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Michigan Hockey on TV Tonight

Michigan Hockey

Notre Dame at Michigan

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Michigan Women's Gymnastics on BTN

Michigan Women's Gymnastics

Michigan at Minnesota

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Michigan Football: Former Wolverines in All-Star Game Today

Long snapper Sean Griffin and defensive tackle Will Johnson have accepted invitations to participate in the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star game to be played at the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009. The game will be televised by CBS College Sports at 3 p.m. EST.

Texas vs. Nation

3:00pm EST. - 6:00pm EST.

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Mailbag question: Tiny slots -- advantage or disadvantage?


Thanks for your website. I appreciate your explanations and thoughts.

Here are some questions:

Would you talk a little about the advantages / disadvantages of having tiny slot receivers in Coach Rodriguez's offensive system? Could two be used at the same time? How does having several slot receivers under 5'9" for one position on the field (or at most two) help the team?

In addition, what is the ideal depth at any position? People seemed concerned we do not have enough, say, cornerbacks, even though we only need to put two on the field at a given time, right?

What are your thoughts on the young and developing offensive linemen? When do you think they will be ready to contribute effectively? It seems it would be very difficult for an 18 year-old or even a red-shirt 19 year-old to contribute a position that demands so much power, technique, and knowledge. How does the offensive line compare to the defensive line in this respect?

Thanks for your time! Here is to hoping we get a few more great recruits.



Thanks for the question and comments.

A few years back, the Detroit Lions were running a version of the Run & Shoot system.

They put together a large contingent of small wide receivers to play slots in this offense. When asked why, Mouse Davis gave this answer, "We would love to have a stable of 6'3" wide receivers that are capable of doing all the things necessary to play slot in our offense. Problem is, there just are not many of these type players, so we make do."

What he was trying to say is that it is skill set that determines if a player can be used in slot, not size. There just are not many 6'4" wide receivers that can create in space, be pitch-phase in option, and do other things necessary to make Coach Rod's version of the spread successful.

Most coaches are never satisfied with depth at any position. Most would be very satisfied to have two deep at every position.

From reports we are getting, a few of the young offensive linemen are beginning to separate from the pack. Barnum and Khoury are two we hear had the best year. Though we have also heard that the two young men have struggled some, they are very talented, and Michigan likes their potential.

It's tough to grade Mealer, as he was slowed by injuries and surgeries from the car crash.

Offensive linemen take longer to develop then defensive linemen for a couple reasons:

1) Pass protection: linemen must prepare for, and learn to -- as a unit -- correctly react to, all the different blitzes defenses will throw at them. This takes time.

2) Cohesion: Time spent playing together is crucial in zone blocking schemes because all the linemen must work and move as one.

3) Technique: Many high school offensive linemen are just bigger and stronger than their opponents and can just overpower them. In the college game, this physical advantage is much less, and might not even exist, so the learning and execution of proper techniques becomes crucial.

It is vital that all linemen understand and adapt to all their roles and all that's expected of them.

For instance, lets say I'm playing offensive center and the defensive tackle is lined up head up on the offensive guard.

The entire offensive line must step in the same direction. If the defensive tackle plays tough, the offensive guard will punch with left hand and the offensive center (me) will punch with the right hand. We will step hip-to-hip, roll our hips through, and drive the defensive tackle backwards. If the defensive tackle angles hard into the A-gap, area between the offensive center and the offensive guard, he will, again, be punched in the same manner, only this time I have to step up and cover the defensive tackle while the offensive guard will now disengage and head to the second level to "chat" with the linebackers. If the offensive guard is not confident the I will get there, or if we don't step in unison and the same distance, we will leave a gap for the defensive tackle to split and get penetration which destroys the offensive zone schemes.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Michigan Hockey on TV Tonight

Michigan Hockey

Michigan at Notre Dame

8:00pm EST. - 10:30pm EST.

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Wolverine Sports Magazine on BTN

Wolverine Sports Magazine

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Inside Michigan Basketball on BTN

Inside Michigan Basketball

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Michigan Basketball Thoughts:

Michigan Basketball Thoughts:

The Michigan - Ohio State game the other night was another tough game to watch, especially early on, the way the team came out and played. On the road, when you shoot 20% from the floor in the first half and add in 10 plus turnovers, you are not going to be in -- let alone win -- many games.

The problem, primarily, was the effort of the team throughout the entire game. Yes, we saw a glimpse of effort in the beginning of the second half, but it faded fast. I say they gave about 12-15 minutes of hard effort against Ohio State. They haven't been matching the effort and intensity we saw of them in their win over Duke. Since then, it seems like this team thinks it can win every game just by showing up, without putting the hard work in.

Michigan fans were outraged a few weeks ago when Grady and LLP were not starting, but it seems to me that both of them play better coming off the bench. I would like to see C.J. Lee get some more minutes, and actually start the game, along with Novak, DeShawn, Manny, and probably Stu.

