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Michigan Football Tidbits: *** Rumor Alert *** -- Hearing some bad news -- Updated

In regards to a defensive player from the 2009 recruiting class. Sorry at this time do not want to put any name out there right now for various reasons.

*** Updated *** Since it is out now the name is Justin Turner.

Just wanted to give people a heads up from what we have heard. He still has a chance to get in, but he has one more chance to get in and lets hope he gets it done. There is a lot of smoke out there on this one.

This has nothing to do with GPA. If true, and right now just a rumor, but lots of smoke, it has to do with passing the state test. You can be valedictorian and if you do not pass all sections of test you get certificate of attendance not a diploma.

As everybody has heard on the message boards for months that there have been two offensive players on the border as well and lets hope they get in as well.

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Travis Jackson -- Offensive Line

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Plays both offensive guard and defensive tackle in high school. Better fit at offensive guard in our opinion. Shows ability to bend his knees, runs very well for his size, and has nice quick feet. Gets to second level and pulls and traps well. Needs to add some weight and strength and be stronger at point of attack.

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Mailbag question: Kelvin Grady interested in Football

Any thoughts / opinions on the report that Kelvin Grady is considering a run at the football team?

Maize n Blue


Thanks for the question.

Kelvin Grady is an excellent athlete with good movement skills. He is also smallish and lacks weight and strength. We see no harm in taking a look at him and seeing if he has the skills necessary to help the program.

The only real problem we see is he has been out of football for several years along with "family issues" towards the football program or the university in general. If anybody was in earshot of this family member during the spring scrimmage will know what we are talking about.

We were told that Kelvin was looking around at big-time basketball programs such as Duke, Notre Dame and those type of programs, but he might have gotten shot down so he is now deciding on if he should get academics in order and get a degree at Michigan or move on somewhere else so he can continue his basketball career.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Dan Schneider -- Tight End

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Big target with soft hands and speed for his size. Very good down blocker who gets to second level with ease. Needs to be more consistent with pad level and to improve his strength.

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Mailbag question: Switching players positions

So … All this "lack of depth in defense" talk has lead me to a question. I have never coached and have no idea if this is a dumb question - btw.

Why can't we do a little shuffling around of the players we do have. Can't we take some of the positions in which we are over stocked and train them in case of an unfortunate injury on defense? Would an unused WR make a good safety, considering their knowledge of the receiver?

Thanks -



Thanks for the question.

Switching players position is trickier than you might think.

Players need the desire to change and the skills. Just because an athlete is a good wide receiver does not mean they can tackle well enough to be solid defensive back. The skills necessary to be a great left tackle do not necessarily work at defensive tackle.

We had this debate a few years ago when many people brought up that Kevin Koger should play defensive end. We saw Koger several times his junior year and at least five times his senior year along with talking with him and his father. They both said that tight end was the position that was best for Kevin and Kevin stated several times to me that he wanted to play tight end and had no interest on the defensive side of the ball.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Dominique Easley -- Defensive End

Dominique Easley

Video Highlights:;_ylt=Ahng9hEfG3eb4ivGeRlgB70qCq1_

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: The most explosive defensive end we have seen on film this year. He has a super get off and first step. He shows outstanding closing speed and exceptional burst. He maintains very good pad level and plays physical game. He maintains leverage and is solid against the run and does need to use his hands better and play under control.

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Links of Interest for Michigan

UM to build new 6 million dollar soccer stadium

UM Broadcasters to Help Children’s Hospital

Written by Steve

Mailbag question: Scholarship count and injury

If an established player suffers a career ending injury do we honor that scholarship and if so, does it count against our allotment of 85?

Secondly, if we offer a scholarship to a high school Senior who subsequently becomes injured, would we generally honor that scholarship?

Lawrence Gray

M, Class of 56


Thanks for the question.

There is an exemption for players who suffer career ending injury. They are allowed to finish school for free, but do not count against the 85 scholarship count.

