Monday, January 28, 2008

Coaches Corner: A look at Quarterback recruits for Michigan

Quarterback’s Michigan is looking at for this 2008 recruits:

Terrell Pryor

He is a phenomenal athlete. Who is big, strong, physical runner with lots of speed, but is also a smooth fluid athlete. Already run spread option and runs it well. He has a very strong arm with nice tight spiral. Stands tall in the pocket and sees entire field. Very good ball handler, and mobile in the pocket.

Needs work:
Vacates pocket a touch early at times and brings ball down earlier than I like. Bounces the QB read option at times instead of honoring hole and blocks. Also rounds option instead of attacking DE. And he does not like giving ball up on the option. Needs to force ball up, he has habit of delivering ball from his shoulder instead of the ear.

Justin Feagin:

Already runs spread option well. Reads and sets up blocks well. He runs well between the tackles and to the outside. Excellent option quarterback rides the fake and even options at second level when defensive ends bites on dive back. Also maintains phase with pitch back 15 yards down field. Very quick, breaks contain with easy on roll and boot. Gets back shoulder around on perimeter most of the time. However, could be touch more consistent with this.

Needs Work:
Has ok but not great arm. Even though team runs spread option, they do not read the DE, electing to block him and read the block. He does not like to give the ball up on the option. Tends to throw with arm only, does not move his feet when passing all the time.

BJ Daniels:

Superior ball handler hides ball on hip well. Throws nice tight spiral and has plus arm. Very fundamentally sound, nice tight spiral, move feet well in pocket, and demonstrates nice touch on short passes. Good quick feet in the pocket and when running option. Reads the option well and has nice easy to handle pitch. He gets his shoulders and feet around on boot and roll. Even when scrambling keeps his eyes open and head, not being over anxious to run.

Needs Work:
Needs to ride his fakes a touch better, especially in play action. He tends to bail on those fakes a touch early. Also rounds his option course. Needs to get downhill immediately and attack the defensive end. Also tends to look deep every time he vacates pocket or throws the ball. He throws deep even if deep receiver is not completely open.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not a good weekend for Michigan big three sports this weekend

Michigan Hockey
First off Friday night Michigan hockey lost to Michigan State 1-0 and from Chad Kolarik believed it was a embarrassing loss especially in front of their home fans knowing this was the only time they would face them at Yost Ice Arena. Michigan State really controlled the game for most of the night especially after they scored the only goal.

On Saturday night, it was more of the same, but seemed like the power play was the obvious big factor in Saturday’s game and Michigan State controlled most of the game. Michigan went into overtime on Saturday night was actually a gift from a Michigan State guy that tried to knock the puck away from the goal, but instead put it into the goal. Late in the game Michigan is winless the last four trips to Munn Ice Arena (0-2-2). The overall record with Michigan State is 127-117-18 in Michigan’s favor.

The Wolverines will take on the Northern Michigan Wildcats in a weekend series Feb. 1-2 at Yost Ice Arena. Both games slated to start at 7:35 p.m.

Michigan Men’s Basketball:
On Sunday, early afternoon Michigan men’s basketball team took on the Michigan State at Breslin Center. Michigan seems to keep having these long stretches of not scoring and the crowd seemed to bother several of the Michigan players. The young wolverines tried to fight back several times, but never really got close enough to compete against the Spartans. Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims both seemed to struggle and for this team to get wins and compete against other Big Ten teams they will need to improve and be the leaders of this team fair or not.

The Wolverines will return to Crisler Arena to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its home gym Thursday (Jan. 31) against Minnesota. The Maize and Blue will welcome back Cazzie Russell, Rudy Tomjanovich and members of the 1967-68 squad for a pre-game and halftime celebration. Tip-off against the Gophers scheduled for 7 p.m. and the game will be on the Big Ten Network.

Michigan Women’s Basketball:
Well Michigan came out and played good basketball the first half and had control leading into halftime, but seemed to lose that early in the second half with Iowa taking control and lead the rest of the game. Michigan kept fighting and kept in reach with the Hawkeye’s while getting it close, but Iowa held on for the 66-61 win and improved their record to 13-7 (6-3 Big Ten) while Michigan is 12-7 (5-4) Big Ten.

The Wolverines will stay on the road to face intra-state rival Michigan State on Thursday (Jan. 31) in East Lansing, Michigan. The game scheduled for a 7 p.m. start in the Breslin Center.

written by ErocWolverine

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Poll Results: What is most important this recruiting season

What is most important this recruiting season?

Getting LB's..........0......(0%)

Getting O-Line.....2.......(5%)

Getting Safety's....1.......(2%)

Getting Pryor......37......(92%)

Getting WR's........0.......(0%)

Votes so far: 40

Poll closed

written by ErocWolverine

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coaches Corner: Got an e-mail question about what different offense we might see with different QB's

Coach and Eroc,

Love the stuff you guys are putting up on the blog!

Got a question regarding Coach Rod's offense and what will the differences between an offense ran by Threet and what a offense ran by a guy like Pryor if he would happen to come to Michigan.

I know that is getting ahead of ourselves, but just wondering how differently the play calling might be along with what we might see this fall.




In my opinion it would be a huge difference between Threet and Pryor in Coach Rod’s offense.

In the case of Threet or Cone you would definitely see multiple wide receiver sets, but you would probably see an offense that looks much more like Texas Tech or Purdue. It would still be quarterback based or centered; the quarterback would be a threat as thrower more than runner. The running game and play action packages would be biggest difference in my opinion.

You would not get any or at least many schemes where quarterback needs to break contain to be effective. Most you would probably see is what some call zip or zap pocket. That is where quarterback sets up behind offensive tackle.

Option and most of outside series Coach Rod uses would also not be focus of offense. I would fully expect Michigan to use something like a two-thirds pass to one-third run ratio.

With Pryor or other running threat quarterback you are more than likely to see the quarterback read as primary focus. You do not hire a staff like Coach Magee, Coach Smith, and Coach Dews unless you are intending to make their specialty primary focus of the offense.

You are going to see the quarterback used as both a running and passing threat. The quarterback draw, read option, and even freeze or base option will all be used. Quarterback will roll and even sprint out trying to break contain and stress a defense on the perimeter. In this version most of the passing game would come off the running game. Slots would be used as both receivers and running backs here. I would expect to see two-thirds run and one-third pass ratio with a running quarterback like Pryor.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Michigan Basketball: Michigan at Wisconsin

Well Michigan basketball came up a bit short at #11 Wisconsin Badgers tuesday night at the Kohl Center.

This was the type of basketball that we have all wanted to see this year. Still have a lot of improving ot do, but we are seeing a different team then we did earlier. The one thing we also saw was that the team played forty minutes of basketball last night compared to about thirty most nights. We have seen lulls during the games where the basketball team goes through eight to ten minutes of bad basketball and very little scoring. Last night Michigan out rebounded Wisconsin thirty-five to twenty-four. Which that helped limit second chances for the Badgers.

Manny Harris came out and shined against the Badgers and shown what he can do, but he still needs to learn to be under control going ot the basket. One thing I saw last night is that he was actually taking the ball to the hoop which this teams needs. DeShawn Sims needs to do the same thing because most times he is more athletic than the guy guarding him. Would really like to see DeShawn be more aggressive with the ball and drive ot the hoop. Jevohn Sheperd really seems to be gaining confidence while getting more playing time along with he is another guy that is trying to take the ball to the hoop and be another playmaker.

One thing it also shows is that Michigan needs to get shooters in here and also a point guard that can take control of the ball and drive to the hoop while dishing up the ball outside to the open guy. Michigan is playing nine deep and honestly it shouldn't even be that deep with the talent Michigan has on this current team, but they have to add depth along with giving guys a breather. The guys they got coming in (Cronin and Douglas) along with LLP will only help next years team with only losing Ronnie Coleman. Hopefully they can bring another guy in the 2008 class as well.

