Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mailbag Question:

Hey Guys,

Could you please recap the rules on "commitments"? When, say Roh, "commits" how binding is it? Are there certain rules that must now be abided by? He can also "de-commit" at anytime, right? In addition, when are the true deadlines?


-- John Q.


Thanks for the question. Rules are, there are no rules.

If there is no dead period, in place any coach can contact any player regardless of verbal commitment. There are certain rules, but just like in other sports if you do not, get caught your not breaking any rules, and how the NCAA handles things, they rely on the schools to self-police themselves.

Regarding a player like Roh who on the show he committed to them talked about him de-committing already. Well have to remember that is father is from Michigan and seems like the father was very happy that his boy decided to pick Michigan. It is one thing to choose a school because you think it is best for you, but when your family thinks it is best for you as well that just makes it that much better. Besides the Midwest kids, I feel good about Roh staying with Michigan.

Now if you ask me about the southern kids then that might be a different story if they all stick or not because of the relationship in the past with southern kids and Michigan near the end of their recruitment.

How will these kids feel if Michigan struggles this year and then comes to visit? In which some of these kids have never been on campus yet and it just happens to be terrible weather wise. Then the southern coaches start talking to these kids and trying to change their minds and tells them that Michigan is not what it use to be.

Verbal commitments are non-binding to both players and teams. The true deadline is National Letter of Intent Day, which we believe it is first Tuesday in February.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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John Q said...

Thanks for the answers.

Some follow up questions:

In practice, on average, about what is the percentage of verbal commitments that end up being true? Anybody know? or have a guess?

Is "decommiting" become more common in recent years?

What's the advantage to players to verbally commit? Why would they if they don't have to?

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