulnerable to traps and even many counters. Being two gap responsibility also makes it vulnerable to teams that run some sort of cut back or misdirection series.

Will Michigan use it I would be shocked if Michigan did use 3-3 stack as part of their overall scheme. My question is will be the base or nickel package. If rumors are true and Casteel is DC, the chances of being 3-3 base go up, but I would guess that after watching film from last year, and seeing what teams like Penn State, Wisconsin and even ND do, they put extra emphasis in some sort of defense that is stronger against power running game and teams that have strong, physical TE's and O-Lines.

The Big Ten season could be a bit of culture shock. The Big East is not for its buckle the chin straps, put hand on the ground, and move line of scrimmage philosophy.

Thanks for writing in.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mike Barwis S&C coach part one

Coachbt take on Mike Barwis:
Coach Barwis emphasizes cycles in his S&C workouts and believes in switching stimuli on the body often. In different cycles they emphasize Strength, explosiveness, injury prevention, balance and agility.

He will use many different accessories including hammer strength, squat racks, Olympic lifting, bands, and plyometrics. He also cycles his methods, sometimes emphasize high reps and explosion, and others times emphasizing other aspects of S&C, but the major part of his philosophy is core training. Exercises that hit the muscles of lower back and abdominal. He believes that core muscles are not only important for improving performance, but also in injury prevention. He talks about core muscles providing stability a transfer of power.

Mike Barwis believes in using instable environment and multiple planes to work core and recommends multiple sets, three or four sets per workout, with combination of high and low reps. He be lives that you need 24 hour rest after training core muscles.

ErocWolverine: Here are a few things I was able to find out about Mike Barwis:

Mike Barwis has been the Director of Strength and Conditioning for West Virginia University sports since 2000. Michigan football players are going to be walking into a new program along with a new attitude for the S&C program.

Technically summer workouts are voluntary in college football, but then again, technically breathing is also voluntary. If you want to survive in this world, breathing is a good idea, and to survive in the world of big-time college football, strength and conditioning workouts had better be a daily ritual. Such is the life of a Michigan Wolverine football player will be feeling in the summer. Sweating, straining, running, lifting. Every football player realizes that strength and conditioning workouts are necessary to thrive in today's highly competitive athletic world, but that does not make the drills any easier, even for the sadists in the group who actually claim to enjoy working out. It has been mentioned by previous players at West Virginia who does not lose his lunch during some of Barwis's hyper intensive workouts at the beginning of the summer.

Seems like every year his program gets harder and harder from former Mountaineers players who claim with pride that Mike Barwis is working them harder than ever before. Of course that mantra seems to ring from the players each summer says "this is definitely the hardest we have ever worked, whether we wanted to or not," and that "We've also had the best attendance we have ever had with All the scholarship athletes are here and then some. It's been pretty good so far. Also seems like each year he evolves and keeps adding to his program from former players saying "This year there has been a lot of new stuff," and saying "For the most part the lifting is still the same with having the same cycles. It changes every week, but we do the same cycles we do every year, but the running and agility, those things are more advanced this year. Mike is definitely pushing us harder this summer than any of the past ones."

One of the running drills, and the one that is the most notorious so far, has been something Barwis calls "double fifths." In past summers, the Mountaineers have had to run a lap around the football field in a prescribed length of time (faster for the skill players than the linemen). Then after a short rest, the run is repeated. That one lap is called a "fifth", because it's about a fifth of a mile. Obviously, a double fifth is two laps, and two certainly is tougher than one. Past players have stated the "double fifths" and what they are "The first one, he gives us two minutes and ten seconds for the speed guys and then the second time around we get two minutes. After that we do single fifths and we have 65 seconds to make it on the first one. Then he cuts five seconds off for the second one. It's pretty tough and Mike like to switch things up just when you think you are doing the toughest drill possible he turns it up a little and makes it even tougher."