Shepherd and Wright playing in the rotation is probably not a good thing because that means Coach Beilein is not happy with the regular rotation and is trying to find somebody that will spark the team. This team seems to get into a funk easily, especially in the early part of the game where they seem to struggle in away games.

Against Ohio State, Turnovers killed this team. They had more turnovers in the first half then their average game turnover total. The points off turnovers was another killer with Ohio State netting 23.

Manny Harris is supposes to be the best player on the team, but needs to start playing like it. His ball handling is quite terrible having 10 turnovers -- by himself -- in the game.

DeShawn seems to be going through the motions sometimes. One game he plays good, the next, terrible. He needs to use his athleticism and quickness against the bigger, slower players that are guarding him. Instead, he plays his opponents pitting his weakness against their strengths.

LLP has not played well in several weeks and it is hurting this ball club. For this team to get better, they need Manny, DeShawn and LLP to be their leaders and not rely on Novak and others.

Stu Douglas has been struggling with his shot lately and his confidence seems to be struggling as well. Though his shots aren't going down, at least it seems to me that he has picked up his defensive game.

Kelvin Grady has been running the team well without many turnovers, but he just does not seem comfortable getting people the basketball and frequently misses the open man. Lately, when teams are really extending the defense, instead of using his quickness to dribble, drive, and dish, he seems comfortable just passing the ball around the arch. He seems to miss the cutter coming across the middle a lot, as well.

Zach Gibson has really struggled this year -- but on this team who hasn't? He needed to be a player that stepped his game up, especially when they knew Epke Udoh was transferring. It just did not happen. I did not expect a lot out of him even though others did. He is a decent player to take some minutes, but was not supposed to be a guy that could be counted on for serious minutes, until Epke left.

As for Zack Novak being ejected from the game -- his flagrant elbow: I think the coaches, players, and the referees handled the situation well. It could have been much worse. Some Michigan fans are sticking up for Zack and what he did by saying he was frustrated and tired of losing to Ohio State. That's fine and all, but why not play harder and get your team ready to play the game instead of waiting for the second half after the coaches have challenged you in the locker room to man-up.

Zack Novak is my favorite player on the team, has been this whole year, because of the effort he brings to the game. I wish several of the other players would put in his kind of effort out there and show some emotion. It almost seems like this team is comfortable losing. It doesn't seem to affect them that much when they lose.

If I was Coach Beilein, I would sit Zack down for the next game to send the message -- not only to Michigan fans, but to the Big Ten -- that the elbow was not a a smart move and will not be tolerated here at Michigan.

All sports get emotional. There will be times every player will let their emotions get the best of them (I know I have), but you also need to play within yourself and not throw a cheap shot. And, yes, it was a cheap shot! Zack did not throw the elbow at a ninety degree angle, he purposely threw it going up and was lucky he did not get the Ohio State player in the mouth or nose area.

Talk about hypocrisy: Michigan fans were upset at the action of the Michigan State hockey players last week, but now they are defending Zack and what he did in the OSU game. Funny, how people see through their Maize-and-Blue colored glasses. Don't get me wrong, I do not think these two incidences are equal in severity, but both should have been avoided -- period. People defending what Zack said would be outraged if the shoe was on the other foot and an Ohio State player had thrown the elbow. Some of these fans try to explain it by saying the other player might have been taunting him, or playing rough or dirty or something. Well, that may have been the case, but there was no evidence of it -- and throwing an elbow during a free throw attempt, where everybody is watching, is about as bone-headed as it gets -- even if there was evidence of foul play by the other guy. This tendency in today's world of sports, where everybody has to "man-up" or "challenge" somebody because they feel disrespected, is getting out of hand.

Written by ErocWolverine

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Inside Michigan Basketball on BTN Tonight

Inside Michigan Basketball

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Michigan Women's Basketball Online Tonight

Michigan Women's Basketball Online Today

Ohio State at Michigan


Jan. 29, 2009

7:00pm EST. - 9:00pm EST.

People have complained about the connection this year, but I have had a good connection. I am using the middle speed (I think it is 750) and seems to work fine with me. I have had some problems with the higher speed (I think it is 1500) with it stop and starting.

Also I am using Internet Explorer as well.

So hopefully that will work for you.

Inside Michigan Basketball on FSN Detroit Tonight

Inside Michigan Basketball

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***** Replay at 6:00pm EST. - 6:30pm EST.

Mailbag question: Coach Robinson a good hire?

In your honest opinion, was Coach Robinson the best hire at this time? Also, how good of a recruiter is he? We need a great recruiter at defensive coordinator. I believe I read somewhere that he has a "dry" personality, which if true, would hurt recruiting, wouldn't it?



Thanks for the question and I hope this is not Coach Robinson himself … lol.

