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Spring Game: Video Part 2

Looking back at past spring game videos to see what Michigan fans can expect this fall.

Links of Interest for Michigan

Team and B10 News:

Back to glory days
Reasons for B10 love
Burying 2008 stench
Braylon placed on non-fb injured list
Adversity forms UM bonds
10 down but not out
December games
Media day round-up links
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Media day take away
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O Woes overshadow D shortcomings,0,5913417.story
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B10 kick-offs will answer some questions
Forde pops UM on the chin
Breaking the B2
Putting last season to rest
Winning UM benefits all
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2012 top 100
Fresh faces
RR thrilled w/ GROB
Denard must play catch-up
UM Big 3 questions
League bashing unites teams
Brown ready for LB role
Ortmann on the line
Brown understands spread use
How the Buckeyes missed out on Mesko
2 year turn around
UM has great student sports fans
Denard will get reps
Horsing around
Secondary a concern
New D should help
A funny read
Practice Start dates
Many B10 in for Mackey
Rebounders (Forde Video)
tGA must heal the B10 –LOL yeah they have done that by dying on the throne-
Bo makes 50 Greatest Coaches list
Waiting on ND
Media day wraps
Media Take-away part 2

Football recruiting:


Kenny Stills: Looking at UM for a visit
Nick Jones: Title flight


Tony Drake: Drake affirms commit


Garret Davis: Team picked to finish third


Sharif Floyd: Terps on him
Ricky Heimuli: Team looking to improve
Terry Talbott: Will visit UM


Hayes Pullard: Husky visit


Aramide Olaniyan: Will visit UM
Shaun Lewis: PFL title
Justin Wilson: up and coming


Dior Mathis: Ducks#1 UM#5


Roster numbers
Next years expectations

Matt Vogrich: UM Commit – Bringing the touch

Out Years

PG Ray McCallum: Bruins keeping a spot

SG Trey Zeigler: Coaches son

SF Alex Dragicevich: Hardwood roundup

SF DeJuan Marrero: Searching for success

Other Sports:

Hockey summer showcase

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Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive players with the most pressure on them?

Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive players with the most pressure on them?

One frequent discussion on football sites devoted to a specific team centers on players who will have the most pressure on them to have good showings in preseason (fall) practices. Here is a list of players we believe will be under such pressure.

1) M. Shaw: Some may question this pick, but Shaw is going to have some pretty high-level competition. Shaw is probably healthy for the first time since being at Michigan and claims to have his explosiveness back.

But Shaw has struggled both with injuries and some classroom issues. Recall that Michael Shaw, as a result of the above conditions, was out this spring, allowing others a chance to step up.

Although a completely different back, V Smith is going to push M. Shaw. Smith continues to impress coaches and although he lacks the break away speed of Shaw, he certainly is fast enough. Plus, the young dynamo has the best balance and vision of any back on the team.

And don't forget Michael Cox, who was impressive this spring, especially catching the ball out of the backfield. Cox adds bulk to the backfield, as he now is well over 200 pounds. Michael Cox is a solid back that will put in the work to up his game.

Michael Shaw is going to get every opportunity to succeed, but he needs to be ready straight out of the gate.

2) T. Robinson: Yes, T. Robinson is only a red shirt freshman and has a long way to go at Michigan. But, this fall will be very important, even critical, for T. Robinson.

Current players Odoms, Roundtree, and Stokes (Roundtree and Stokes could also play wideout) show promise at the slot position. Now add in incoming move-master Jeremy Gallon, and further add the huge wildcard of maybe someday seeing D. Robinson playing some slot, and the conclusion is that T. Robinson must show he is capable of earning playing time sooner, rather than later.

Without early progress, it is possible T. Robinson gets passed up by all of the above and he may never recover. Sometimes it is a matter of just getting opportunity and T. Robinson had every opportunity to make a move this spring and did not. So clearly for young Mr. Robinson, fall practice is critical.

3) Mooseman: Probably this is another surprising pick for some. But Moose is going to get some serious pressure early on from Barnum. Barnum is now healthy and the kid is just a perfect fit for this offense. He is probably a shoe-in to be the starter at right tackle a year from now.