The weather can gets pretty hot and humid in the summer time that can makes for a tough workout, but the players better accept the adversity. From former players talking about the summer workouts "It has been a lot hotter this summer, and Mike is making things ten times harder than in the past, but that will all be good for us in the long run." Mike is a good motivator and he keeps everyone going, no matter how hot it is."

From another player "I've noticed that it's hotter so far this year than in the past, but I have not noticed that has made the workouts any tougher" and "I always try to work out in the afternoon in the heat of the day anyway because you have to get used to the heat, we are going to play in it. You might as well get used to it now." Also he said "It seems like every practice and every summer workout has a new twist, but you just have to push through it," and the "Summer is the toughest because it's hot outside and you just want to lay up in the house. It's hard enough just rolling out of bed, say nothing of working out. It's hard, and Mike Barwis pushes us to the limit, but we have to get through it, because in the end, it makes us better players."

"The hardest part is the first two weeks," said a former player from Ohio "After you make it through that, you feel like you can make it through anything. I know it helps me become a better player, and there is an added benefit - it also makes me look better for the girls. I want to look good for the ladies. At the end of the day, my body is tired and sore, but I know I look good for the ladies, and let's face it, you want to look good for the ladies, especially in the summer time."
Another guy pointed out that "Defensively linemen may think of that stuff, but offensive linemen, we do not worry about looking good for the ladies. We are big, ugly guys, and we know it" and he went on to say "Workouts aren't going to make us any prettier, no matter what we do.

While some of the former players said they liked it "Maybe I am different, but I actually enjoy the workouts,"and you can tell it is helping "You see yourself getting bigger, and you see yourself getting better.

As Mike Barwis puts his charges through new and interesting forms of torture, he is holding the ultimate drill until the end, using it as a carrot (or a whip, depending on your perspective) to insure complete dedication this summer. "Right now they are using the Law School Hill for motivation," (probably compared to the Michigan Stadium step something nice and big and steep). "They say if we come to every workout and do every workout, we will not have to do the Law School Hill and everyone wants to avoid the Law School Hill. It's not really an endurance thing when you try to run the Law School Hill; it's more of a mental thing. That is by far the toughest thing we do."

Obviously the proof of the new Michigan Wolverines summer workout effort will be told in August, when head coach Rich Rodriguez and his staff open fall camp. Rodriguez and his assistants are extremely limited about what they can do with the players in the off season. Mike Barwis and his strength and conditioning team is the ones who are hands on at this point in time, but R-Rod is certainly aware of what is happening in the workouts. He knows the product he puts on the field this fall is being molded and shaped in the heat of the summer and " What we hope, as coaches, is that when we start practice in August, everybody is healthy, in shape and ready to go."

Stay tuned for part two of Mike Barwis and some of the results and records at West Virginia.

Coaches Corner: Coach Rod Offense and how it might work at Michigan

Coach Rich Rodriguez version of spread sometimes called spread option differs with other versions because it emphasis running the football.

As most of you already know Coach Rod tells the story of spread option or QB read option being developed by total accident by the QB forgot to hand off one day in practice and the coaches huddled and like what they saw.

How QB read works are QB takes snap out of gun he extends his arms fully holding ball out and he puts ball into the pocket and reads the DE and If DE comes down he pulls the ball out and runs himself. If DE stays home QB simply hands ball off to RB who in theory goes for TD. Coach Rod and Thickett always say if the play is blocked properly and read right, you cannot stop it.

This package is run out gun, and can have three or four WR's, and one or two RB's. It does change anything in the read, steps, or techniques. Key to play is for QB to react to defense and him must read the DE and never take his eye off the defense. There is also a naked pass, or QB keep off the look. There is an option, a boot and other play action passes. Beauty is most of the passing routes do not change run the play action or straight drop back. They are also reads based on reacting to what defense gives or does.