Even though Michigan lost to the Badgers they can build on this and keep improving this year and get some wins along the way. We as fans caught a glimpse of the possible future for the hoops program we just need more guys and also a little time to mold these guys and adapt them to Coach Beilein's system.

written by ErocWolverine

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Top 10 Michigan High Schools the University of Michigan needs to get in with football

The University of Michigan needs to stay on top in the state of Michigan with the football powerhouses. Turn that state upside down trying to find kids and don't let Michigan State a chance to get on kids and make it a fight for every single kid you want. So I asked two experts that know the high school scene in Michigan for their take on the schools. Both agree that Michigan doesn't really have a top 10 for University of Michigan type talent put a list together of the top 10 schools with the most talent throughout the past years. Yes there are a lot of other kids that come from different programs, but these are the programs usually year in and year out have the best talent.

Allen Trieu list:
Detroit King
Detroit Cass Tech
Birmingham Brother Rice
Orchard Lake St. Mary's
Farmington Hills Harrison
Detroit Renaissance
Detroit Crockett
Just outside the top 10 are Country Day and Grand Rapids Catholic Central have been good too.

JamesS list:
Orchard Lake St. Mary's
Birmigham Brother Rice
Farmington Hills Harrison
Detroit Cass Tech
Detroit Crockett
Detroit Renaissance
Detroit King
East Grand Rapids
Detroit Country Day

written by Allen Trieu, JamesS and ErocWolverine

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Michigan Basketball: Iowa at Michigan recap with season thoughts:

Game thoughts along with season thoughts so far:

Well Michigan basketball took another one on the chin Saturday night. Iowa hit the free throws down the strecth even though they are only a 67% free throw team this year. I believe they hit eight out of eleven down the stretch to seal the deal on Michigan's fighting to get back in the game. Great crowd and some excitement in the building tonight along with of course the football recruits which might have helped the situation. The one problem I keep seeing is the same problem every game. Every game Michigan goes seven to eight minutes without scoring or a stretch where the other team gets a big lead and Michigan always has to struggle to fight back, but end up short at the end of the night.

One thing I see differently with this team is they keep fighting even when they are down. They could have easily gave up when they were down sixteen point to Iowa late in the second half, but didn't and continued to fight. They are aggressive, show heart and try to win. They just aren't very good or talented right now along with not being very deep on the bench. This is a young team that is probably getting down on themselves right now and need a lot of support to get things turned around.

I never understood why so many people were so high on this upcoming season. Lost four starters and almost all the points scored and a lot of the minutes played. Michigan is counting on a true freshman (Manny Harris) to be the man every single game along with DeShawn who in his own right is basically a freshman as well with not getting much playing time last year and the problems he had to deal with off the court. Really only have Epke Udoh that really had minutes last year. Playing with a new ball club and nobody knew how things would work out along with some other players leaving the team during this year hasn't helped especially for depth issues and also in practice. They showed a stat tonight that 46% of the scoring comes from DeShawn and Manny.

One thing people (IMO) are getting mistaken about this offense is that Coach Beilein can't go out there and hit the shots, grab the ball, pass the ball rebound the ball, etc... I think the team is still learning the offense and frankly some aren't playing as much because they don't know it as well. They are missing guys cutting to the basket, they are missing wide open shoots that aren't even being contested. I have seen guys dribble to the basket and kick the ball out to guys from 17-20 feet and don't even come close to hitting the shot. I think the guys need to take better shots and look for easier shots especially when they are struggling shooting the ball. The players aren't getting to the line either tonights game they only went to the free throw line eight times compared to Iowa's twenty-four times which a lot of them came with less than five minutes to go in the game.

Defensively I like seeing this team switch it up and play the 1-3-1 zone, but they need to be more disciplined and not over extend and giving up easy buckets. I love the pressure that they put on when in the zone and truthfully they look more like an attacking defense when they are in zone than in man to man. Also against Iowa they pressed and really saw some things there that I really like and would like to see more of it, but that might limit them some what because of the depth issues right now.

One thing I would like to point out is a lot of this goes back to confidence and I believe if this team didn't have the ninth toughest schedule in the country out of 341 teams in division 1 basketball things would be a little differently as well. A young team, new coach, new system and basically all new players you don't give them that kind of schedule. You give them a schedule like Georgetown #121, Penn State #134, Purdue #142, Minnesota #147, Washington State #170 has which wouldn't get them into the tournament unless they won a lot of games, but it would have gotten this program off the launching pad and got them some early wins which would have gave this young ball club confidence while learning the new system. Also what this would have done would have brought excitement to the basketball program with some wins and brought the fans to the games along with getting recruits interested in the program which has struggled in the past. An easier schedule would have gotten this team wins (like the schedule they had last year with a veteran ball club) and would have been something to build on and possible get into the NIT this year and make a run in that tournament and built some excitement around the basketball program with everybody back except for Ron Coleman.

The recruits right now have to look at Michigan in two ways that it will take sometime to get this turned around and do I want to be part of that or do I see playing time right now with a lot of minutes and could be the big man on campus by going there. Hard to sell a program when this program has been struggling for ten years and trying to tell kids we will turn this around. Right now the Michigan coaching staff really has to be great salesman to get kids to look at Michigan and try and tell them things will change. The 2009 class is going to be the class to either change this around or will be the class that will keep Michigan struggling.

Regarding the 2009 class I am hearing it is going a lot better than people think. Just because you don't hear a lot of names going around doesn't mean that some very good basketball players aren't looking at Michigan. Will they come to Michigan? Who knows at this stage of the game, but at least they are looking right now. Also from what I am hearing the guys coming in the 2008 class will surprise people and will help this team next year. Just remember these guys getting the ball when a Manny or Grady are driving the ball to the hoop and kick the ball out to them they will hit those shots unlike we are doing right now. Another point LLP will help out big time as well next year and seems to be really hitting it hard now.

Keep your heads up "hoop-heads" and continue to support this team.

written by ErocWolverine

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Friday, January 18, 2008

All fans supporting Hockey and Basketball games this weekend

Yes you have heard about the message that the University sent out to the students maize rage group, but (IMO) they had to do this from the Big Ten office and shouldn't make your mind up for you.

In fact just be smarter about such things such as making signs up and showing them to the kids when they arrive or the students start chanting kids names. Also don't be mad if event staff comes and takes them away from you. As a rule clarification, however, the University or Big Ten cannot prevent individuals from making signs, chants, etc. that they want to bring for the game. So come support Michigan! If they have 500 plus signs that will be tough for the event staff to even mess around with especially if people wait till the recruits come in or when the students get the players to see and hear their chants.

Another thing remember PRYOR is very important, but so is all the kids and especially MARTIN right now. So make sure to give "love" to all the recruits. Also Elliott Mealer might be in the house as well and he needs the support more than anybody at this time.

It would be great if the recruits could go to both the hockey game (friday night) and also the basketball game (Saturday night) not sure if that is planned though because I am sure most will be at the basketball game for sure. Hopefully some come in early enough to where they can make it over to Yost Ice Arena and get a feel for the Michigan crowd. As always be loud and proud .... don't worry about the other people show your spirit.

I know some people think it isn't a good idea ... BUT .... Well certain sites are never wrong are they .... LOL .... That is one guys thoughts ... not all ... Also that poster (staffer) thinks that Pitt was a real threat .... LOL .... and that he was turned off from the crowd .... LOL .... he was never going to Pitt, Oregon or LSU (remember Bob L. said) a few weeks ago PSU was still in it .... LOL .... I guess when he was at osu they basically had a little parade that they walked Pryor down with the crowd on both sides the street as the recruits were going to events.

So I highly doubt that turned him off from osu since he has a lot of buddies going there and have met a lot of the recruits and have been hanging out with them.It will come down to osu and Michigan .... Before Coach Rod came to Michigan it was going ot come down to osu or wv .... now that Coach Rod is here can Michigan make up that much ground in a short period of time just with a new coach? We will see.