High School kids are a bit different. If the injury can be rehabbed most schools will honor.

If they cannot be rehabbed it is unlikely the scholarship would be honored.

One of the things that really impressed us this spring was former offensive guard Zirbel out at practices and acting as a graduate assistant.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jordan Paskorz: 2010 Michigan Wolverine Commit

Jordan Paskorz

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 223 lbs.
High School: Hampton High School (Pennsylvania)
High School Coach: Jacque DeMatteo
Position: Defensive End / Tight End
Class: 2010 Recruiting Class (Verbal Commit)

Overview: Solid athlete who could play on the defensive line on defense or as tight end, max-back on offense. Could be used similar to RVB, strong side defensive end who can slide down and play defensive tackle in some packages.

Strengths: Plays a very aggressive physical game. Is excellent blocking tight end who shows good hands. Is an excellent blocker who maintains a good wide base and moves his feet very well. On defense he is solid tackler who takes on blockers and is strong at point of attack.

Needs Work: Needs to improve with the use of his hands and punch. Must learn to bend his knees and watch his pad level. Has an average get off.

Jordan Paskorz Video Highlights:;_ylt=Ahg247WMGd7ClhkqheMO7eo0la1_

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Michigan Football Tidbits: Workouts begin

All players (excluding incoming freshmen) are expected to be at workouts.

Coach Rod has really pushed for players to attend both sessions of summer school. Coaches are convinced this is the reason why academic issues have been fewer than in years past. Almost every roster player is already attending first session of summer school.

Watch is on to see if everyone shows up for the start of workouts. As reported there are two who are in serious question (not Grady) and the fact that Coach Rod has gone public with this information states that it is serious. One case would be a blow to depth. But these are players who fall into the category of being questionable in terms of really "loving" football. One is especially seemingly going through the motions while the other it may be more of a case of "fitting".

Reported in spring that it would not surprise us that two more players may not come back next year. This information sort of died down during the month of April, but Coach Rod himself commented that there were a couple players that coaches were not happy with especially their approach to work ethic.

Now maybe Coach Rod is just sending a message, but listening to him its not his style. When he makes a comment like that he almost has basically given up on the players.

It is possible that those players have decided to come back to Michigan this summer and "get with it" sure Coach Rod would be the first to change his mind, but those players are going to have to show some improvement.

On a related note:

There are a couple other players who will be on the team next year, but depending on how season goes may decide to take their chances elsewhere. This happens every year, but the difference this year is those players are already known.

That is why not overly concerned with the numbers in terms of scholarships available. Think we will take another big class next year (2010 class).

Warren is also not one in question. Warren has received some "bad assumptions" by some posters on the message boards. And besides B. Graham there may be no other player on Michigan's roster who is under so much pressure to perform at a high level.

A quick review: Warren of course was very good his freshman year and was lousy a year ago. It is no secret that Warren was not overjoyed with Shafer and his schemes. Especially when during spring last year Shafer was telling cornerback's they would be playing press coverage all the time. But there were two problems with that promise. Warren injured his ankle in fall camp and our lack of speed at safety limited Michigan's ability to play press coverage with corners.

Warren tried to play became very frustrated, but fact is he simply could not cut and move like he wanted. They thought some rest in off-season would cure the injury and during workouts in winter he seemed fine, but when spring practice started he either re-aggravated injury or it simply never really healed. Warren seems fine now and is very eager to get back on the field and in a way maybe the lay-off and not being able to play helped his mental approach. Either way Warren is anxious for fall.

Mouton is another one who is very anxious to get going this summer. Mouton has had some transition problems at Michigan and at one time looked to have lost interest in football, but he has been a vocal leader (even during his injury) and has gone through rehab ahead of schedule. He is expected to participate in summer sessions and be completely healthy in fall. Coach Robinson believes Mouton will be our best linebacker.