It is tough to judge if he was the best hire because we are not 100% sure who else was interested, who Coach Rod wanted, and who was available. In our opinion, he was the best choice out of all the names that were bandied about, and even out of the ones that were not realistic, such as former Michigan coaches and players.

Coach Robinson is a very solid pick with an excellent resume. Having been a defensive coordinator for three NFL teams and Texas is impressive. Having worked with Pete Carroll and Terry Donahue is a major plus as well. Coaches who have worked with him speak of him very highly.

As for recruiting, that is a tough call. In the last twenty years, he has had limited college experience to judge him by. At this time, we are less worried about our defensive coordinator's recruiting talents and more concerned with his ability to fix the defense and get staff pulling together in one direction. If he accomplishes that, then we will start to focus on other issues. That was our biggest complaint about with the defensive staff last season: how it was put together and how it was supposed to work with the competing differences in preferred schemes amongst the staff.

Finally, as for his personality, like most things some recruits will take to his "dry" style, and some won't. Most, probably, look for and take measure by a coach's honesty, integrity, and sincerity, rather than how sparkling or charming he comes across.

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BTN: Basketball Podcast "Rewind" 16min29sec

Michigan Men's Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan at Ohio State

Jan. 28, 2009


6:30pm EST. - 8:30pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 610


Mailbag question: Threet experience or Forcier ability?

Hi guys,

I am of the opinion that the only answer to this question will have to wait until the fall, but it's the off-season, so speculation and hope is all we have at this point.

The question is how much of an advantage does Threet have being in this offense for a full year, as compared to a Forcier, who is currently knee-deep in playbooks, but will be taking part in spring practices, etc.?

Threet looked good at times, but I do not think we would ever see him leading the charge for a top ten team (not that I am expecting this right now). Forcier has the rankings, the dedicated website, and the maniacal teachings of Mr. Marinovich that gives fans hope that he can be a freshman sensation. But I think it's Threet's job to lose with Forcier pressing and getting the reins mid-season if Threet's not winning. Sheridan should not, and I believe, will not, be in the conversation.

Your thoughts?

Todd - Chicago


Thanks for the question

This time of year a lot of speculation occurs because the team is not in pads practicing and we have not yet been able to see the freshmen going up against the stiffer college competition.

There is no substitute for game experience. It is one thing you cannot coach.

Threet with two springs in Coach Rod's scheme will have a definite short-term advantage over Forcier.

Over the long haul, Forcier's superior skill-set and experience with the spread offense will probably make it tough to keep hime out of the line-up.

The key will be how fast he picks up the offense, how fast he adapts to the speed, size, and skill of major college football players, and how he deals with 110,000 Michigan fans all focused on him on game day.

These are things that -- try as you will -- you just cannot simulate.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maibag question: Earlier signing day?

Do you know if the vote for an early signing period has been passed yet? Also, if passed, how soon do you think it will be started?



Thanks for the question.

It was proposed by the AFCA, but voted down by the conferences. Something like 75% of coach's were in favor of it, but the conferences would have nothing to do with it.

We believe a lot had to do with the timing of when kids sign. In addition, it seems like recruiting in football is getting earlier and earlier, like college basketball recruiting has been for quite some time.

We believe you will see earlier commitments along with a lot more de-commitments because of the pressure put on players from college coaches, high school coaches, media (internet, television, and print), and even the recruits themselves, etc…

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BTN: Michigan Women's Highlights against Iowa

Mailbag question: Zone blitz strategy?

Great blog.

If we were to run some sort of zone blitz strategy, would we have the athletes needed on the defensive line to pull this off? Can you point to any other college football programs that implement this scheme successfully? I understand that the pros can do this because they have players with the necessary athleticism, but I am a bit worried about it in the college ranks.



Thanks for the question and comment.

The teams that include, or primarily use zone blitz teams are, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, and Alabama. There are others also.

To be effective in zone blitz, you need safeties and outside linebackers who can blitz AND are very good in coverage. My biggest concern at this time is whether our safeties and outside linebackers will be able to do this to effectively execute the zone blitz schemes.

We posted an article back in May of 2008 where we detailed Ohio State's zone blitz defense that might shed some light on E-bloggers out there what Michigan might want to try and install. The article gets into specifics about the positions and their responsibilites.

Read it here:

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Michigan Women's Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan Women's Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan at Iowa


Jan. 26, 2009

8:00pm EST. - 10:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 610


Mailbag question: Defensive scheme mess last year

Hi guys,

Can you re-cap the whole defensive scheme mess during Coach Rod's tenure?

My understanding was that Coach Rod likes to run a defense with a three-man front and that was one of the reasons he hired Shafer last year. Then in the latter part of last season, Michigan switched to a four-man front because the players asked for it, but also because -- rumor had it – Coach Rod ordered the change. (Because the three-man approach just wasn't working?) Now, Robinson is hired, who is known to prefer a four-man front.

Can you clear all this up? Has Coach Rod changed his preferences? If so, why? Or does he just not really want to worry about it and just let the defensive coordinator handle it -- as long as it works?