This message below is from the Maize Rage group who hasn't seen it yet:Hey everyone, just received this email from the Hoops program.
As you know, the UM student body is aware that Terrelle Pryor will be visiting this weekend and it is likely that they will show their enthusiasm for him at the MBB game on Saturday. At least that is what is being said on the radio. Although there is not much we can do to
control chants, we are obligated by NCAA rules to take action in cases where there are signs with a prospect's name or image on the sign. Thus, the event staff should be ready to take away any improper signs. Below is the related interp from the NCAA. Let me know if you have
questions or concerns.

Students displaying signs about a prospective student-athlete during a member
Interpretation: Reviewed NCAA Bylaws (miscellaneous promotions), 13.11. (prospect's visit) and 88/12/21 staff minutes, Item No. 1-(h), in regard to a situation in which students display a sign about a recruit during a member institution's home game when the recruit is in attendance; confirmed that it would not be permissible for a sign bearing the prospective student-athlete's name to be displayed if the athletics department arranged the activity; further, when a member institution becomes aware that such an activity has occurred, the
institution would be required to take affirmative steps to stop such an activity.

Show your support for TP, but don't get pissed if they take your signs away!

written by ErocWolverine

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Poll Results: What would you consider a good season in 2008

11 wins or more ..................... 12 votes ..... (15%)

10-3 ........................................ 17 votes ..... (22%)

9-4 .......................................... 16 votes ..... (21%)

8-5 ............................................ 5 votes ..... (6%)

7-6 ............................................ 6 votes ..... (7%)

Just beat Ohio State ............. 20 votes ..... (26%)

Votes so far: 76
Poll closed

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 10 Ohio High Schools Michigan needs to get back in with for football talent

The University of Michigan needs to get back in good graces with the state of Ohio and the football powerhouses. Not just football squads that have sent kids there or kids that came to camp, but get back in Ohio hard. Turn that state upside down trying to find kids and also compete with Ohio State once again instead of letting them own the state and make it a fight again.

CoachBt put a list together of the top 10 schools with the most talent throughout the past years. Yes there are a lot of other kids that come from different programs, but these are the programs usually year in and year are have the best talent.

1.) Canton McKinley: Too many top kids to name. Year in and out, top talent.

2.) Glenville: Ted Ginn II, Troy Smith, and 4 current OSU players with more coming.

3.) Dublin Coffman: 2 current OSU players and two more coming in.

4.) Warren Harding: Names like Prescott Burgess and Maurice Clarett, among others.

5.) Youngstown Cardinal Mooney: 4 or 5 major college players this year, with 3 or so ready for next year.

6.) Madison Trotwood: New one, has multiple prospects this year, and more coming next year.

7.) Cincinnati Colerain: 3 current OSU players, and two who just left Michigan.

8.) Washington Massillon: Shawn Crable, Chris Speilman, way too many kids to list.

9.) Lakewood St. Ed's: OSU OT Alex Boone, and 2 other OSU players, always top propgram.

10.) Cleveland St Ignatis: Massey Brothers as of late. Not what it once was. Still produces good people.

Several other programs were very close. Almost to hard to narrow down the list to just 10 in the state of Ohio with so many great football programs.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan Football Tidbits: A closer look at Steven Threet and also what happens if Pryor comes or doesn't come to Michigan?

Steven Threet is going into spring football as the leading candidate for the quarterback job on the current roster right now. We have no idea right now what is going to happen in recruiting and who Michigan might land for that position, but talking with a couple of people I have talked with regarding Threet they have given me their impressions on him positively and also his negatives. Two separate comments and both seem to almost be the same.

What are the positives on Threet right now?
Good size and arm strength. Good ball handler who rides his fakes well, hides the ball with easy, and delivers the ball out of fakes. Stands tall in the pocket and sees entire field. Throws ball with nice touch that is very easy to catch. Shows some pocket presence and moves "OK" in pocket. Steps up nicely in the pocket and shows nice throws on short passing game. Did run some QB read and option off of it. Reads it well and showed nice pitch on the option.

He doesn't seem to have bad feet as far as in the pocket type of feet. He does okay feet wise inside the pocket. He throws well, much better job throwing the ball inside, slants, deep posts. Seems to have decent touch on the little passes to running backs. Kids seem to really like him since he's was stuck behind Mallet and only really looked to be a sub while Mallett would have been here.

What are the negatives or things he needs to work on?
He needs to do with more consistency. Stronger runner, who is never going to be world class sprinter. He needs improvement on boots and roll outs needs to get his front shoulder around and feet parallel to line of scrimmage. This leads him to throw boots behind the receivers. Like to see his elbow and back shoulder a tad higher. Also needs to be more consistent stepping into passes and using his nice crow step. Sometimes delivers ball flat-footed. Needs to improve his foot quickness and agility.

He is a quiet kid. Running wise I would considered him slow. When he gets outside the pocket he struggles. Kind of Navarre like when it comes to that. He has a tendency to stand up he looks stiff stands erect no bending knees type of quarterback. Robotic in his movements no great confidence throwing deep out running post. He has a tendency to always look at the primary receiver and at times force it to the primary receiver instead of checking off, but that might be a confidence thing. He felt like here is the play and this is where he was suppose to throw it instead of looking around. As the year went on he seemed to get better and better with the scout team. Running post like Michigan has been known to run in past.

So what if Pryor doesn't come to Michigan how will Threet do as the QB at Michigan?
Next year we will rely on the defense, defense and defense along with special teams. Defense getting turnovers and scoring by use of the running game. Michigan doesn't want to get behind in any game next year, but that would be the same with any first year quarterback. There is a misconception on this offense it has the capabilities of scoring quickly. It isn't a two minute offense, but look at all the big plays West Virginia had running the ball last year.

What happens if Pryor comes to Michigan?
If Pryor comes all things change. Pryor is ready to play right now maybe not passing wise, but that kid has some unbelievable football sense as far as when he has the football in his hands. He will be the starting QB if he comes to Michigan. Next year is going to be the year that we rely on defense and special teams. Sky is the limit for the defense. It will be hard for other teams to play against us. Got to like the new DC when he says he wants his defense to play fast, defense getting turnovers and also scoring. Think we will rely on the use of our running game. Michigan does not want to get behind. Same as any first year quarterback. Offense capable of scoring quickly look at all the big plays WV running game this year, we're not going have this personnel.

How will the Wide Receivers be at Michigan with Threet or Pryor?
Our WR's will not be asked to do like in the old system. More of an offense with quick passing and WR's screens. WR's group Clemons and Hemingway they both came on at the end of the year. Its not going be the same. Butler if he makes if through the S&C he will be unstoppable. Webb could play WR if makes if through S&C as well. This S&C is a new ball game and will be interesting to see how the players react to it after the "honeymoon" wears off.

written by ErocWolverine

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coaches Corner: What we might see in this Michigan defense

I want to start by quoting Coach Shafer, "scheme is overrated". All schemes can work if you tackle and keep the ball inside and in front. There are no secret or miracle defenses. All defenses depend on being fundamentally and positionally strong. No amount of X's and O's will take the place of performing the basic fundamentals of the game well. What I will do is use 4-3 as base and describe how to switch into 3-3-5 without making defense too complicated.

The key to being able to switch fronts is being sound in base defense. That includes fundamentals, concepts and terminology. Terminology being consistent throughout schemes and packages is must. If try to do too much in your base, or mix terminology in your schemes your players will end being confused or unsure. Players who are not confident about what to do are generally out of position, hesitant, or not aggressive enough.

If in your base 4-3 you use terminology NT for one player and DT for other, you make it simple it change fronts. your NT basically only has to move over 1 gap and use same rules and techniques. His rules in both are, command a double team, do not let center block any one else, and do not get reached by the OG. So nothing changes for him.

In 3-3 many teams use MLber in place of DT, so you can actually use same stunts and calls. This allows you to give opposing offensive linemen a different look that can confuse them and keep them from getting comfortable in their assignments and blocking schemes. Michigan did this very effectively with Shawn Crable taking place of DT in their version of 3-3 last year. Crable would move to MLber in package and Ezeh would slide to SLber. DE's are really simple.