Moose has done everything right since Coach Rod became the head coach, and he has worked very hard this summer. But, Schilling is a sure starter at left guard, Molk has become a fixture at offensive center and coaches would prefer not to move Schilling to offensive tackle, leaving right guard as the obvious spot. Right now, Moose is the odds on favorite, but he will be pushed.

4) Stonum: We have conversed about D. Stonum’s potential and performance almost daily. He is being presented with a great opportunity for becoming a fixture at split end. But a lack of progression/performance could eventually relegate Stonum to spot or bench duty.

Darryl has to demonstrate good performance in all areas of the wideout game. Darryl must give evidence he has matured. For example, he has to show he is still going to do his job, even during the stretches when he may not be getting the ball thrown to him as much as he might want. Without improvement, we think people might start giving up on him. And with players like Stokes and maybe Roundtree available to play the wideout, it is not like UM has no other choice. And keep in mind the wideout commitments of 2010.

5) T. Forcier: Perhaps we should have put Tate first on the list, simply because he just gives Michigan the best opportunity to win. But we do think the coaches will help with Tate’s “pressure” (a dream come true actually) by simplifying what Tate needs to do. Further, we predict the coaches will let him improvise when he wants, since he seems very adept at this skill. Finally, pressure can be ratcheted down a notch through the use of a long-awaited D. Robinson package.

6) Huyge: We put Huyge on the list, although we do not really think Huyge considers his situation as being under pressure. Omameh is close to being ready and we think it is just a matter of time before he becomes the starter.

Huyge is the type of kid who just wants to contribute any way he can. So right now, Huyge is the starter, but competition will be fun to watch this fall.

As readers may assess, the situations of the above players are different. Pressure is a self-derived human venture. Competition can demonstrate who accelerates or decelerates progress while dealing with the pressure to gain a starting position. And this is what is about to happen just a few days from now.

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Spring Game: Video part 1

Looking back at past spring game videos to see what Michigan fans can expect this fall.

Links of Interest for Michigan -- Part 3 of 3


C Adreian Payne: List down to five UM not one
UM will play 1 versus Illini and Purdue
It used to be
Still going strong

Power Forward

Walter Pitchford: Sin City Phenoms

Out Years

SG Timothy Hardaway: UM Commit – Team favored 2009 AAUs rising senior

SG Carlton Brundidge: Sizzle

PG Ray McCallum: Sooner involvement sons lead 2012 tryouts Team Detroit winning attitude Hoops heat Family ties

SG Trey Zeigler: combination guard showtime Play for dad? 16 points bankhoops

SF Casey Prather: solid states top Memphis interest

SG Spencer Turner: Summer camps top guard

SG Moses Morgan: Rich genes versatile shooting star

PF Justin Gant: ND game attendee

SF Quincy Miller: Super showcase Match-ups

Other sports:

UM Hockey-fest
Rugby Tourney

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Al Glick Field House Pictures: New Football Practice Facility

from Coach Rod's facebook

Links of Interest for Michigan -- Part 2 of 3


Devin Gardner: UM Commit – Compared to TP DG gets elite reviews
Cornelius Jones: UM Commit – Impressive leader


Lache Seastrunk: tight-lipped break away speed
Dietrich Riley: Absent USC in great position UW confidence
Andre' Dawson: Gopher offer
Zach Fogerson: top FB


Trovon Reed: top-gun,0,1542000.story considering LSU still uncommitted and not an LSU sure-thing
Ivan McCartney: slanted hook-up,0,1822491.story Season Ready,0,5903761.story


Jeremy Jackson: UM Commit – Day of stars
Kenny Shaw: No rush,0,3749632.story tested,0,3766712.story names top Super showcase,0,7727591.story
Josh Reese: Hearing from vols
Quinton Dunbar: Favors Gators
Eric Williams: mvp


Damien Robinson: Ton o talent
Sharif Floyd: Gator camp Names two of his official visit sites


Beau Allen: Many offers Gopher attention
Tim Jernigan: Arguably one of the best


Jackson Jeffcoat: Shines
Alfy Hill: Visiting Tuscan
Owamagbe Odighizuwa: Rose from Army combine
Lyden Trail: GATDAR
Dominique Easley: Gator commit rumors
Ronald Powell: Shined at Gainesville Top prospects
Corey Lemonier: Visit at the swamp Illini and LOBO interest
Troy Gloster: Gopher interest


Jeff Luc: Will dominate Down to 4 UM not 1?? Top in the country maybe others (still hope) Silent as a mouse
Christian Jones: Dad played College ball,0,3749632.story Next level player,0,6880003.story
Khairi Fortt: nations elite,0,1542000.story
Matt Zakrzewski: Considering IU
Aramide Olaniyan: skill competition,0,3766712.story


Cullen Christian: Earns five
Nathan Lindsey: Brothers will visit CMU
Ricardo Allen: SC visit
Johnavon Fulton: Gamebirds on top
Joshua Shaw: UW camp?