Thanks for the question.

From day one, Coach Shafer told everyone he was a base 4-3 coach. For some reason, many of our "Blue Brothers" did not believe this and kept expecting Michigan to use 3-3 defense. When we reported last spring that Michigan has a base 4-3 defense, many, again, thought we were delusional or something.

We tried to explain that Coach Shafer was also using a three-front defense as his nickel package. He called this his "Okie 8" look. Michigan used this combination of defenses for the first nine games or so.

At the Purdue game, we could tell that Coach Shafer was not in control of the defense any longer because Michigan showed a 3-3 odd stack defense. It had not shown this look at any time before. In our opinion, the switch turned out to be a disaster.

The following week Michigan showed up against Northwestern playing a 4-2 defense -- another different look.

Finally, for Ohio State game, Michigan returned to what they had used in first nine weeks of season.

If you are confused, join the club because you cannot be a good defense by constantly changing your approach. The defensive players need to know who is in charge, and what assignments they have.

Several things we reported over the past couple of months are coming out now. If you really want to know what happened, just go back and re-read our comments about the defense, about who was in charge, and about what was happening. Our reporting turned out to be correct, it's just that now "other people" are reporting on it so it's getting more notice. At the time, lot of readers didn't like what we were writing about the defense. We understood that people didn't want to believe the problems we saw. Nonetheless, the problems were there -- and they were inexcusable.

If the defensive coordinator doesn't have control over the defensive staff, and lacks the authority to assert his vision, then the confusion trickles down to the players -- who know what's going on -- and who can't play with the confidence, in the system and staff, that they deserve and need to have for top caliber play. The whole team ends up suffering.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

BTN: Michigan Hockey Highlights vs. Michigan State

BTN: Michigan Men's Basketball Highlights vs. Northwestern

Mailbag question: what scheme, which players?

Hi guys,

With our new defensive coordinator, how will some of our hybrid -- or however you want to call it -- kids work out? What positions would they play - players like M. Williams (S or LB), I. Bell (S or LB). J. Turner (CB or S), M. Jones (S or LB)?

Also, I remember you guys saying that Coach Shafer wanted to play more aggressive and physical at the line with the cornerbacks, but didn't have the right athletes there. My question is how does that effect the new defensive coordinator Robinson? How does he like to apply pressure against wide receivers?

Do you see him blitzing a lot more with the linebackers that we have? or less? Will he play more conservative, since we do not know much about the talent we'll have on defense, and since, last year, we had so many problems defending the pass with our cornerbacks and with our safeties performing poorly in run and pass support?



Thanks for the question and keep them coming because we are running short on e-mail questions lately.

Coach Robinson is big believer in zone-blitz schemes.

In these schemes, you can blitz any of the back seven defenders. He is also a believer in the Kiffin Tampa 2 defense.

The Tampa 2 defense dates back to the great Steelers defenses of the 1970’s under Chuck Noll and Bud Carson.

In base, you play with four defensive linemen, three linebackers, two cornerbacks, and two safeties. It relies on getting pressure from front four and does not blitz a lot.

The three linebackers and two cornerbacks are responsible for underneath coverage. The two safeties play deep half or cover 2 hence the name Tampa 2.

What makes Tampa 2 some different is play of middle linebacker. When #2, slot or tight end goes vertical the middle linebacker is responsible for getting into deep coverage and protecting the area between the safeties.

This is bit more conservative approach than last year, which relies on a very aggressive pass rushing front four.

We would guess that Michigan would use some sort of combination of these two defenses. He will press, but we would expect to see Michigan drop back into zone, either 3 or 2 deep.

Here's how we see the personnel shake out:

M. Williams staying at safety and nickel.

I. Bell and M. Jones at linebackers.

J. Turner at free safety.

In the zone-blitz schemes, your free safety is vital. It is this position that will generally dictate which coverages and rotations the defense will utilize.

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Michigan Men's Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan Basketball on TV Tonight

Northwestern at Michigan

Jan. 24, 2009


8:00pm EST. - 10:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 610


Michigan Hockey on TV Tonight

Michigan Hockey

Michigan State vs. Michigan

Yost Ice Arena

7:30pm EST. - 11:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 663

FSN Detroit

Michigan Football: A Former Wolverine in All-Star Game Today

Defensive end Tim Jamison was selected to participate in the 2009 Under Armour Senior Bowl slated for Saturday, Jan. 24, at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Ala. The kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m. CST and will be nationally televised by the NFL Network.

2009 Senior Bowl

7:00pm EST. - 10:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 212

NFL Network

Mailbag question: What kind of defense from Coach Robinson


Can you explain more about the type of defense's that Coach Robinson might possibly use? You can of course, but I am just excited to see this team get better.



Thanks for the question and keep them coming because we are getting a little thin on questions lately.