A couple of kids who continue to impress in workouts. Jones and Hawthorne. Both are those tweener type of players and both came to Michigan not rated highly. And not sure exactly what role they play during tenure at Michigan, but they seem to be examples of kids who Barwis and Coach Rod talk about when they say you have to willing to do the extra stuff to succeed.

Barnum will also be back in summer. Barnum situation is going to interesting to watch. As of now it looks like Schilling has not only made the transition to offensive guard, but he actually now prefers to play inside. With Molk penciled in at offensive center and Mooseman being a senior where does Barnum play?

It possible Barnum takes some snaps at offensive tackle in fall camp, but as of now he looks to maybe be the first sub as an interior offensive linemen. But with Coach Frey's insistence the best will play do not pencil in the starting offensive line just yet.

Shaw is running.

A couple players (not to be mentioned) played a joke with Barwis. The "Barwis Beach" is not the most popular area for the players. Before workout couple players put out a couple lounge chairs on "Barwis Beach" with a sign that said "this area reserved for tanning only". Barwis thought is was funny. But when kids had to run extra sprints through "Barwis Beach" they asked Barwis "why the extra sets?' Barwis told them "I thought you guys wanted to get a tan" One player said "some of us do not tan so well"

One thing is clear Coach Rod is not the most patient guy in the world. And his impatience may lead down the road to some disagreement with the AD. Coach Rod wants to look at the way Michigan schedules (including night games), but mainly looking at there out of conference schedule. He likes what teams like Alabama is doing where they are playing a top team yearly at a neutral site.

Schedule looks like existing team starts and they have been working out for the two weeks before Memorial day, but if "officially" starts yesterday. Incoming freshmen will start coming in while some high schools go longer into the summer including Detroit kids the quarterback and wide receivers will work on there own-and team drill stuff will start week of June 22.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Bobby Swigert -- Athlete

Bobby Swigert

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Do it all player who reminds us some of Ohio State split end Dane Sanzenbacher. Good quickness and very good hands. Tough hardnosed who also excels as return man.

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Links of Interest for Michigan

Have a new contributor to the blog.

Steve who has been a big help with finding links of interest of Michigan coaches, Michigan players, Michigan recruits and former Michigan players. So hope you enjoy all the links of interest.


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Dior Mathis: 10.71

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LaMarcus Joyner: Frankenstein

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Chad Hagan: UM offer

S: 1, looking for 1 more?

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UM gets B-

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Cronin eager to return

Ethics panel faces up-hill climb

New Head of Ethics

Walter Pitchford: UM visit

Matt Vogrich: UM Commit – Sleeper

gatorade POY,lf-rachelquon-052109-s1.article

Ray McCallum: will lead



Trey Zeigler: hot list

Will Regan: 1st teamer

Casey Prather: UM at tourney

tourney a blast

12 point opener

Justin Gant: Monitored

Adreian Payne: Physical Package

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Michigan Football Tidbits: Defensive Competition

Michigan Football Tidbits: Defensive Competition

Let's look at the competition both from performance and upside.

Defensive Line:
1. B. Graham
2. RVB
3. Sagesse

B. Graham
2. Martin
3. RVB
4. Sagesse

Comment: If Michigan loses any of top three for any extended time, OUCH!

Will Campbell has a ton of talent. Also needs a lot of work on his fundamentals. In perfect world a red-shirt year would do this kid a ton of good. Reality is, due to Michigan's depth problems on defensive line he is in the mix at nose tackle and defensive end. Better fit at nose tackle in our opinion long term, more ready to help at defensive end at this time.

Sagesse cannot tell you how much respect we have for this kid. Michigan's new program is not easy for any one, but is especially difficult for this type of jumbo athletes. And yet Sagesse continues to stick it out where others have left and was actually getting time with the first group.

1. Ezeh
2. Fitzgerald
3. Demens

1. Mouton
2. Fitzgerald
3. Demens
4. Ezeh

Comment: We need these guys to step up and be linebackers!