Coach Rod also uses two other running packages one being the outside series. It includes a sweep, speed option and reverse. This package, IMO is perfect fit for personnel Michigan has a now. Key to this offense is your skill peoples and Michigan has the skill players to make this work. Also has the inside running attack. This includes an inside zone and zone trap. Again IMO, this is package Michigan could excel at. Michigan has the people it succeeds here both packages have play action schemes to go with them and counters and misdirections.

One of Coach Rod's true strengths are his ability to correlate the running game with the passing game. To the back 7, every play looks the same and this freezes or at least slows the defense down and allows for more space to operate in. Coach R-Rod's passing game is heavy on play action and using running game to set it up, but is not above using passing game to set run when necessary. He uses a wide variety of screen, WR and RB and uses many of the standard crossing, circle and other spread pass schemes.

Huge part of what Coach Rod does on offense takes superior S&C. His offense includes no huddle, and setting a very fast pace. No huddle and quick pace keeps defenses from being able to make personnel changes and helps wear a defense down.

We will have more later.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Coaches Corner: Coach Rod ST's and S&C how it might work at Michigan

I would guess that Michigan Coach Rod is going to have team meeting shortly after Bowl game and tell/demand certain things from players. This lazy we are Michigan attitude is going to change and fast.

Coach Rod would rather play a walk on with passion and work ethic over a more talented player with questionable work ethic. I am thrilled with the idea that Michigan will no longer get outworked.

Special teams will be special emphasis and Coach Rod is field position fanatic and nothing hurts field position more than poor special teams. Playing fast will be mantra, not just being fast. Recruiting and player development will be done with eye towards special teams. There are no tricks or secrets to special teams.

They are about preparation, effort, and conditioning and Coach Rod will make this concentrate and shore up this area. After S&C would expect this to be Coach Rod's second biggest area to fix and time and effort put into this area should pay huge dividends. Two of Michigan's loses could put right at door of special teams.

When Mike Barwis (if he is the new Michigan's S&C coach) sees Michigan facilities he just might sits down and cry. Michigan's facilities are good, but ten to 15 years behind the times. I hope Coach Barwis will be able to make do for time until we get things necessary to update S&C. I quit going to Michigan S&C clinics about five years ago. Michigan facilities look like Ohio State's did ten years or so ago.

Mike Barwis BIO:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coaches Corner: R-Rod in Maize and Blue

Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez is a fiery passionate coach with an aggressive attack philosophy. He demands hard work from his teams in the season and in the off season. He is almost a fanatic about strength and conditioning. This will be major improvement.

He also emphasis speed in his recruiting and Offense. This is Coach R-Rod's thing. He is an offensive minded coach. A former QB and offensive coordinator with programs that include Tulane and Clemson. His teams emphasis the spread and are in the shotgun much of the time.

What separates Coach R-Rod's version is that he prefers a strong running game out of the spread. His offense at West Virginia has ranked in top ten rushing offenses in the country. One of his strengths are his ability to tweak or adapt the spread to match his personnel.

The spread he ran while at Tulsa with Shaun King was different from what he with personnel at West Virginia. His major accomplishment is he is widely considered the inventor of the spread option offense. What this version does are force defenses to not only defend entire field, but also defend all the skilled players and this really can stress a defense.

Defense Again, Coach R-Rod's is an aggressive attack philosophy and carries through to his defenses. At West Virginia they use 3-3 stack. But IMO that has more to do with defending all the spread offenses West Virginia sees in the Big East. We will have a better idea where he wants to take Michigan once a DC is hired.

Special Teams Coach R-Rod's emphasis on recruiting speed shows up on teams special teams play. He puts special emphasis on this area of the game. Field position is big part of his offense game plan. Short fields are huge help for spread offense. And Coach RRod's really coaches to this philosophy.

We will have more in depth of R-Rod's schemes later on.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Michigan TV Programming 12/15/07

Michigan Men's Basketball:

Central Michigan at Michigan

2:00pm EST. - 4:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 220


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Coaches Corner: Is Michigan lowballing the coaching search?