Keenan Allen: Saban camp
Kurtis Drummond: MSU top
Montrel Robinson:
Tony Grimes:


Will Hagerup: will decide within a month
Mike Sadler: Elite legs

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Mailbag question: Edgy athletes

Hi, continue to love the blog and check it out daily.

I hope that by saying "Michigan is, in our opinion, recruiting a different type of player, athletes who are “edgier” and play with more of a chip on their shoulder." that you are not saying that Michigan is going to turn into a University of Miami of a decade or so ago. I don't think the University or Alumni would tolerate that very well. Aggressive is good, in your face disrespectful is not what being "Leaders and Best" is about.

Bob E.


Thanks for the question and comments.

We are in no way condoning thuggish or outlaw-style football.
The perception for many is that the past Miami program was "thuggish." But to others, this previous Miami style of football is/was similar to the Michigan Basketball "Fab-Five" days, whereby the players took no crap whatsoever and dished out the nasty verbal editorials, no matter if they were winning or not. It just depends on the side of the fence your fan alliance prefers.

To this day, I still have fans telling me how "thuggish", loud-mouthed, and disrespectful to the game the Fab-Five era was. I do not agree with the above claim, because I believe the Fab-Five actually changed not only the perception of Michigan basketball, but college basketball in general. Especially when they came out in the all maize jerseys, black socks, black shoes, and baggy shorts. They changed basketball and even a decade later very young players are quite aware of the Fab-Five.

So now, after the slight detour to the Fab-Five, let us get back to the question you asked. We are talking about the type of football Michigan played under Coaches Bo and Mo: a take no prisoner, physical, hardnosed brand of football. There was a story that we shared recently that Coach Bo related at a coaches’ clinic many years ago. Bo talked about how many Big Ten teams sent a letter to the Big Ten requesting Michigan to stop "beating up" their defensive backs and playing hard to the whistle or afterwards. Bo actually loved it and framed the letter and said this (the physicality) is what I want other teams to worry about. Because that means other teams are spending their time being distracted and not working on things to beat Michigan.

In our opinion, if the team is winning, the fan base/alumni will be far more tolerate than many think. They (the fan base) had no problem with Michigan receivers being in the faces of defensive backs, or C. Woodson being in the face of Ohio State's Boston. And to this day fans actually brag about that memorable game, saying we took no **** from Boston or anybody else.

Michigan's reputation in the 1970's and 1980's was built upon relentless, punishing gang tackling. All fan bases are generally more tolerate to certain behaviors if their team is winning. Keep this in mind: football is a physical game, but it is also a game with spoken and unspoken standards.

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Links of Interest for Michigan -- Part 1 of 3

Departing list:

Jordan Allen: LSU Commit
Eric Mack: SC commit
Detrick Bonner: Hokie
Robby Havenstein: 5 doesn’t include UM
Kyle Prater : Cuts to 6 UM not 1
Chase Hoobler: Akron commit
Kevin Henry: Chippewa
Ishmael Thomas: Hoosier
Ed Christian: FSU commit
Brandon Terry: WF bound
Antonio Goodwin: Aub commit
Holmes Onwukaife: FSU Commit,0,3259678.story
Andre Givens: Pledges Big East

Team and B10 Football News:

Everyone qualified
2010 opener will be a bcs home/home
3 nationally televised to start
Why to care about media days
Live Blog
B10 braces
B10 talk of the town
B10 football tour
Media day on twitter
High schools running the spread
RR receiving good fits
UM has postseason future
Possible 2010 openers
UM Odds
B10 vs B East
GRob will be a UM legend
23 August Fan-day
Droppin names kicker Chris Veron says he had UM interest never heard of him commits USF
2011 RB Calvin Phillips to Minne
Baseball player loves UM
Feagin dismissed
CHOF meeting
UM middle of the pack
Big 9,CST-SPT-herb27.article
Analyzing transfers
Players gaining trust
B10 favorites
UM no where to be found
Media tidbits
Boren spew
January Jinx looms
2011 toppers
Tressel “UM will be fine”
Athlete stipends?
RR at media day
New chemistry
Longer season
B10 champs
Longest run,072809sptbigten.article
5 B10 things to watch,0,3625297.story
RR not Phazed
Matt Millen believes
Earning respect
Close to BCS inking for 2010
RR falls flat?
Cato June Lightning quick
Yet another guy who I have never heard of say had UM Offer commits TT Shawn Corker
UM in Chick-Fill-A kick-off Game conversations
Defending change,0,1600381.story
2009 most improved
JT calls RR his guy
Entitlement vanishes
5 steps to fix UM
Tightening talent gap
Media on tap Day 2
Tied Together
UM Covets next level
Expansion unlikely
BooBoo arrested
Secondary in question
Projected Starters
No extra pressure
Big Frosh expectations
1st OSU experience
Success hinges on QB play

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Al Glick Field House Pictures: New Football Practice Facility

from Coach Rod's facebook

Coaches Corner: Sixteen Points -- Football is the one true team game! -- Part 2

Coaches Corner: Sixteen Points -- Football is the one true team game! -- Part 2

8) Defensive tackles/defensive linemen: Will Michigan’s defensive line get the penetration necessary to help the linebackers fill and stop all those annoying cutbacks? Also, will the defensive linemen get their hands up when penetrating to help close the passing lanes, so that defensive backs have a chance to stop the slants, hooks, and outs that have killed Michigan in the last few years!

9) Special teams: Will Michigan's return teams hold onto the ball and then get Michigan some positive yards and short fields? And will UM cover well and give the defense the great field position needed to make opponents drive the entire field? In our opinion, special teams play will be the number one factor for Michigan 's improvement this season. This team will find it very difficult to overcome consistent poor field position on both sides of the ball.

10) Defense: Will the defense stop the opposing offense on third down, allowing the offense to get the ball back in better field position? There are not many offenses that can be expected to consistently drive a “long” field. The offense needs to get some help.

11) Will this defense finally create some turnovers? As annoying as Michigan 's turnovers last year were, the defense’s inability to create turnovers was equally harmful. Turnovers are such momentum builders and game changers. The turnover margin must improve if Michigan is going to get to that 8-4 or better mark this season.

12) As already discussed, Michigan’s defense needs cornerbacks that can close down cushions. This will only happen if the safeties can cover the entire field and take away the deep passes, if the cornerbacks get beat. Cornerbacks are vulnerable to quarterback’s going over the top in press and jam coverage. It is quite an advantage if the safeties are skilled enough to provide a safety net when/if this happens.

13) Michigan’s 2008 offense was terrible at generating big plays. Much blame fell on the Michigan quarterbacks. They certainly did not help the cause. But neither did Michigan’s split ends (poor blocking). There were multiple times running backs and slot receivers had shots at breaking long gains, only to get tackled by a safety in pursuit.

14) Special teams, overall, were another huge negative last season. Besides mediocre to poor coverage and returns, Michigan missed way too many short field goals and extra points. Nothing drags down a team more than missed short field goals (see Toledo) or extra points after a long drive. Will the special teams correct this deficiency and give the TEAM a huge boost?

15) The staff is part of the team. They must use personnel in the best manner possible, which sounds easy but sometimes is not. Two of the most talented athletes on the current team are tight ends: K. Koger and M. Webb. If these fine athletes are used properly, they can help provide valuable space for the running game. It is absolutely imperative that the coaches find a way to include these two in the offense more.

16) Michigan 's split ends became very frustrated last season, making a bad passing game even worse. The inability of the quarterbacks to get them the ball took a huge toll. This downturn showed in every aspect of split end play. Will T. Forcier, or whoever is the quarterback this season, be effective in spreading the ball around and getting everyone involved? If so, look for a brand of football that will be much more exciting and productive. Even to the casual observer.

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Fitzgerald Toussaint: Video

Looking back at past videos to see what Michigan fans can expect this fall at players coming in from the 2009 recruiting class.