This is more about Fitzgerald and Demens than, Mouton and Ezeh. As things stand now would expect Mouton to step in for Fitzgerald, but if Fitzgerald or Demens steps up and proves they can play the inside linebacker, than moving Ezeh to either defensive end or spinner makes sense.

1. Boo Boo
2. Floyd

1. Boo Boo
2. D. Warren
3. Floyd

Comment: Three good players here, we do need Turner or Witty to add depth.

Boo Boo has that mental edge that makes up for many of his physical limitations. Boo Boo will also rip your damn head off, D. Warren has not shown that type of physical nature.

1. Woolfolk
2. M. Williams
3. Vlad
4. B. Smith

1. Vlad
2. Woolfolk
3. M. Williams
4. B. Smith

Comment: Moving Smith to linebacker is a no brainer. Vlad will be starting before season's end, he has the most talent. Woolfolk's speed is important, and M. Williams is a perfect nickel in our opinion.

Weak side Linebacker:
1. S. Brown
2. Hawthorne
2a. M. Jones

1. M. Jones
1a. Hawthorne
2. S. Brown

Comment: Jones and Hawthorne are the future, both are explosive and play with chips on shoulders.

One big advantage B. Smith has is he is already linebacker size. Biggest issue here will be his attitude / want to. If he commits to playing linebacker he can be a factor in short time in our opinion. Biggest thing that kept Mouton back in our opinion again, was injuries. That shoulder caused him to miss a ton of time.

Performance / Upside same:
1. Evans
2. Herron
3. Watson
4. Lalota

Comment: Biggest question mark on defense in our opinion. None of the four are ideal fit.

In a perfect world Ezeh would be either a defensive end or a Spinner. Problem is he is the one guy who was making proper checks and calls this spring. If inside linebacker does not check properly in zone blitz schemes things can be very ugly. Front seven has to be in sync with the defensive backs.

Special Teams:
In our opinion special teams will be key to this season. Mesko must be an All-American and our kickers need to be more consistent.

Plus the return games need to be better. This area we give props to the coaching staff for. Every practice we have attended has had a session devoted strictly to special teams skills.

Competition next to recruiting, is the bloodline of your program.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Brad Harrah -- Tight End

Brad Harrah

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Good sized tight end prospect who also plays some defensive tackle. Very good blocker and good hands. Fires off ball hard and low and turns his hips very well. Needs to add some weight and strength. Average speed.

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Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive Competition

Michigan Football Tidbits: Offensive Competition

The biggest improvement over last spring was competition for playing time, especially on the offense. Let's look at the competition both from performance and upside.

Offensive Center:
1. Molk
2. Khoury
3. McAvoy

1. Khoury
2. Molk
3. McAvoy

Comment: This is going to be close and going with Molk simply because this kid loves to play so much you will have to drag him off the field kicking and screaming along with the game experience advantage.

Offensive Guards:
1. Schilling
2. Mooseman
3. Mealer
4. Ferrara

1. Schilling
2. Barnum
3. Mealer
4. Mooseman
5. Ferrara

Comment: Watch Barnum, if he stays healthy he will be hard to keep out of the starting line up. Schilling at offensive guard can be super and Mealer played well considering all the stuff he lived through the past couple of years.

Offensive Tackles:
1. Ortmann
2. Huyge
3. Omameh
4. Dorrestein

1. Omameh
2. Huyge
3. Ortmann
4. Dorrestein

Comment: Omameh can be as good as he wants and his upside is scary. Huyge is just starting to put it together and Ortmann is rock solid.

Have two thoughts on Offensive line.
1) This groups improvement from spring last year is impressive.
2) As we have said before the one concern is: have a few of the vets topped out? And for the group to take next step do the young guns need to move in?

We love Mooseman and his commitment to team, but he just not the overall athlete as say Barnum or Mealer. Thought Ortmann took some unfair criticism at times last season, and he is improved, but not close to athlete or upside of Omameh.

So my question is, does Coach Frey stay with vets and their experience and time together? Or, does he move to the young guys? Our opinion is Coach Frey starts with vets, but we start to see the youngsters getting more and more time as season progresses.