A recent e-mail I got from "Steve" wanted to know from CoachBt and myself if Michigan was low balling coaches to come to Michigan by using the quote "honor and privilege to coach at Michigan" and not the money along with what other colleges are offering?

Michigan has been offering competitive pay for head coaches with top flight head coaches range generally from two million to four million dollars. So Michigan is being competitive in that area where Michigan lags are in assistant coaches pay. Top coordinators will get about 500,00 per year while Michigan is in the 200,000 range for coordinators. Top flight assistant coaches usually get in the 200,000 to 250,000 dollar range. Michigan is paying in 100,000 to 150,000 range I have been told.

Not sure exactly how much schools budget for recruiting, but was told by very reliable source Michigan is 750,000 to one million behind the elite schools. Those numbers were given me by Recruiting Coordinators from rival schools and someone close to Michigan. Both gave comparable numbers which lead me to believe they are close to accurate.

First off when you offer less money than a person is getting that is "low balling" and in today market value of a coach depends on the situation and where the guy is at right now. You can have a coach makes 1.5 million, but be a guy that is a "hot coach" and could see his value rise once a big program comes looking. Urban Meyer is a great example of going from Bowling Green for two years, to Utah in two years and now is one of the highest paid coaches in college football at Florida.

Let's look into how the process has gone so far from what we may know the coaching search. Ferentz makes 3.03 million, but also has an one million bonus for various things. Martin has stated that he was going to go up to three million and we do not know what Martin offered him could have been any where from 2.5 - three million? That is lower than he is making and no way Martin would have gave him a one million bonus to be able to get. Why come here for less money, more pressure and have the expectations to win and not be like at Iowa where your 6-6, 4-4 in big ten and 3-9 against your in-state rival and people are happy.

We supposable called Stoops to see if he was interested and when the guy is making 3.62 mil with a 745,000 bonus and also he is getting three million as another bonus when the season starts in '08 for being there for ten years. Why would he even consider a 2.5-3 million offer from Michigan. I wonder if he laughed when if they asked if he was interested.

Schiano might not be a so called "low ball" offer, but (IMO) if he was really your guy you should have done more to get him than offer him 2.2 million like Miami of Florida offered him that same figure lasts year and he turned it down especially since he would be leaving a job where he is loved and it was his home where his family and friends are live. To make a guy give that up you have to do more than just barely going over his salary. He would have been coming into a situation where you must beat Ohio State, win bowl games and not lose many games for people to be happy. At Rutgers they make a bowl game they are happy and if they lose only three games they are happy where at Michigan that is a bad season if they lose three games. Schiano is making 1,733,500 with bonus of 530,000 and his bonuses aren't really that hard to get from when you really look at his contract. Along with the fact his house on campus grounds he got an interest free loan and he had a 750,000 buyout if he left this year from Rutgers.

If you are going to try to steal a coach from a program you got to make it worth his while. Les Miles was a huge "low ball" deal where he was offered 2.5 million from Michigan where he is already making 2.8 million at LSU with possibly up to 3.4 million if they win one more game and that is for five years. So that is almost one million difference and that does not include bonuses which I am sure is more at LSU. Also the big hang up with Miles was not so much his money, but the recruiting budget and also the assistant coaches budget(Big-Time difference) and who knows maybe the other coaches were saying the same thing.

There was talk of Chris Petersen if he was interested, but it was brought up that he has the family issues there. Could it be that Michigan was only looking to offer him not much more than his regular salary we really do not know, but you would have to think if we offered him 2.2-2.5 million he would have looked at the deal a little more? Who knows for sure.

If you believe in your coach and you are at Michigan he should be easily making top ten money since we believe we are an "elite program" than we need to start stepping the money where our arrogance is.

Also we need to raise the money for the assistant coaches and especially the OC/DC. No way an assistant coach at Michigan should only be making 100,000 - 150,000 depending on whom it is and the OC/DC should not only be making 200,000 - 250,000.