Coach Robinson talks about two coaches influencing his philosophy: former Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Monte Kiflin and USC head coach Pete Carroll.

Coach Kiffin is a proponent of the Tampa 2 defense and Coach Carroll uses zone-blitz schemes.

In the past, Coach Robinson has used parts of both defenses. One thing we do expect to see is Michigan become primarily a four-man front defense.

At this time, we would not want to speculate too much on the style, scheme, etc., of the defense because we are not sure what Coach Robinson and Coach Rod have discussed. We should get a better handle of it once we attend the coachs clinic and when we attend spring practices later this year.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Michigan Hockey on TV Tonight

Michigan Hockey

Michigan State vs. Michigan

Joe Louis Arena

7:30pm EST. - 11:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 664

FSN Detroit Alt.

BTN: Womens Basketball highlights vs. Indiana

Mailbag question: will defensive staff positions be shuffled?

Hi Guys,

I am wondering what happens now with the defensive staff? Does Robinson take over the defensive line?

What position do you guys think the coaches should occupy to best help Michigan's defense improve towards their past glory?.

In addition, do you think that Coach Hopson will stick around? and if he does, will he stay on as linebackers' coach? Wasn't he a good defensive backs coach or do we have too many of those coaches already on staff?

Thanks ... Jim


Thanks for the question and keep them coming because we are getting a little thin on questions lately.

You have hit on the biggest question: What does Coach Hopson do? If Coach Hopson stays, a few different combinations would work well.

If Coach Hopson leaves, we do not know what coaches would be considered -- or would consider -- taking Coach Hopson's place.

Coach Hopson could leave for a defensive coordinator job, because that is the only position that we believe he is looking for right now, but it looks like he may be sticking around. If he does leave, we would like to see Michigan hire a top-flight cornerbacks' coach.

>> Be warned, the following is 100% speculation on our part:

Here is our projection for how we believe the staff might be used best: These are in order of our preference.

Projection 1:

Defensive Line: Coach Tall

Linebackers: Coach Robinson

Cornerbacks: Coach Hopson

Safeties: Coach Gibson


Projection 2:

Defensive Line: Coach Robinson

Linebackers: Coach Tall

Cornerbacks: Coach Hopson

Safeties: Coach Gibson


Projection 3:

Defensive Line: Coach Robinson

Linebackers: Coach Hopson

Cornerbacks: Coach Gibson

Safeties: Coach Tall

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michigan Women's Basketball Online Tonight

Michigan Women's Basketball Online Tonight

Indiana at Michigan


Jan. 22, 2009

7:00pm EST. - 9:00pm EST.

People have complained about the connection this year, but I have had a good connection. I am using the middle speed (I think it is 750) and seems to work fine with me. I have had some problems with the higher speed (I think it is 1500) with it stop and starting.

Also I am using Internet Explorer as well.

So hopefully that will work for you.

DirecTV adds 1 new channel and 1 HD channel

DirecTV adds Comedy Channel HD on 249 and also Sportsman Channel on 605.

Comedy Central HD will offer roughly 200 hours of programming in true high-def, including episodes of South Park, which is expected to begin airing in HD in the first quarter of this year.The network said The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will initially be upconverted for the high-def channel, but will switch to true HD in the future.

The Sportsman Channel (TSC) launched today on DIRECTV, Channel 605. TSC reached a distribution agreement with DIRECTV last month, making the network available on the CHOICE XTRA™ package. The channel number had not previously been announced. Among all distributors, The Sportsman Channel will be available to more than 15 million homes. TSC is owned and operated by InterMedia Outdoors, Inc. (IMO), the largest media company in the outdoor-enthusiast category.

IMO also announced it will rollout six new shows—Handguns, Tactical Arms, Predator Assault, Fly Fisherman, Breaking the Surface, and Walleye In-Sider—on TSC in 2009. In total, IMO will supply TSC with 21 shows this year. These shows will join the network’s already award-winning lineup that includes programming like Guns & Ammo, Tactical Impact, North American Whitetail, Arrow Affliction, In-Fisherman, Ice Guide TV and others. In 2008, IMO premiered several new programs on TSC, including two—Tactical Impact and Arrow Affliction—that critics considered ground-breaking and cutting-edge in the outdoor category.

“We are excited to launch and officially announce our channel position on DIRECTV,” said IMO CEO Jeff Paro. "We look forward to providing the DIRECTV customers with high-quality, outdoor programming, fueled by our unlimited resources within the IMO family. These new shows are an example of how we continue to leverage our strengths as the largest magazine publisher, the largest online network, and the largest TV producer in the outdoor category, to make TSC the pre-eminent channel in the space."

The Sportsman Channel is the only network fully devoted to the more than 80 million sportsmen in the United States, delivering 100 percent hunting, fishing and shooting programming. Acquired by InterMedia Outdoors Holdings in 2006, TSC is now a part of the nation's largest multimedia company targeted exclusively to serving the information and entertainment needs of Outdoors enthusiasts. For more information, visit

Mailbag question: biggest concern

What is the biggest concern for you guys with Greg Robinson?