Generally in 4-3 one DE plays the strongside, TE side and other goes away from TE, strength of formation. SDE will usually line up in a 8 tech, head up on TE, but can slide into either inside or outside shade, 7 or 9 tech. But in many formations without TE's he will play a 5-tech. RDE, player away from strength, TE, will play 5 tech head up to outside shade on OT.

In 3-3 both DE's will play 5 techs, something they used to playing. This again allows defense to use same terminology, stunts, angles and packages. This helps keep DE's from getting confused. Lber play is equally simple. Have gone over some of what MLber does. but you can also blitz either WLber or Slber also. If you do that MLber has same basic responsibility as in base. He fills to Strength of formation, TE side, and scraps to quick side/ away from TE. If opponent lines up with TE, you have many ways to adjust. SLber who by rule stay with TE can simply cover the TE on line of scrimmage or play as in 4-3 base and cover him off the line of scrimmage. His rules can stay consistent. If TE blocks down fill, if he arcs to either hook or get into pass route, jam with inside shoulder maintaining outside leverage. If he is in blitz package one of Safeties either bandit or spur will be responsible for doing same fundamental job on TE.

Biggest advantage to playing nickle, 3-3 is keeps you from having to move WLber out and play in space against slot receiver. If team comes up in multiple WR set away from TE, the extra SS will play over the slot. This allows WLber to stay inside and be a in box player. Making it more difficult for offense to exploit that favorable match up. So as you can see if you are sound in your base, playing multiple fronts is simple.

What described is just base package out of both 4-3- and 3-3, there are more stunts and packages than you can imagine. This is just an overview of the bases looks of both. And as long as your base is sound you can just as easily switch into 3-4.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Michigan Women's Basketball: Michigan beats MSU 64-55 in front of 5,596 fans a record crowd at Crisler

Michigan Women's Basketball program beat MSU 64-55 yesterday in front of a record crownd of 5,596 fans in Crisler Arena.

The Michigan program last year only won ten games and they have already have ten wins now with a tougher non-conference schedule this year. Michigan is now 10-5, 3-2 Big Ten. Michigan's win broke a six-year, nine-game losing streak to the Spartans on Sunday which in front of a huge crowd will only bring in more excitement and attract more kids. Beating MSU not only helps with confidence, but will help in recruiting the state of Michigan with high school girls looking at either MSU or Michigan.

Michigan shot 80% from the foul line, 40% FG percentage while shooting 41% from the three point line and beyond. Maybe we can suit up some of those three point shooters for the Men's team since we seem to be struggling shooting the three pointer.

This year Michigan Women's Basketball program has some good wins against some named programs such as USC, Kentucky and now MSU. Coach Kevin Borseth and his staff have brought a new approach and also a winning attitude which this program has needed for several years. Hopefully starting off really well will give this team some confidence to compete in the Big Ten and see what happens when the tournament might be calling this year. The Big Ten will be tough this year, but the ladies have shown they are ready to compete and as long as they can keep hitting from the outside they can compete with just about anybody on any given night.

written by ErocWolverine

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Christian Wilson Interview at the ESPN All-American game:

With help from Dustin Myers at they were able to get a player interview with Christian Wilson at the ESPN/Under Armour All-American Game.

After watching Christian at practice all week, I was excited to get the opportunity to interview him after the All-American game. I asked him how last week went for him and he said “It has been a good experience, I’ve met a lot of players down here, and it has been good.” Last week in Orlando, Florida of all places, it reached record lows into the 20’s. I asked Wilson what he thought about the cold weather and he said “The cold weather doesn’t bother me; I’m used to it by now. This weather was actually kind of hot, which is weird."

I asked Wilson after the game Saturday if he was going to talk with Coach Rich Rodriguez soon. He said “Yeah, I will probably give him a call tomorrow or Monday and I talked to Coach McGee to see about my position and everything like that.” Knowing that Wilson is a two way player, I asked him if he was going to play “H-Back” for Michigan and he said “Yeah they want me on offense big time, kind of like Owen Schmidt in the West Virginia offense but I am faster and bigger and will be able to do more things than him.”

Wilson said all of the OL out there stood out during the week, because after all it is All-American game and that’s why they are all there. In talking with Wilson, he was very personable and will be a great representative for the University of Michigan. He is strong and athletic and will provide some more ammunition to what should be a potent Wolverine offense in the near future.

written by Dustin Myers

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Michigan Football coaching staff:

Rich Rodriguez: Head Coach

Calvin Magee: Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/TE's
Rod Smith: Quarterbacks
Tony Dews: Wide Receivers
Fred Jackson: Running Backs
Greg Frey: Offensive Line
Alex Herron: Offensive Graduate Assistant
Eric Smith: Offensive Quality Control

Scott Shafer: Defensive Coordinator/Safeties
Tony Gibson: Secondary
Jay Hopson: Linebackers
Bruce Tall: Defensive Line
Jahmile Addae: Defensive Graduate Assistant

Special Teams:
Tony Dews: Punt and Kick off return
Greg Frey: Field Goal and Extra point
Tony Gibson: Punt Block/Return and Kick off coverage

Chris Singletary: Recruiting Coordinator
Mike Parrish: Recruiting/Operations Assistant
Mary Passink: Administrative Assistant to the Head Coach for Recruiting

Strength and Conditioning:
Mike Barwis: Director of Strength and Conditioning
Chris Allen: Director of Skill Development
Parker Whiteman: Assistant Strength Coach
Kentaro Tamura: Assistant Strength Coach
Dennis Murray: Graduate Assistant
Jesse Miller: Graduate Assistants

Administrative and Support Staff
Bob Bland: Assistant Equipment Manager
Rick Brandt: Assistant Equipment Manager
Phil Bromley: Video Coordinator
Scott Draper: Assistant Athletic Director
Jon Falk: Equipment Manager
Phil Johnson: Football Athletic Trainer
Brad Labadie: Director of Football Operations
Larry Martin: Director of Football Facilities
Jennifer Maszatics: Executive Assistant to the Head Coach
Lenny Navitskis: Football Athletic Trainer
Katie Reeves: Assistant Coaches Secretary/Graphic Designer
Dusty Rutledge: External Relations/Administrative Assistant
Paul Schmidt: Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Medicine
Kevin Undeen: Video Assistant
Kelly Vaughn: Program Assistant

written by ErocWolverine
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Scott Shafer: DC at Michigan

CoachBt: I have seen Coach Scott Shafer talk three times and have visited him for practice also. He was at Northern Illinois at the time. NIU was very successful then (1996-2003) and their coaches were in big demand. The first time I heard his clinic presentation he was DB coach, and last two he was Defense Coordinator. Everything I am sharing comes from my notes at the clinic or what I witnessed at his practice sessions. I have seen hundreds of guys talk over my 20+ years in coaching, and you can tell that many just show up because they have to. But Coach Shafer impressed the HELL out of the entire room. He was really trying to help us. He was very open, a gave out his card and phone number.He talked about same things all three times.

The Fronts:
One thing he said all three times was not to get hung about fronts, 4-3 , 3-4, or whatever. because it was what you did out of fronts that was key. As most of you know by now, Coach Shafer uses what he calls an "Attack 4-3." But he also used some 3-4 as nickel, and even occasionally some 4-2. The first thing Coach emphasized each time has being fundamentally sound. He spent at least half of each sessions talking about being, drilling, fundamentals. Those fundamentals included sound tackling, proper hustle and pursuit to the ball, and staying in lanes. Next thing he did was turn to the ball and write in big letters HUSTLE. With hustle he talked about getting as many hats to the ball as possible, getting to fumbles, and never quitting on a play.