Players talk at Big Ten Media Day

Al Glick Field House Pictures: New Football Practice Facility

from Coach Rod's facebook

BTN: Coach Rod Interview at Big Ten Media Day

Coaches Corner: Sixteen Points -- Football is the one true team game! -- Part 1

Coaches Corner: Football is the one true team game!

That is the quote Coach Rod used at the spring football clinic. CoachBt always tells his kids that football is the ultimate team game. From any viewpoint, or actual endeavor, football is all about team.

With the above assumption in mind, this discussion examines how certain still to be answered question marks might affect the overall achievement of the 2009 University of Michigan Football TEAM.

1) B. Graham has a shot at being one the best pass rushers in Michigan history. He is that talented. For Graham to wreak havoc, someone else, anyone else, has to step up and provide a meaningful threat. It can be another defensive linemen, a linebacker, like Mouton, otherwise even a blitzing safety or nickel-back. If opponents only have to account in game planning (protection schemes) for B. Graham, he, in our opinion, will be lucky to hit double digits in sacks this year. If this lack of a second high quality pass rusher materializes, Michigan, again in our opinion, will be in big trouble.

2) The offensive line must be a primary strength, if the 2009 team is going to reach the 8-4 mark many are predicting. Of all the line spots, the biggest question mark remains right tackle. NO line spot can be an obvious, consistent, liability. Huyge is likely the most improved lineman (compared to last year). Omameh is the most physically talented offensive linemen, but both lack substantial college game experience.

Michigan cannot again become a pure left-handed team, as such a deficiency would result in teams more easily defending the Michigan offense. Think back to 2007 when Michigan was incompetent running right. Even with the all-American monster Jake Long at left tackle, teams could stunt and overload the left side, greatly restricting the offense. This team needs to be balanced, not only in pass/run ratio but also running both right and left.

3) Offensive back help: B. Minor also has a shot at having a great senior year. His improvement physically under Coach Barwis’ tutoring has been nothing short of amazing. But as we all know, no running back will be worth a crap if the big boys upfront do not do their job.

4 Offense: This is probably going to be the quickest Michigan defense since 1997. It is also going to be one of the smallest in recent memory. This liability may be minimized if the offense can help the defense stay off the field. Michigan cannot have as many offensive three and outs as last season. Michigan cannot have all those annoying turnovers again. The offense has to protect this defense, if for no other reason than to keep it healthy. Tired, overworked players are much more likely to be injured!

5.) For B. Minor to have a special year, Michigan must demonstrate a vertical passing game/threat. This entails more than just talented split ends and slot receivers. The responsibility is on the offensive line to provide the protection needed. Responsibility also falls on T. Forcier to hit open receivers. B. Minor and other running backs must help in the need to protect a young quarterback. All these facets must come together for Michigan to back those D*MN safeties off the line of scrimmage.

6) Defensive Backs: If Michigan is going to generate a meaningful pass rush, defensive backs must close down the very large cushions given last year. No longer can the d-backs let opponents just play catch against air. No defensive linemen can be expected to get to the quarterback if the passer releases in less than two seconds. Defensive backs have to make quarterbacks hold onto the pass a bit longer.

7) Linebackers: Michigan’s safeties have not played well for several years. But better safety play is linked to linebacker performance. Michigan’s linebackers have not been very good at rerouting inside receivers, or filling, and have let running backs have tons of room to cutback and make safeties look silly. The back seven/eight (linebacker’s and defensive backs) must work as a coordinated, effective unit.

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Mailbag question: Feagin released from the team

I just read that Justin Feagin was released from the team. Do you know why? And now that he is gone did you truly believe he would have seen playing time?

Evan V.


Thanks for the question.

At this point, all we are hearing is that J. Feagin was dismissed for violations of team rules. That is the generic party line response whenever a player is dismissed, at most universities, when the coaches or school does not want to release the specific cause. Really, we do not want to get into what might have happened (speculation), as many will, or use code to tell people without actually saying.

J. Feagin was a valuable member to the team because of his versatility. He could play slot receiver, quarterback, and help on special teams.

Without numerous injuries, we do not believe J. Feagin would have been a starter, this year or in the future. Largely, this is due to the players that are at Michigan now or will be next year.

T. Forcier had early admission to Michigan and J. Feagin, if we remember correctly, reportedly had mono. So, Justin lost a great chance to show what ability he had early on this spring. Because of the spring qb depth situation, Justin would have taken snaps, along with playing the slot receiver position.