The biggest concern we have is that most of his success was years ago. He was literally run out of Kansas City, and then recently fired as the head coach at Syracuse.

His success will be determined by how much power Coach Rod gives Coach Robinson. Nobody knows that answer except Coach Rod.

In addition, after watching Michigan last spring and throughout the season, we're not sure Michigan has that much talent on defense to work with, especially when it comes to depth.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greg Robinson: Michigan's New Defensive Coordinator

Coach Robinson is a high-energy hands-on type of football coach. He has a wealth of experience as defensive coordinator and as a defensive line coach. He has also worked with linebackers in the past.

The last time we had a chance to hear Coach Robinson speak, he talked a lot about being strong fundamentally, and even demonstrated proper stance to help get off the ball quicker.

He talked mostly about playing "four" fronts and gave two reasons for this preference:

1) He said playing "four" fronts gave the defense more opportunity to be/play aggressive, his exact words.

2) Coach Robinson also said playing "four fronts" allowed for more penetration and up-field play.

He talked about three goals on defense:

1) Stopping the run.

2) Creating turnovers.

3) Creating sacks / getting to the quarterback.

The other thing Coach Robinson is known for is his zone-blitz schemes which have been described in terms like "exotic" and "crazy."

In zone-blitz schemes, you blitz a player -- or players -- from the back seven. To replace them in coverage, you drop a defensive lineman into coverage. This type of scheme can really confuse an offensive line, but it can also create some unfavorable match ups.

This is what we said about him earlier last week:

"Robinson: Top-notch defensive coordinator with excellent resume -- including Super Bowl rings. Has a very good defensive mind and an outstanding resume. Would take Robinson over the other defensive coordinator that was on the list going around the message boards and blogs."

We will give a more in-depth write up on Greg Robinson after the Coaches Clinic this spring.

Greg Robinson's resume:

Coaching Experience:
• 2005-08 Head Coach Syracuse
• 2004 Co-Defensive Coordinator/LBs Texas
• 2001-03 Defensive Coordinator Kansas City Chiefs
• 1995-2000 Defensive Coordinator Denver Broncos
• 1994 Defensive Coordinator New York Jets
• 1990-93 Assistant Coach/Defensive Line New York Jets
• 1989 Offensive Coordinator UCLA
• 1982-88 Assistant Coach/Defensive Line UCLA
• 1980-81 Assistant Coach North Carolina St.
• 1977-79 Assistant Coach Cal State Fullerton
• 1975-76 Assistant Coach Pacific

Coaching Accomplishments
Syracuse University (2005-08)
• In his three seasons at Syracuse, 11Orange players have earned All-BIG EAST honors and six have been selected in the NFL Draft
• In 2007, the Orange set the school record for the most passing yards (2,750) in a season
• In 2006, the Orange tied for fourth nationally in passes had intercepted (5), ranked ninth in turnover margin (+.92), tied for 11th in fewest turnovers lost (17) and tied for 22nd in turnovers gained (28)
• Syracuse’s 2.83 sacks per game ranked 19th nationally in 2006
• Syracuse tied for 23rd in Division I-A victory improvement in 2006
• The 2005, defensive unit ranked 21st in pass defense and 37th in pass efficiency defense, climbing from 2004 rankings of 90th and 97th, respectively

University of Texas (2004)
• Defense ranked 18th in scoring defense (17.92), 16th in rushing defense (107.42) and 23rd in total defense (320.08) in the country
• Two first-team All-Big 12 selections and five others who earned recognition among the All-Big 12 second, third and honorable mention teams

Kansas City Chiefs (2001-03)
• In 2002 and 2003, the defense produced 70 sacks and forced 68 turnovers (43 interceptions/25 fumble recoveries). During that time, Kansas City posted a 21-11 record
• 2002 defense ranked third in the NFL, led AFC in turnover margin (+16) and registered 34 sacks, 18 interceptions and forced 31 total miscues
• 2003 led NFL in turnover margin (+19), tied for sixth in sacks (36) sacks, third in interceptions (25), fifth in forced turnovers (37)

Denver Broncos (1995-2000)
• 1999 defense ranked seventh in total defense (297.1 ypg) and eighth in pass defense (188.5 ypg)
• The performance of Robinson’s defense throughout the ‘98 playoffs was paramount to Denver’s quest for a second straight title. The Broncos allowed opponents just 25 total points, 53.0 rushing yards per game and forced a remarkable 13 turnovers in the three postseason games.
• 1998 ranked third in run defense (80.4 ypg) and eighth in scoring defense (19.3 ppg)
• 1997 defense ranked fifth in total defense (291.9), sixth in scoring defense (17.9 ppg), and fifth in pass defense (179.3 ypg)
• 1996 defense ranked fourth in total defense (279.4 ypg), seventh in scoring defense (17.2 ppg), 10th in pass defense (214.3 ypg), and led the NFL in run defense (83.2 ypg)
• 1995 defense ranked eighth in pass defense (206.1 ypg)