Basic Principles:
Some of the basic principals about his defense philosophy were attacking or "stressing" the offense. He said he did not want to be in position of sitting back and letting the offense take fight to the defense -- because that would give all advantage to offense. He said he felt it was important for the defense to make the offense make mistakes -- and that those mistakes had to be forced. With offenses being so multi-dimensional, they would pick a defense apart if the defense did not attack them aggressively. You could hear in his voice and his mannerisms that he was serious about this "attack" philosophy. Some coaches just keep the same monotone voice throughout, some you can tell are just acting to try and impress you -- but Coach Shafer was serious and genuine. He meant every word he said.

Defensive Keys:
He listed a number of keys that he felt were necessary to the defense being successful.
#1 each time has stop the run, to make offense as one dimensional as possible. I chuckled when I read the press release -- it was the exact same thing he told us.
#2 was creating negative plays, especially on early downs.
#3 was confuse the offense: he talked about mixing fronts, coverages, and blitzes.
#4 was to create TO's. He gave us some drills -- chase and punch: 1st guy en wrap the ball carrier, next man go for ball, etc., to create TO's.
#5 SCORE. Coach Shafer talked about the defense scoring being a momentum switcher and having an unreal effect on a game.

Shafer at Practice:
At practice Coach Shafer was as detail oriented as any coach I have seen. He stopped practice to correct the smallest detail and it seemed like nothing escaped him. He moved DB's over an inch, and moved their feet small distances. He explained that 1 inch would become 2 and before you knew it the fundamental positioning would be lost. Coach Shafer even coached up other coaches, making sure they knew exactly what he wanted and why. He demanded 100% on every play/rep from his players. What intensity he showed! Every drill, every little thing was just as important as the big stuff. Not sure of the exact quote, but he said something like: a big thing happening well is nothing more than a lot of little things all coming together -- sweat the small-stuff. He did even the small details with passion and fire.

Scott Shafer
Defensive Coordinator

Quite familiar with the Big Ten and Midwest, Shafer joins the Michigan staff after spending the 2007 season as defensive coordinator at Stanford. Prior to joining the Cardinal program, Shafer was the defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach at Western Michigan (2005-06). He coached the defensive backs at Illinois in 2004 and began his coaching career as a graduate coach for former U-M assistant coach Bill Mallory at Indiana (1991-92). Shafer spent eight seasons at Northern Illinois, coordinating the defense from 2000-03 and served as the defensive backs mentor his entire stint with the Huskies (1996-2003). In addition, Shafer coached the defensive backs at Rhode Island for three seasons (1993-95). Shafer played quarterback at Ohio University in 1985 and then completed his collegiate career at Baldwin-Wallace. He earned his bachelor's degree in education from Baldwin-Wallace in 1990 and collected his master's degree in education from Indiana in 1993. A native of Painesville, Ohio, Shafer and his wife, Missy, have one son, Wolfgang, and a daughter, Elsa.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bruce Tall: Defensive Line Coach at Michigan

Coach Tall has an impressive football resume. Having coached safeties, LBers, D-Line, special teams coordinator, and even has DC at Ohio Wesleyan and Harvard. Even interned with NFL teams. His experience coaching safeties in 3-3-5 will be invaluable in Michigan plays the odd stack. Play of the spur and bandit is what makes this defense effective.

from the WV media guide:
Bruce Tall joined the WVU football staff in February, 2003, serving as assistant coach for the Mountaineer spur and bandit safeties. Tall came to WVU from Western Michigan, where he served as defensive line coach in 2002, as the Broncos led the MAC in total defense (330.7 yards per game). From 1998-2001, Tall was defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at
Harvard; two of those years, the Crimson had the Ivy League’s top rushing defense.

Tall worked five seasons (1993-97) as the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at Northeastern. His 1997 team ranked second in Division I-AA rushing defense at 60.5 yards per game. He started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at his alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan, and then became the full-time linebacker coach for the 1983 and 1984 seasons. He was the linebacker, special teams and tight end coach at Cornell from 1985-86 before returning to Ohio Wesleyan (1987-92) in a variety of roles: defensive line coach, linebacker coach, special teams coordinator and later defensive coordinator.

A 1982 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education,
he earned three letters in football and one in wrestling. He received the 2001 Assistant Coach of the Year award from the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the All-American Football Foundation. Tall has completed NFL internships with the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, where he was named to the high school’s all-time football
team, Tall and his wife Karmen have three children: Braythan, Karsyn and Kallyn.

Coaching Philosophy
“I love the excitement of coaching and being around young people and I truly enjoy the game. It’s very rewarding to help young men reach their goals academically, athletically and socially. I dreamed about being a coach since I was in junior high. The people who inspired me most at a young age were in education and athletics.” - Bruce Tall

written by: CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Greg Frey: OL Coach at Michigan

Coach Greg Frey former Florida Stae OT. He is one of the young upcoming O-Line coaches in college football. His rep is at developing young linemen and getting line to work well as unit.

He is huge pick up for Coach Rod. Key is he has 8 years experience coaching in spread option offense. Coaching O-Line in spread and spread option is different than in standard pro style offense. Having experience asst to handle O-Line is quite a coup for Coach R-Rod.

from WV Media guide
Greg Frey joined the WVU football staff in January, 2007, as offensive line coach for the Mountaineers. Frey came to WVU from South Florida, where he spent 11 seasons on the football staff. Frey was the Bulls’ defensive line coach in 1999 and coached the offensive line from 2000-06. He started on the
USF coaching staff from the program’s inception, serving as a graduate assistant from 1996-98.

Since 2000, Frey coached four offensive linemen who were either drafted into the NFL or signed as free agents. A 1996 graduate of Florida State and a native of Clearwater, Fla., Frey was a four-year letterman for the Seminoles and a member of Bobby Bowden’s national championship team in 1993. Frey coached in two bowl games as a member of the South Florida coaching staff: the 2005 Meineke Car Care Bowl and the 2006 24-7 USF victory over East Carolina in the bowl.

Coaching Philosophy
What I enjoy most is the interaction of working with the players, teaching them about a game that has meant so much to me. When you watch a young man go from a high school student to a college graduate and then into his career - to have helped with that process is very rewarding.” - Greg Frey

Frey’s All-Conference Players
Frank Davis..........(2005).....................USF................all-BIG EAST
Alex Herron.........(2004).....................USF.................all-BIG EAST
John Miller...........(2005)....................USF..................all-BIG EAST
Derrick Sarosi......(2003-04).............USF..................all-Conference USA
Thed Watson.......(2005)....................USF..................all-BIG EAST
* All-American

written by: CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Tony Dews: WR Coach at Michigan

Coach Dews is a young energetic coach. His specialty is special teams. But he is also a dynamic recruiter. He has only 1 year of experience at WR's, but with experienced spread guys like Coach Smith, Coach Magee, and Coach Rod himself on staff he should still be effective.

from WV media guide
Tony Dews returned to the Mountaineer coaching staff in March, 2007, to tutor the WVU wide receivers. Dews came to WVU from UNLV, where he served as linebacker coach and associate special teams coordinator in 2006. He was tight ends coach at Central Michigan from 2004-05, and coached the defensive line at Holy Cross in 2003.

From March, 1999, through, April, 2002, he was a graduate assistant at West Virginia, working with both the offensive line and the secondary. His coaching resume also includes stops at California, Pa. (2002), Millersville (1998) and Bainbridge (Ga.) High School (1997).

A native of Lynchburg, Va., Dews is a 1996 graduate of Liberty University, where he led the Flames in receptions two seasons as an all-Virginia tight end. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology; Dews received a master’s degree in athletic coaching education from WVU in 2001.

He and his wife Tamika have three daughters: Savannah, Sierra and Sydney.

Coaching Philosophy
“I coach because I love it, because of the competitiveness and the camaraderie of athletics. I love the way that coaches have a direct influence on the outcome of the lives of their players. In coaching, you know at the end of each day whether you’ve gotten something accomplished or helped motivate a young person in the right direction. I love to see those results.” - Tony Dews

Dews’ All-Conference Players
Joe Cannon..........(1998)............Millersville...............all-PSAC
Kip Facer.............(2006)............UNLV.......................all-Mountain West
Dave Ibarra........(1998)............ Millersville...............all-PSAC*
Jim Jackominic..(1998).............Millersville...............all-PSAC
* All-American

written by: CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Poll Results for Jan. 10, 2008

What is most important for R-Rod to do now?