When T. Forcier played well this spring that hastened a likely decision by the coaches to permanently move J. Feagin to slot receiver. Include within this scenario that Michigan now has D. Robinson on campus and also has a commitment from D. Gardner. Therefore, depth at quarterback is not a current primary program issue in our opinion. Yes, coaches would like at least four quarterbacks who can run your system and be prepared if needed. Next year might be the year for this wish to become a reality.

At slot receiver, Michigan has M. Odoms, R. Roundtree, and T. Robinson, who all have more experience than J. Feagin. Then, you have talented players coming in like J. Gallon and J. Stokes, who we believe will see playing time at slot receiver this year. The coaches, we have heard, in an effort to get J. Stokes on the field, will try him at both slot receiver and split end. So, Justin was behind others at two positions.

We wish Justin well. Remember, we have been saying for quite awhile this might happen, and recently stated that we believed this could / would happen.

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Al Glick Field House Pictures: New Football Practice Facility

from Coach Rod's facebook

Mailbag question: I have a recruiting question for you guys.

Mailbag question: I have a recruiting question for you guys.


I have a recruiting question for you guys.

Why does it seem like we are battling Michigan State for kids more than programs such as Ohio State and Notre Dame in the Midwest?

Is it the type of player or the different schemes that Michigan is using now?

Seems to me at least, we are battling the Michigan State 's, West Virginia 's, and even Indiana and not only battling, but also losing kids to these programs.

Maybe this seems a little selfish and myself being a Michigan fan, but I liked when we battled the Ohio State, Texas, Notre Dame, USC type of teams for kids. At least if we lost to them it would make sense, but right now losing kids to Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia and yes even Michigan State does not (at least to me).

One last question it seems like we offered a lot of kids, but do not seem like the "hot team" for kids. Is this because of the record last year or the coaches falling behind? Not trying to get on the coaches at all, but it seems like we have lost a lot of momentum from earlier in the recruiting year.


Q - 96.1


Thanks for the question. Good question by the way.

First off, the team coming off a 3-9 season has made some of the top, elite level kids a bit hesitant to early on commit to Michigan. But again, in some cases recruits actually like that they are going to an "elite team" that has struggled, because this might mean a greater chance of playing early. Coaches in Michigan’s situation are selling the very realistic point of "you could be the player, the class that helps bring Michigan football back".

We understand your concern, as well, that Michigan is not battling the area big-time programs for some premier players right now. But hopefully that will change very soon. We are concerned with the lack of top talent recruits interested in Michigan as well and have heard some individuals say that they have had infrequent communication from Michigan lately.

As a result of the above factors and others not discussed, right now a program like Michigan State has the momentum against Michigan, since Michigan State won last year and seems to be concentrating more in-state for recruiting. Much of this scenario can be changed by simply beating Michigan State this year and changing the perception of the Michigan program not only in-state, but nationally as well.

Secondly, Michigan is implementing the third different defensive scheme in three years, with their third different defensive coordinator. Recruits want to see how they fit in, or where they will play in a scheme. And also, they want to know that the defensive coordinator that they are going to be playing for four to five years will be there. Or at least the scheme will be there, so the potential player will be comfortable in the same defensive scheme.

Third, Michigan is playing a different scheme on offense than Notre Dame and Ohio State, hence a somewhat different skill set for several positions, compared to Notre Dame and Ohio States’ pro style offenses. We understand the worry and puzzlement of not engaging in some of these traditional/historical recruiting match-ups. After all, usually the Wolverines play Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan State annually. And barring a very unforeseen future change Michigan will play these teams for decades to come. In short, winning will make the recruiting battles easier.

Fourth, Michigan uses a somewhat different recruiting philosophy, especially on defense. Coach Rod is looking for very good athletes, who can run and demonstrate a defensive mentality. The Michigan coaches are less worried about positions, believing that through excellent strength and conditioning and coaching them up, the positions will take care of themselves.

In summary, the easiest and most effective remedy is for Michigan to win games, get some of the negative comments behind them, and start to reel in the elite talent. If that happens, along with what Coach Barwis can do, then Michigan’s program will become elite again. Coach Barwis told us several times that if he has his choice he will take the elite talent every time, because the ceiling of elite recruits is higher than that of lower rated recruits.

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