Championship and Bowl Games as a Coach
• Robinson’s Bowl Record (Super Bowl and Collegiate): 10-0
• 2004 Rose Bowl Champions, Texas
• 2003 NFL Playoffs, Kansas City Chiefs
• 2000 NFL Playoffs, Denver Broncos
• 1999 NFL Playoffs, Denver Broncos
• 1998 Super Bowl Champions, Denver Broncos
• 1997 Super Bowl Champions, Denver Broncos
• 1996 NFL Playoffs, Denver Broncos
• 1991 NFL Playoffs, New York Jets
• 1988 Cotton Bowl Champions, UCLA
• 1987 Aloha Bowl Champions, UCLA
• 1986 Freedom Bowl Champions, UCLA
• 1985 Rose Bowl Champions, UCLA
• 1984 Fiesta Bowl Champions, UCLA
• 1983 Rose Bowl Champions, UCLA
• 1982 Rose Bowl Champions, UCLA

Prominent Players Coached

Flipper Anderson
Steve Atwater
Steve Gregory
Tanard Jackson
Derrick Johnson
Ryan LaCasse
Jeff Lageman
John Mobley
Ken Norton
Quinn Ojinnaka
Roman Phifer
Bill Romanowski
Anthony Smith
Jerome Woods
James Wyche

Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michigan Men's Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan Basketball on TV Tonight

Penn State at Michigan

Jan. 20, 2009


9:00pm EST. - 11:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 610


Michigan Tidbits: Michigan Basketball ... well Hoopheads Penn State is next.

Michigan Basketball: Hoops gets some good news and a tough game tonight? Must win?

Well, some good news finally hit the pavement today: we have been telling people for the last seven months about a new practice facility for the Men's and Women's Basketball programs ( and glad that the proposal is finally going up before the regents. This is not a done deal. The regents have to approve it, which usually takes 3 - 4 times before any actual ground-breaking occurs. A lot of the delay, I believe, had to do with the economy and getting everything in order. The mens team's marked improvement this year will only help push this through. I do not believe it will be a problem like all the struggles the Michigan Stadium renovation had, but the regents might play the economy card here even though Michigan just received three trillion dollars -- or whatever the number was -- to help rebuild and upgrade Michigan campus.

[By the way, I don't condone gambling (wink, wink), but if you do happen to gamble online, please swing by Super Bowl Betting and put down some green on the biggest day of the year for betting -- The Super Bowl.]

Now, back to the team and the latest developments. People have said that Coach Beilein was out-coached against Thad Matta. Well, it is a lot easier to be out-coached when you have less basketball talent on the floor. Just look at Ohio State's roster: they are loaded with four- and five-star kids. The other thing is that when Michigan is not knocking down shots they are going to lose ball games, plain and simple. When you shoot a 35.7% field goal percentage and a three-point field goal percentage of 34.5%, you are not going to win too many games. When Michigan gets the ball inside, they need to convert. The last couple of games they have not done it.

Remember, for most people this year was supposed to be a team that improved and would be in the NIT tournament. When Michigan beat UCLA people got excited and saw what this team could do. Then Michigan beat Duke at home and those expectations went through the roof. Now people are doing a 180 from their overly high expectiations and talking about the shame of failing to get into the Big Dance, which I disagree with a little bit. It would be a disappointment, since the euphoria of early success, but the Big Ten conference is becoming a great conference for basketball, especially this year, where 6 to 7 teams could make it into the Big Dance.

Losing a player like Epke Udoh has hurt this program for depth issues more than what he could do on offense. Defensively, he would have helped out rebounding and shot-blocking, his presence would have been a huge factor.

For this team to do anything in the Big Ten conference -- and beyond -- DeShawn Sims is going to have to show up on both ends of the court. In the last two games, he has been a non-factor for the most part and has hurt the team on the offensive side of the ball with his shooting. He is getting good looks, but just not knocking them down.

His defense is not that much better either. I realize that in most games he is going up against bigger, taller players, but that does not, or should not, excuse the fact that he is being outplayed. He was beaten on both ends of the floor at Illinois, and again against Ohio State. If he is the smaller man, then he should start trying to use that to his advantage by showing quickness, athleticism, and by being aggressive. He must outwork and outplay opponents and use the fundamentals of basketball to his advantage. It almost seems like he has gotten soft and does not bang the boards or play physical enough lately.

Novak, for example, is a kid that is everywhere at once. He is usually playing against a taller player as well, yet is getting rebounds, loose balls, etc… There aren't many instances that you can say his man will out-work him nor out-hustle him.

Manny Harris had a very good game against Ohio State. If not for him, that game would not have even been close.