At Ohio State they are almost making double that from what I have heard. Also talking about Tressel his salary after this National Championship game he will get to redo his contract again because he has a deal of getting to the NC game and he gets to redo it. Last year he increased his deal by almost 500,000 dollars while also getting more bonus money, but the big thing he did was get more money for his assistant coaches plus getting more money for his recruiting along with more money for the football program in general. Sometimes it is not the base salary it is everything else that is not seen in the contract. So at those numbers we would not be in the top ten under Schiano money by next season.

Like I said again if you are going to strive to be big time program you need to offer big time money not only to your head coach, but everyone involved with the football program. You are not going to get great assistant coaches coming at Michigan for 125,000 and great OC/DC for 200,000. You want great ones you are going to have to pay 500,000 to get DC/OC that know what they are doing and think they got a brain in their head qhilw paying 200,000 - 250,000 for assistant coaches.

Ok time to move on and get a coach and thanks Steve for the question along with CoachBt with his thoughts.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Michigan TV Programming 12/12/07

Big Ten Tip Off:
6:30pm EST. - 7:00pm EST.
DirecTV Channel 220
Michigan Men's Basketball:
Oakland at Michigan
7:00pm EST. - 9:00pm EST.
DirecTV Channel 220
Big Ten Tonight
11:00pm EST. - 12:00am EST.
DirecTV Channel 220

Monday, December 10, 2007

Michigan Wolverines TV Programming 12/10/07

College Football Live
2:00pm EST. - 3:00pm EST.
DirecTV Channel 206

Michigan Men's Basketball
Dec. 9, 1989
Duke at Michigan
2:00pm EST. - 4:00pm EST.
DirecTV Channel 220

Michigan Women's Basketball
USC at Michigan (Live)
6:00 pm EST. - 8:00pm EST.
DirecTV Channel 220

Big Ten Tonight
10:00pm EST. - 11:00pm EST.
DirecTV Channel 220

Sunday, December 09, 2007

So is no news good news For Michigan Football?

We will see won't we a lot of speculation regarding the talk of Les Miles resurfacing once again that the longer the talks go on the better.

The scary part is what happens if Les Miles and Michigan cannot work something out. I mean really we are looking at Brady Hoke who has been a head coach for five years now at Ball State with a record of 22-36 with his best year being 7-5 in 2007. He might be a coach that could possible look to move up at the next level of teams, but not ready for a program in Michigan.

Ron English another possible candidate which if he was not already at Michigan he would not be a guy ready for the job either. He has been the defensive coordinator for two years now and really has not been that impressive against the good teams with his defense. Again he could be a guy to move on to another program and start his head coaching career, but he is not really ready for a place likes Michigan.

Cam Cameron who signed a four year contract in early 2007 who came from the San Diego Chargers as being their offensive coordinator. He has always bee a very good OC, but seems to struggle really at being in charge of a program. People say well it was Indiana well true, but he actually made the program worse than it was when he was there and does Michigan really want to turn the keys over to the program with a guy that might just make history in the NFL by not winning a game in his first season as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Let's just say this he went to school at Indiana and if that job was open right now I highly doubt they would look at him to return so why would Michigan.

Mike Trgovac DC at Carolina Panthers is a very good defensive coordinator that I would really like to see him come back as the Michigan DC, but not as the head coach. He might be looking for a job since Fox might be getting fired at the end of the year for the Panthers. Trgovac would be able to get another DC job in the NFL if he wants, but maybe with the right head coach Michigan might be able to get him back, but they would have to pay him well to come back to Michigan.

If Michigan cannot get a deal done with Les Miles I really think they need to look outside the program at guys like Chris Petersen head coach at Boise State, Brian Kelly head coach at Cincinnati, Jeff Tedford head coach at Cal, Rob Chudzinski offensive coordinator at the Cleveland Browns, Mike Singletary asst. head coach at the San Francisco 49ers, Jason Garrett offensive coordinator at the Dallas Cowboys which he is being groomed for the head coach job some day at the Cowboys, Josh McDaniels the offensive coordinator from the New England Patriots.