111 votes total

Recruiting Pryor
33 votes (29%)

Keeping Mallett, TT, MM & AA
43 votes (38%)

Getting a staff together
35 votes (31%)

written by ErocWolverine

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Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington and Ryan Mallett have left University of Michigan

Regarding Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington and Ryan Mallett I wish them all well. No matter what people say they gave blood, sweat and tears for the University of Michigan so to me that means you are "Michigan Men".

Each man has to make the decision what is best for them and I wish them well and hope they get everything they want where ever they land. Will they regret their decisions? Who knows, but haven't we all at some point in our lives would have changed things we have done in the past.

For all the guys on Michigan message boards that have said I am glad this guy is gone or "those that stay will be champions" type threads and post. I really hope you guys keep those thoughts next year DURING THE 2008 SEASON when we struggle ... and believe me we will struggle at times.

If you don't think talent makes a difference go back and look at the National Championship game the only difference between Ohio State and LSU was that LSU had more talent at their skilled poisitions, executed the plays and had more speed at their skilled positions.

I really hope I don't see post from guys that have R-Rod as a "Greek God" right now and start talking about why this team can't move the ball, can't run the ball, can't throw the ball, play calling is terrible, etc.

I have had questions about R-Rod since he was hired and some of his decisions regarding the assistant coaches, players, etc. I am and I will support him while at Michigan. I know I will be cheering for Michigan no matter what in my seats at the Big House, but I hope I don't hear the booing that has echoed throughout Michigan Stadium over the past 4-5 years. I have never booed a kid, a coach or a team because I know what it takes to go out there and lay it on the line. I have done it. I believe to many people have never put on a jock before or people are to much "Madden" type people and think you can do anything on a video game.

The biggest difference this next year won't be one position coach, but the S&C coach. Go check out the WV boards they are more upset about losing Barwis then any other assistant coach that tells me all we need to know. Barwis and his staff will improve Michigan.

written by ErocWolverine
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rod Smith: QB Coach at Michigan

Coach Rod Smith
Is specialists at installing spread option offense. He is also known for his ability to use no huddle offense. Can attest to his knowledge of no huddle knowledge. Coach Smith is exactly what Coach R-Rod needs to get this offense going. Not only has he coached with R-Rod, he actually played QB for him at Glenville State. Not only has Coach Smith been a QB coach, but also served as an offense coordinator. Always remember spread option is a QB based offense and to have a QB coach who has both played and coached in the system will make transaction much smoother.

It’s a different animal,” Smith said. “The duel-threat guy is such a big prescience in our offense. It’s what makes us go, really. Defenses have a hard time stopping a running quarterback. If he can throw as well it creates problems.”

“A guy like myself could not survive anymore,” Smith said. “When you run a 5-flat, a 5.1 40, it makes it tough nowadays. The athletic quarterback makes it a challenge. It has changed in that sense because you ask him to do more stuff with his legs. When I played it was more of a passing, throw-it-around-the-lot scheme. You relied more on audibles and things of that nature.”

Smith would love to see the offense relying more on the quarterback’s arm, if for no other reason than the melancholy reminiscence of all the flying footballs. As Rodriguez noted, that will come to be in a minor fashion only if the receivers can elevate their game. And if not, Smith asks a great question: If you can run so well, why pass? Why even think about not gashing defenses with the magical mix of speed and power?

“You can get too cute,” said Smith, knowing well the pull and enticement of his many weapons. “We have talked about that. We gotta do what we do best. To score as many points as we have and things have been going pretty good for the last year and a half, two years, you have to make sure you don’t get away from our roots. You get too cute if you’re not careful.”

And the implosion happens. “Good habits,” reads the proverb, “result from resisting temptation.” So, likely this season, does winning.

“You do what your quarterback does best with the athletes around him,” Smith said. “They mold the offense around who is pulling the trigger and the type of skill athletes he has around him. That’s what makes it work.”

from WV media guide
Rod Smith rejoined the WVU football staff in January, 2007, as quarterbacks coach for the Mountaineers. Smith came to WVU from South Florida, where he spent six seasons on the staff. Smith was the Bulls’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach from 2005-06. From 2001-04, he coached the quarterbacks and coordinated the passing game. Smith was a member of Rodriguez’ original WVU staff back in 2001 as an offensive graduate assistant before leaving after a few weeks for a full-time coaching position at USF. Smith played for Rodriguez at Glenville State and was a 1996 All-American for the Pioneers. With Smith at quarterback, Glenville reached the national championship playoffs twice, including one runnerup finish. He also spent time with Rodriguez as a graduate assistant coach at Clemson.

In his 10-year coaching career, Smith has spent stints as offensive coordinator at Franklin (W.Va.) High (1997-98), offensive coordinator at Urbana (1998-2000), offensive coordinator at WVU Tech (2000), graduate assistant at Clemson (2000-01) and USF (2001-06). He has coached in the 2001 Toyota Gator Bowl, 2005 Meineke Car Care Bowl and the 2006 bowl.

Smith has tutored more than 20 all-conference players and two All-Americans. A 1997 graduate of Glenville State (physical education), and a 2000 graduate of Urbana (teaching), Smith is a native of Franklin, W.Va. He and his wife Charlene have one son, Alex.

Coaching Philosophy
“Coaching started to appeal to me as a profession when I faced the fact that my playing days were coming to an end. Coaching allows me to stay involved with football and keep competitive, but more than that, it allows me to help develop young kids into men along the way. That development process in life is so important, and coaches can make a great impact. It’s wonderful to be a part of that.” - Rod Smith

Smith’s All-Conference Players
Matt Grothe.....(2006)...USF ..........all-BIG EAST
Dave Taynor....(1998)....Urbana .....all-MSFA
Frank Carrico..(1998)....Urbana .....all-MSFA
* All-American

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tony Gibson: CB Coach at Michigan

Tony Gibson has an impressive coaching resume. On top of DB duties he has also served as recruiitng coordinator, DC, and special teams coach in the past. He is also one of Coach R-Rods longtime assistant and friends. Having played for R-Rod at Glenville and having been with at West Virginia.

He is regarded as an excellent recruiter. His strengths include being a motivator, teacher, and relating well with his players. His secondaries at West Virginia have rep for being hard hitting, physical, and disciplined.

He favors speedy DB's who can cover and play zone. His philosophy is to mix coverages and keep offense guessing. In West Virginia's defense Coach Gibson was responsible for entire deep three, coaching corners as well as free safeties. if he continues to handle all 3 it will be huge clue as to what Coach Rod and casteel want to accomplish on defense.

From the WV Media Guide:
Tony Gibson works with the WVU secondary, tutoring the Mountaineer cornerbacks and free safeties daily in practice. He was named recruiting coordinator in January, 2007. Gibson came to WVU in January, 2001, as a graduate assistant for the Mountaineer defense, and was promoted to a full-time position in April of that year. Gibson played for Rich Rodriguez at Glenville State College as a defensive back from 1991-94 and was a part of two WVIAC championship teams.

A native of Van, W.Va., where he was a three-sport letterman at Van High School, Gibson began his coaching career at Gilmer County (W.Va.) High School, where he was head coach and interim athletic director in 1995. In 1996, he joined Rodriguez’ staff at Glenville, coaching the defensive backs and kickoff teams. From 1997-98, Gibson was defensive back coach and recruiting coordinator at Cumberland University, where he also coordinated the special teams. He was defensive coordinator and assistant head coach at West Virginia Tech during the 1999-
2000 seasons. A graduate of Glenville, Gibson and his wife Kerry have two children, Cody and Ashton.

