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Mailbag Question:

Hey fellas,

Thanks for answering my questions last week. Whenever I post my opinions on mgoblog, they usually fall prey to niggling, stat checking and you are run of the mill internet blog-bitching, and the general idea is never constructively discussed. This is why I like your blog so much. This question may be a little premature since it is early in the season, and maybe you could save it in the bag for later in the season since it may be irrelevant now.

A sign of an excellent head coach is not only how prepared he gets his team coming into the game, but his adjustments at half time. For my number one example of that, I would go with Pete Carroll and his staff. How do you think Coach Rod and his staff has done adjusting at halftime so far this year? Granted it is difficult to tell with all the inexperience and the lack of exposure we have had to his style of play, but have you noticed a difference? Is it reasonable to expect to see a difference this early in his career with these types of players? What about his tenure at West Virginia?

Thanks guys,


Thanks for the comments and the questions.

If you wait until halftime to make changes, you are waiting too long.

In today’s football, you must be able to make adjustments on the fly. The other thing about adjustments is it is tough to make them unless you have properly prepped throughout the weeks’ practices

You are limited by two major factors: first, have you practiced the scheme; second, can your players execute the scheme. If you make a change without considering those two factors you are setting up your players to fail. That is the easiest way to lose a team.

In our opinion Michigan’s adjustments this year are limited by two things. Number one is a basic lack of time in schemes. Michigan has only part of the complete package available.

Second, UM is limited by personnel. Neither the offense nor the defense has the ideal players to make their schemes and adjustments effective.

written by CoachBT and ErocWolverine


Anonymous said...

Yes, but if you look at the games thus far, Michigan has played as good, or better in the second half. So, something positive does seem to be happening at halftime, as limited as it may be.

BlueSage said...

Don't buy your "ideal player" logic much. Of course, if a coach has "ideal players" he can look like a genius, not just at halftime, but ALL the time. A great coach is one who takes what he has and makes it better than anybody could have imagined. Also, the better coaches ARE the ones who's teams make noticeable adjustments at halftime and play better in the second half. The examples are too long to name.

Also, your line "if you wait until halftime to make changes, you're waiting too long" is a nice sound bite, but full of crap. Here's why: 1.) You can't always anticipate what the other team will do, so how can you prepare for that? Also, what if one of their players is having an unbelievable, break-out game? You can't prepare for that either. 2.) In the midst of the first half, sure, you can make some changes, but obviously halftime offers a much better climate to address the team or units as a whole.

If what you say is true, then no team should ever come from behind in the second half. Why even play it then if it's all decided before the game? Come on.

I like you guys, but this time your answer's a bit smug and doesn't wash with experience.

RTPBob said...

Who makes most of the "adjustments" the head coach or the assistant coaches?

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