As for the Jake Long senior line: Jake Long was that line, along with players we do not talk about any more.

Running Backs:
1. Minor
2. C. Brown
3. V. Smith
4. K. Grady
**** Shaw injury

1. Minor
2. C. Brown
3. M. Shaw
4. V. Smith

Comment: Minor and Brown complement each other well. Still think Shaw has most overall talent.

Performance / Upside same:
1. Moundros
2. Grady

Comment: Love Moundros, hope Grady works it out.

Slot Receivers:
1. Roundtree
2. Odoms
3. Koger
4. T. Robinson

1. T. Robinson
2. Koger
3. Odoms
4. Roundtree

Comments: T. Robinson is still learning, but talent is there. Roundtree is solid as is Odoms.

Split Ends:
1. Mathews
2. Hemmingway
3. Rogers
4. Stonum
5. Savoy

1. Stonum
2. Rogers
3. Mathews
4. Hemmingway

Comment- Michigan needs Stonum to be a player!

Tight Ends:
1. Webb
2. Koger
3. Moore

1. Koger
2. Webb
3. Moore

Comment: Best group of talent on team!

1. Forcier
2. Cone

1. Forcier
2. Sheridan
3. Cone

Comment: D. Robinson cannot get here quick enough! Needs to at least provide depth!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Jake Kaufman -- Offensive Line

Jake Kaufman from

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Absolute monster who will take a ton of patience. He is very raw and fundamentals need a ton of work. He does move the line of scrimmage and works hard. He just does not bend his knees and his conditioning needs major work. but you cannot coach 6'8.

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Mailbag question: There are a lot of talented running back prospects

There are a lot of talented running back prospects that we're in on. Which do you guys think we have the most realistic shot at, and how many running backs do we take?

-Cassius McDowell
-Brennan Clay
-Andre Givens
-Corvin Lamb
-Austin White
-Nickell Robley


Thanks for the question.

Our two favorite running backs in 2010 are Lache Seastrunk and Marcus Lattimore.

Our chances with these two are not great.

From your list we think Michigan has good shot at all six listed.

Although in our opinion Robley is better fit at defensive back than running back.

If you held a gun to our head we would say Michigan's chances with White are probably as good as with any of the rest. How many Michigan takes will depend on whether Toussaint gets into school.

WE see Michigan taking at least two running backs in class of 2010.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Kurtis Drummond -- Athlete (Split End or Safety)

Kurtis Drummond

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Good sized athlete capable of playing split end or safety. very good in run support and solid tackler. Uses body well on offense and has good hands. Okay quickness and speed. Needs to get stronger.

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Mailbag question: Assistant coaches and recruiting

Hey fellas,

I've read that all the assistant coaches at this time of year are on
the road recruiting, but Coach Rod's name is never mentioned when it
comes to recruiting players. Is he on the road as well?

Does an assistant coach initiate contact and establish a relationship and
Coach Rod come by later?




Thanks for the question.

This varies from program to program. Ohio State Coach Tressell is very visible on the road early in the process.

We now for a fact he visited a number of Northwest Ohio schools this spring. Other
schools do as you suggested and let assistants do the early leg work and use the head coach as a closer.

Remember as well the coaches are only allowed so many visits. Want to remember as well that this time of year the head coaches do not make visits because it would count as their one in home visit and would not be there to sell the program to a recruit later in the process when a kid is deciding what school to choose.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Jeremy Johnson -- Quarterback

CoachBt / ErocWolverine quick comments: Very good, but smallish athlete. He has very good feet and excellent mechanics. Smooth and easy drop back and delivers nice ball. Experience working out of the gun and in spread option offense. Size could be an issue.

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Michigan Softball: Baylor at Michigan -- Game 2

NCAA Super Regional

Michigan Softball

Baylor at Michigan -- Game 2

2:30pm EDT. - 4:30pm EDT.

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