Coaching Philosophy
“I love being around the kids and being a part of their lives. I love to see them grow into adults and to help them in the process. Football can teach a lot of good lessons, and it bonds people together.” - Tony Gibson

Gibson’s All-Conference Players
Jahmile Addae... (2004-05)...West Virginia............all-BIG EAST
Larry Daniels......(1997)..........Cumberland...............all-MidSouth
Davon Deveaux..(2000).........West Virginia Tech...all-WVIAC
Angel Estrada.....(2002).........West Virginia.............all-BIG EAST
Adam Jones........(2003-04)...West Virginia............all-BIG EAST*
Leonard Jones....(1998)..........Cumberland...............all-MidSouth
Brian King...........(2003)..........West Virginia............all-BIG EAST
Steve McClain....(1998)...........Cumberland..............all-MidSouth
Anthony Mims...(2005)..........West Virginia............all-BIG EAST
Rick Sherrod.......(2001) ........West Virginia ...........all-BIG EAST
* All-American

Monday, January 07, 2008

Calvin Magee: New OC at Michigan

Coach Calvin Magee:

Has an impressive football resume, both as coach and player. As a player he played TE at Southern and than played TE in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has coached at the high school and college levels. Interesting note, he has never been a head coach at any level.

He has coached RB's, TE's, special teams and been asst head coach also. Coach Magee is an advocate of spread offense/multiple wr sets. He usually puts his QB into the gun, but will put them under center on occasion. He also thinks having mobile, multiple threat QB makes spread offense tougher to defend. Mobile QB being threat allows offense to outman defense in the box.

His speciality is the running game, and was running game coordinator at South Florida. He believes that strong running game is important to make defense defend entire field and set up other parts of the offense. His philosophy is make defense defend every inch of the field, his exact words. By stretching defense from sideline to sideline you maximize the defenses chance of making an error. He is huge advocate of attcking perimeter of a defense by using speed option, sweeps, everses, but balances this out with running inside with inside zone and zone trap. By making defense defend entire you field you make it easier to exploit weaknesses and find seams and gaps in the defense. Creating seams and gaps is important to Coach Magees concepts.

Other areas of emphisas is creating and taking advantage of mismatches. By stretching or spreading a defense you take them out of their comfort zone and put them into positions they are not comfortable with or best at. He uses formations, players groupings, and special packages to acheive these goals. His passing game includes play action and many combination and clearing routes. Again he is trying to get his superior athletes/players the ball in space. Everything is based on what defense does, and taking what defense gives.

Calvin Magee is the assistant coach in charge of the Mountaineer running backs; he was named WVU’s offensive coordinator in April, 2004, and received the additional duties of assistant head coach in January, 2007. Magee came to WVU from the University of South Florida, where he was run game coordinator, after a stellar career in professional football.

A four-year starter for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1985-88, he led the Bucs in receptions (45), receiving yards (564) and receiving touchdowns (5) in 1986. Magee was a Pro Bowl alternate in 1987. He completed his professional career with the Houston Oilers in 1989.

Magee served as running backs coach at South Florida since 1997, and he was promoted to run game coordinator prior to the 1999 season. He was a part of USF’s original football staff in 1996 coaching the tight ends and special teams. Prior to joining the USF staff in 1996, Magee was assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at Tampa Catholic High School from 1990-95.
An All-American at Southern University, he was a three-time all-SWAC selection at tight end. He led Southern in receptions for four years (1981-84), was named team MVP twice (1983 and 1984) and was selected as MVP of the 1984 Freedom Bowl. Magee was inducted to the Southern University Hall of Fame in 2000.

Magee, a New Orleans native, completed his degree work in criminology at South Florida in 1990. Magee and his wife Rosie have three children, Jade, Bryson and Jasmine.

The American Football Coaches Association named Magee as its 2007 Assistant Coach of the Year. Magee also earned one of the five finalist spots for the Broyles Award, which is the most prestigious honor an assistant coach can receive. The Broyles Award committee praised Magee for his involvment in the development of WVU's running game. Spearheading West Virginia’s revolutionary running game, which features a zone-read, spread offense that forces defenses to defend as many as four different options from the quarterback on any one play.

He usually recruits the south area with LA, GA, AL and FL along with recruiting PA as well at WV which seems almost all their coaches were in PA to recruit.

Magee’s All-Conference Players
Avon Cobourne..(2001, 2002)...West Virginia...all-BIG EAST*
Kay-Jay Harris..(2004)..............West Virginia...all-BIG EAST
Steve Slaton.......(2005-06)........West Virginia...all-BIG EAST*
Quincy Wilson....(2003)..............West Virginia...all-BIG EAST*
* All-American

Calvin Magee has a video regarding the run game if interested:

Also a 3 DVD set of the WV offense (inside and outside running game along with the 3-3-5 stack defense).

written by: CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lloyd Carr: What he has meant to the University of Michigan

Coach Carr's legacy as a true Michigan Man is set in stone. He is much more than just a coach. He is a father figure along with a guy that cares about his kids.

Carr is involved with the University and the community. He has been active in support of women’s athletics, endowing a women’s sports scholarship that is presented annually to a female student-athlete at Michigan. Also does a lot for the University along with a wide line of charities that he really believes in like his annual summer "Carr's Wash for Kids" has been held with the proceeds benefiting C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. The men's fantasy camp for prostate cancer and the women's summer camp for breast cancer.

Nobody can question this man's love or dedication to Michigan football, athletics and school. He provided stability during one of Michigan's toughest times. Taking over for his good friend Gary Moeller he provided the solid leadership when needed. Honesty and integrity were never an issue when dealing with Coach Carr. Where he was greatly underrated was his knowledge of football.

CoachBt had the privledge of sitting at small table and talking defense with him. He was always willing and available to help, even if your program had no players Michigan would ever be interested in. In 13 years Coach Carr's record was 122-40 overall, 81-23 in Big Ten. His teams won over 75% of their games, including 5 conference championships, 6 10 win seasons and reaching the pinnacle a national Championship in 1997.

National awards
Heisman Trophy: Charles Woodson (1997)
Walter Camp Award: Charles Woodson (1997)
Chuck Bednarik Award: Charles Woodson (1997)
Bronko Nagurski Trophy: Charles Woodson (1997)
Jim Thorpe Award: Charles Woodson (1997)
Doak Walker Award: Chris Perry (2003)
Dave Rimington Trophy: David Baas (2004)
Fred Biletnikoff Award: Braylon Edwards (2004)
Lombardi Award: LaMarr Woodley (2006)
Ted Hendricks Award: LaMarr Woodley (2006)

Conference honors
Big Ten MVP: Charles Woodson (1997), Chris Perry (2003), Braylon Edwards (2004)
Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year: Chris Perry (2003), Braylon Edwards (2004)
Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year: Jon Jansen (1998), Steve Hutchinson (2000), David Baas (2004), Jake Long (2006)
Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year: Charles Woodson (1997), Larry Foote (2001), LaMarr Woodley (2006)
Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year: LaMarr Woodley (2006)
Big Ten Freshman of the Year: Charles Woodson (1995), Anthony Thomas (1997), Steve Breaston (2003), Mike Hart (2004)

Key Players
Michigan teams under Coach Carr produced 11 consensus All Americans, including potential 2 time AA Jake Long and Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson. And who knows, maybe Mike Hart will get added to the list making it an even dozen! There were also over 50 1st team All Big Ten 1st teamers, 9 and counting 1st round draft picks, and 11 and counting 2nd round picks.

All Carr Michigan team
TE- Jermaine Truman and Bennie Joppru
OT- Jake Long, Jon Jansen, John Runyan, Backus, Maurice Williams
OGs- Steve Hutchinson, David Baas
OCs- Rod Payne and Pearson
QBs- Tom Brady
RBs- TD Tim, ATrain, Mike Hart, Chris Perry
WRs- Braylon Edwards, Armani Toomer, David Terrell

DEs- Glen Steele, Lamar Woodley, James Hall
DTs- Will Carr, Alan Branch,
Lbers- Larry Foote, Irons, Ian Gold, David Harris,
CBs- Charles Woodson, Marlin Jackson, Leon Hall,
S- Marcus Ray, Cato June,

Key games under Lloyd Carr as head coach:
Coach Carr was 6-7 against Ohio State and that is blemish on his record. Michigan coaches need to have winning record against the Buckeyes.