This is the first hire at Michigan for their football team in 40 years will they get it right?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Michigan on TV Saturday 12/8/07

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Well Bill: Where do you go now?

Where does Bill martin go now he basically came out waving a flag saying "We don't want Les" and have looked at a lot of other candidates wheter or not he had offered them a contract is the only thing. He has looked at Bob Stoops, Kirk Ferentz and Greg Schiano while also talking with Ron English, Mike DeBord and Brady Hoke.

So after Greg Schiano turned down the Michigan offer does Michigan look back at an old reliable candidate in Les Miles? The thing with Les Miles is does he want it anymore? He just recently signed a contract extension with the same buyout clause he had before in regards to Michigan. He is a former student at Michigan, former player at Michigan, former coached at Michigan twice along with meeting his wife at Michigan. He has a bond with the University of Michigan, but will he turn his back on a program that showed him they wanted him along with telling him?
Will Michigan turn this around and get the right guy for the job or just keep "chasing it's tail" like a dog going round and round.

New York Times says Greg Schiano has been interviewed

With Miles Staying Put, Michigan Talks To Schiano
Published: December 7, 2007
New York Times

Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano interviewed for the coaching vacancy at Michigan on Wednesday, according to a person who was briefed on the meeting but was not authorized to speak about it. Schiano met with Bill Martin, the Michigan athletic director, in New York, but has not received a job offer.

Michigan turned to Schiano after missing out on Louisiana State Coach Les Miles, who signed a contract extension Thursday that will keep him with the Tigers through 2012.
Schiano has led Rutgers from the football doldrums to three consecutive bowl games and established a reputation as one of the country’s bright young recruiters and defensive minds. In February, he signed a contract extension that will pay him about $1.7 million a year through 2016.

Schiano was quoted earlier in the week saying he had not been contacted about any jobs.
Last season, he resisted overtures to become the coach at the University of Miami, where he had been the defensive coordinator. He would have made more than $2 million a year if he had accepted the job.

The flurry of interest from Miami and other universities came after he had won numerous national coach of the year honors last season after leading Rutgers to an 11-2 record and a victory over Kansas State in the Texas Bowl.

This season, the Scarlet Knights (7-5) are playing Ball State in the International Bowl. Rutgers finished a disappointing regular season by squandering an 18-point lead in a loss to Louisville. The high point of the Scarlet Knights’ season came when they upset South Florida, which was No. 2 at the time.

If Schiano goes to Michigan, it would be a reprieve for Martin, who has been roasted locally and in college football circles for his handling of finding a replacement for Lloyd Carr. Martin had seven months’ warning that Carr would retire, yet never talked with Miles, a Michigan graduate who had made no secrets about his interest in the job.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Looks like the ship has sailed

Les Miles still has told friends he would come to Michigan, but Michigan is going in a different direction. Bill Martin took a nice sail boat trip and never returned any phone calls friday night.

So it seems Bill Martin is going to live with not hiring Les Miles will that be part of Bill Martin's legacy. Miles at LSU has been there three years and all three year he has finished in the top five along with two BCS bowl games and of course one of those he is going to face our arch-rival Ohio State in the National Championship game.

Does he already have something planned for when he beats Ohio State like "Well at least one Michigan Man knows how to beat that Ohio team". I am sure he might say something, but who knows maybe not, but who could blame him.

The thing is even after he signed his contract extension he still could would have came to Michigan all he needed was a sign, but Michigan wouldn't even talk with him and that will not only be part of Bill Martin's legacy, but Lloyd Carr's legacy as well.

We will see LSU at the top of college football a lot in the next ten years and we are going to say that could have been us?