Stu Douglas finally started to get confidence again and knocked down shots, but he needs to get closer to the three point line because those twenty-five footers he keeps trying are hard to come by.

[Again not trying to tell you to bet, but you can wager on more than 50 sports. Sports Betting if your interested.]

Does the Penn State game become a must win? Well, not yet, but they need to pick up some road wins, especially after losing two Big Ten games at home. People need to realize this team is still ahead of schedule and that the Big Ten is very competitive, top to bottom. Take heart, people -- there have not been many blowouts this seasons and most of the games have been competitive regardless of the opponent.

Written by ErocWolverine

Monday, January 19, 2009

BTN: Greatest season ever: 1989

BTN: Michigan Womens Basketball Highlights against Michigan State

Mailbag question: Florida and Michigan offense's

Blog question:

I've read on that in the past Urban Meyer consulted with Coach Rod about the spread offense.

How similar is Florida's offense to what we might see from Michigan in the future?



Thanks for the question.

Florida does use parts of the "quarterback read option," the basis of Coach Rod's offense, but not very much.

What Coach Meyer and Florida confered with Coach Rod and staff about, mostly, was the use of the no-huddle offense, Michigan's signaling system, and how to speed up the game to prevent the defense from substituting in order to tire out the defense.

If you watched the BCS game, you saw this used to perfection. Both offenses use a quarterback-based offense, where the play of the quarterback is vital to the overall success of the offense. The Florida running game featured direct snaps to the quarterback who is used much like a halfback in the old single wing offense. Coach Rod's version is based more on the veer option. The quarterback in Coach Meyer's offense is used differently in the running game than in Coach Rod's: the way Tim Tebow is used at Florida, he's a "fullback" that can throw the ball.

As for the passing game, Florida is more advanced as far as using the vertical game and combination routes. At West Virginia, Coach Rod used the combination routes very well, including the use of the "max back" in the passing game, We did not see that at Michigan this year, but do expect to see it in the future. Florida's passing game is also more complex and multi-faceted than Michigan's at this time.

Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Michigan Hockey on TV Today

Michigan at Bowling Green (from Saturday)

12:00pm EST. - 2:30pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 215

NHL Network

Mailbag question: Regarding the what defense is best exchange


I'm sure many noticed the exchange in the comments of the "What defense is best..." Mailbag question between Coach BT and Gsimmons85. Could you explain in further detail what the two are talking about? What are stunts, shade techniques, one-gap, two-gap and what are the philosophies behind them.


-- F


Thanks for the question.

As for the philosophy behind the choice of defensive schemes used, many times, it is just a matter of what scheme the coaches learned as players. Tony Dungy, for instance, based his defense on what he learned playing defensive back for Chuck Noll and the Steelers. Other times, it is based on what works best against the offenses the teams in your league use. I have had defensive coordinators tell me it is simply what has worked for them in the past.

The offensive line is divided up into gaps or areas.

A-gaps: the areas between offensive center and offensive guards.

B-gaps: the areas between offensive guards and offensive tackles.

C-gaps: the areas between offensive tackles and tight ends.

D-gaps: the areas outside tight ends. If no tight end is used, many teams will call the C-gap area off the offensive tackles outside hip, or some even go as far as using a "shadow" tight end as an aiming point.

Most defenses are based on the idea that defenders are responsible for certain gaps. In two-gap defenses, defensive linemen are responsible for -- as the name suggests -- two gaps.

For example in a defense with a 0 "shade," the defender/nose tackle will align head up on offensive center. In this alignment, the nose tackle can be responsible for both A-gaps, or both areas between the offensive center and offensive guard.

One-gap is just that. The defender is responsible for a single gap. Using the same example as above, if the nose tackle angles to one side of offensive center he will more than likely be responsible for the A-gap in the direction he is angling.

A "shade" technique is when a defender lines up and shades an offensive lineman. For example, the nose tackle, instead of lining up head up on the offensive center, "shades," or aligns on the outside shoulder, or splits the legs of the offensive center. You can do this with any defender on any offensive linemen. When you shade you are generally playing a one-gap defense.

Stunt is a general term for when defensive linemen attack gaps other than ones they are lined up on.

In many stunts, two linemen will crisscross. Many teams will use different terminology for stunts: twist, loop, slant, and jet, are common.

For example, one we use a lot is called JET. In JET, our weak, or quick side, defensive end drives up field on the offensive tackle, and then quickly will work his way inside the offensive tackle. The defensive tackle will attack the offensive guard by driving hard at him. The defensive tackle will than slip outside the defensive end and rush up field after the defensive end has made his move.

These explanations may have created more questions than answers, so please send them in and we'll do our best to answer them.

Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Michigan Men's Basketball on TV Tonight

Michigan Basketball on TV Tonight

Ohio State at Michigan

Jan. 17, 2009


8:00pm EST. - 10:00pm EST.

DirecTV Channel 610


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