Besides the entire 1997 season many of his biggest wins were in Bowl games.

The 1998 Rose Bowl, 1999 and 2001 Citrus Bowls, and a huge Orange Bowl victory against Alabama. But other than 1998 Rose Bowl none were any bigger or sweeter than 2008 win over Florida.

Erik Werling:
The 15 key wins under Lloyd Carr's as head coach.

1995 Michigan's comeback win 18-17 last-second victory over Virginia when Scot Driesbach threw a touchdown pass to Mercury Hayes to end the game on the last play.

1995 Michigan beating 2nd ranked Ohio State 31-23, behind Tim Biakabutuka's 313 rushing yards.

1996 Michigan defeated 2nd ranked undefeated Ohio State 13-9 in Columbus.

1997 Michigan defeated of 4th ranked Ohio State, 20-14.

1997 Michigan won 21-16 over 7th ranked Washington State in the Rose Bowl and were selected as the national champions by the Associated Press.

1999 Michigan 24-17 victory over Ohio State.

1999 Michigan beating 5th ranked Alabama in the Orange Bowl 35-34 in overtime.

2000 Michigan won 38-26 victory at Ohio State.

2002 Michigan won 31-29 victory against 11th ranked Washington as Philip Brabbs connected on a 44-yard field goal as time expired.

2003 Michigan rallied for the greatest comeback victory in school history with 31 points in the final stanza to defeat the Gophers 38-35.

2003 Michigan won 35-21 victory against 4th ranked Ohio State.

2004 Michigan's 45-37 triple overtime win over rival Michigan State.

2005 Michigan claimed a dramatic 27-25 victory over undefeated and 8th ranked Penn State on the game's final play from Chad Henne to Mario Manningham.

2006 Michigan going to 2nd ranked Notre Dame and beating them 47-21.

2007 season Lloyd Carr's last game when they beat Florida in the '08 Citurs Bowl by beating Florida 41-35.

Players drafted under Lloyd Carr as head coach:
2008: ?????? (Jake Long, Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Shawn Crable, Mario Manningham?, Adrian Arrington?, Terrance Taylor?). Any others maybe Adam Kraus and Jamar Adams?

2007: Leon Hall, Alan Branch, LaMarr Woodley, David Harris, Steve Breaston, Prescott Burgess, Tyler Ecker.

2006: Gabe Watson, Jason Avant, Tim Massaquoi.

2005: Braylon Edwards, Marlin Jackson, David Baas.

2004: Chris Perry, Jeremy LeSueur, John Navarre, Tony Pape.

2003: Bennie Joppru, Victor Hobson, B.J. Askew, Drew Henson, Cato June, Charles Drake.

2002: Marquise Walker, Larry Foote, Jonathan Goodwin, Hayden Epstein.

2001: David Terrell, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Backus, Anthony Thomas, Maurice Williams.

2000: Ian Gold, Aaron Shea, Josh Williams, Dhani Jones, Tom Brady, Rob Renes.

1999: Jon Jansen, Jerame Tuman, Tai Streets, Andre Weathers.

1998: Charles Woodson, Chris Floyd, Brian Griese, Glen Steele, Chris Howard.

1997: Rod Payne, Damon Denson, William Carr.

1996: Tim Biakabutuka, Amani Toomer, Jon Runyan, Mercury Hayes, Jay Riemersma.

Player Interview with Darryl Stonum – ESPN/Under Armour Practice

Player Interview with Darryl Stonum – ESPN/Under Armour Practice

Updated January 4, 2008...

I had a chance yesterday afternoon to talk with Darryl Stonum. What a great kid that bleeds maize and blue. Darryl said “the experience this week has been mind boggling, the talent here is at a whole different level, the speed; being a speed receiver I have to learn how to get open, run better routes, work on catching the ball. I’m learning, it’s been a learning experience.”

When I asked Darryl who’s the best DB he’s gone against he said Florida commit Janoris Jenkins. His exact words were “He is the best DB out here, by far.” I asked Darryl who he was hanging out with and he said he starts school this Monday and his roommate is Christian Wilson this week. He’s hanging with Brandon Moore too and just likes hanging out and laughing with all the Michigan commits.

Darryl loved how the offense looked against Florida in the Capital One Bowl Game. He said “Coach Carr said he had something up his sleeve, so he said stay tuned, because the odds were against them, so stay tuned and watch the outcome. I made a little bet with the Florida kids, Dee Finley, Will Hill, Janoris Jenkins and they owe me lunch now.”

I asked Darryl about Coach Rich Rodriguez and he said “Coach Rodriguez is cool; I’ve talked to him a couple of times. I’m sad Coach Carr is leaving, he’s cool, and he made me feel welcome into the family of Michigan. But, I’m excited to continue the tradition and legacy of Michigan.”

Darryl said that he a lot of people compare him to Ted Ginn Jr, but he said his favorite WR is Jerry Rice. He said Jerry wasn’t always the fastest but runs the best routes so he tries to learn from watching him play. Michigan is getting a great player and an even better young man. I was really impressed with Darryl, he’s got a great personality and will be a star for the maize and blue.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Coaches Corner: All-American games highlights

Well several Michigan commits along with several recruits played in two separate All-American football games on Saturday. Here is a brief highlights of what we saw today.

CoachBt and I agree 100%, Mallett is needed if this team will be more than average next year. Also R-Rod needs to recruit current players harder than current recruits right now. Getting off to big start would be great help for all.

Here are the breakdowns from All-Star games. Too bad ESPNU Under-Armour All-Star people did not split up playing time. Embarrassment.

Nick Perry: Limited playing time, still showed quickness and athletic ability. Had a really nice hit on Williams for West Team.

Brandon Smith: R-Rod first Michigan commit. Played solid game. Showed aggressive nature and good instincts. Played hard on special teams. Very strong positional play, made plays in space, and took nice angles, one prevented a touchdown. Covered well from his safety position. really like this kid. Nice to see the kid in a Michigan hat.

Sam McGuffie: Quick and explosive. Read blocks well and made super cut. Took a hit and made catch in heavy traffic. Does need to improve his pass protection and run with bit more discipline. But no denying the raw talent is there.

Boo Boo Cissoko: Quick explosive athlete with an aggressive style of play. Excellent hips and recovery speed, and does he hit. Still raw fundamentally and definitely needs some coaching. His backpedal in particular needs some work. And tall receivers do present him some problems at this time. But all his flaws and correctable, and even his height disadvantage can be minimized with proper technique, positioning, and different rules. In this game corners were not allowed to bump or reroute WR's. A huge disadvantage for CB like Boo Boo who relies on his physical play and strength to negate his height disadvantage.

Pryor: Is a pure athlete, definitely raw, and needs some work. As for QB read I am convinced it was not read, but predetermined running. No doubting his athletic ability. He right now is an athlete playing QB. Needs some work, experience, and polish. He is especially raw in passing game where he locked onto one receiver. With all that, his potential is scary. Guys with type of size, speed, and overall athletic ability is hard to find.

Dann O'Neill: Played RT and played it well. Of all Michigan's commit he was most impressive today. Great size, wingspan, and athletic ability. Moved his feet well, turned his hips, and really got off the ball. Team was constantly running behind him. Adjusted nicely to DE trying to use quickness to cross his face, literally drove DE into the ground. Does need at least one full year of S&C and some additional weight. But has the frame to carry easily that weight.

C. Wilson: Had limited time at OLber, but still exhibited enthusiasm, hustle, and played hard. Showed some quickness and athletic ability. Filled, but was a bit late and not nearly aggressive enough. Also gave up outside leverage. Also when seeing his game this year really thought he would be a better offensive player than defense.

Brandon Moore: Played limited time at TE. Definitely exhibited speed and quickness. Needs to get bigger and stronger.

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