Will the next Michigan coach be able to come in and do what he wants or does he have stipulations he will have to follow under the old guard? Time will tell and so we will see where this program goes from here.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Anchors Away Bill Martin

What better way for Bill Martin to sing "Anchors Away" if you want to hear it please visit this web page.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So is Miles over?

Well as I got blasted on the GBW boards on Saturday for saying the Les Miles train has not left the station yet and there was always a back door it seems like our own Bill Martin finally got well rested from his sailing trip this past weekend to get finally a hold of a certain former player and arrange a meeting with Miles or Miles agent (possible both) not really sure yet on how that meeting went or if they cleared the air.

Kind of take you back for those that do not really remember how things went and where things went wrong. For weeks it seemed like it was just a matter of time before Les Miles was named the head coach at Michigan even the LSU AD came out and said that if Miles wanted to go back to Michigan that he still wanted him to coach the SEC Championship game along with whatever bowl game which just so happens to be the National Championship game now. Then a few days pass by again and the LSU AD has another article in the local papers stating that they would do whatever they could to keep Miles and felt very comfortable that he would stay. During that article it was basely laid out that if Michigan wanted to contact Miles that he would appreciate it if they would wait till after the SEC Championship game.

Bill Martin on Wednesday calls the LSU AD to inform him that Michigan would like to set something up to talk with him about the Michigan head coaching job. Again the LSU AD asked Martin to please hold off till after the title game so the coaches could prepare for the game and of course Martin agreed, but should he have though? First off they did not seem to have a problem with Bo Pellini going to Nebraska for an interview during this same time and you would think the defensive coordinator would want to be more focus and study the game plan a lot more than a head coach especially one that does not call plays. Well anyway this gave LSU time to start getting thing organized and knew they had to prepare quickly and strike before Michigan had a chance. The LSU AD is on his way out sometime in the summer of 2008 so in some regards he could do whatever he needed to so to secure Miles.

Well Friday came and that is when the wheels started to fall off for Michigan in several ways. First off a lot of this is hear say and speculation. I just wanted to point that out first, but it seems that on Friday LSU came with a big proposal for Miles and told him he had to make a decision before the game on Saturday. The rumor is he was offered 3.4 million for seven year contract a lot higher number than was ever discussed before or even talked about between him and friends of his about the Michigan job. Here is some of the speculation and do not know if it is true or not, but supposable they told Miles he had to agree to it before the game or they would let Bo Pelini take over in the SEC Championship game, I find that really hard to believe, but it has been out there and a lot of chatter from several people that seem like they knew what was going on during this time.

Well of course Miles is stunned and does not know what to do with the offer along with the ultimatum. He wants to coach in the game of course because he loves those kids and he does not want his distraction to become their distraction as well while trying to win a football game. He calls his Michigan buddy (former player) and does not know what to do and that they have set a deadline. All the back chatter with Miles, his friend and some people associated to Michigan never really struck a deal it was more of the money situation was okay by both sides, who he would possible keep on staff, but nothing was ever said that he was the next coach or that he had the job it was all just the beginning stages and they both parties thought that on Sunday they could strike a deal.

LSU threw a wrench in that plan so Friday night Miles buddy tries to reach Martin all night long until 2:00 am, but no call back and nothing on Saturday morning. They did not know if Michigan was blowing them off or what was really going on then before college game day comes on Kirk Herbstreit breaks in and says Les Miles to Michigan and along with that he was going to bring Jon Tenuta who was the DC at Georgia Tech (now interim head coach). Then again on college game day "Herbie" goes more in depth about it and of course everybody hears this and the LSU people are irate and think that Miles went behind their back and got a better deal after they spoke. More speculation here that Miles call his buddy and said did you talk with anybody he said no and he is not answering his phone now either. Miles is ticked off to say the least and top it all off he thinks that Michigan might have leaked it and also they are ignoring him and blowing him off.

The LSU AD people was again ticked off and told Miles either you agree to the deal or you are not coaching we are not going to have this hanging over our team for this game. Miles think Michigan blew him off so he tells them we have a deal and schedule a press conference so at almost 2:00 p.m. Miles appears in front of the cameras and says he was the LSU coach and will be the LSU while leaving the door open when he left. Later in the day he had another interview while his buddy still did not get a hold of anybody and he told the woman reporter again he was the LSU coach and would be and that included next year. The reason while nobody was answering the phone supposable at Michigan is they went sailing and was not anywhere in range of a cell tower.

After the game of course it was very emotional with them getting the win and had a pretty long press conference having conversations about his past at Michigan, Bo and his future at LSU. He said he was home now at LSU and even had his boys come up for pictures in their LSU the LSU site had an exclusive interview and you could see the emotion in his voice and his face as he talked about Michigan almost like he just lost his best friend, dog, girlfriend type of emotion as he spoke. He evens introduced his whole family to the media with his wife coming up and his daughter off camera almost like this was his first meeting with them instead of being their third year at LSU.

The thing is after what happened on Saturday Martin made a call to Miles agent on Sunday about possible setting something up. Well the call did not go very well when Martin tells the agent that Miles was one candidate on the list and that they wanted to do an interview process after Miles just found out he would probably be playing in the national championship game against Ohio State. He of course did not like that answer especially since he went to school at Michigan, played football at Michigan, met his wife at Michigan and coached at Michigan twice while now leading the LSU Tigers to the title game and probably be named coach of the year.

On Sunday LSU finds out they are in the national championship game and will face the buckeyes. On Monday he was on several shows and in this my maize and blue glasses opinion he was almost begging Michigan to talk with him. Both times he did interviews he was asked about the Michigan job and both times he said I WAS NEVER OFFERED THE MICHIGAN JOB AND I HAVEN'T TALKED TO BILL MARTIN DIRECTLY ABOUT THE So again there seemed to be hope again that a deal might be able to happen after our hearts were ripped out and stepped on not only because of Miles was supposed to come to Michigan, but he was bringing one of the best defensive coordinators in the business Jon Tenuta form Georgia Tech with him.

Then on Tuesday rumbling was that Martin met with Miles agent in person nobody seems to know really if or when this meeting took place and of course how things stand. So for Michigan fans if you hope for Miles there still has a lot of miles to go to get this done, but it is looking a lot better than it did all day Saturday. I believe Miles was put in a bad spot because he did not know whether he had the job and if all the little things have been worked out from his skeletons in his closet. The thing is Martin was feeling a lot of heat from the donors/fans/alumni/ticket holders/former players about not landing Miles. I think he knows his legacy of being a AD at Michigan will rest not on what he has done on campus with all the renovations and new buildings for the athletic complex, but for whom he hires as the next football coach. I believe Martin needs to figure when Miles and he meet if he is the guy and let him know right then and there. Does that mean Carr won't be looking over his shoulder in the AD's office ... could be ... Of course this (IMO) like normally.

This wednesday might be the new day in the Michigan football program and what might happen for the next ten years. Bill Martin is going to basically ask the committee if Les Miles is worth telling Lloyd Carr to leave the program for good and don't come back or take the conservative way out and grant Lloyd Carr and Mary Sue Coleman their wish and hire Kirk Ferentz so Carr can stick around the program? If your on the committee what would you say to Martin?

What a long week and very stressful if your a Michigan football fan who has been watching every little detail about the search and what will happen with recruiting

Saturday, December 01, 2007

TV Football games on Saturday:

Ohio Div. VI State Championship Game
Hopewell-Loudon vs. Newark
11:00 am EST. - 2:00pm EST.
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Ohio Div. IV State Championship Game
Coldwater vs. Youngstown Cardinal Mooney
3:00pm EST - 6:00pm EST.
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SEC Championship Game
LSU vs. Tennessee
4:00pm EST. - 7:30pm EST.

Ohio Div. 1 State Championship Game
Cincinnati St. Xavier vs. Mentor
7:00pm Est. - 10:00pm EST.
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