Monday, September 29, 2008

Michigan Daily: Article by Nate Sandals

SportsMonday Column: You won't forget this one

By Nate Sandals
Daily Sports Editor

Cherish what happened on Saturday. Cherish that game, that atmosphere, that comeback.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you’re from or how much you care about Michigan football — what happened Saturday afternoon will go down as one of your most memorable college experiences.

Games like this are rare, so don’t let this past weekend blend in with other fall Saturdays, a blurry set of images from average games whose scores you will never remember.

This comeback win against Wisconsin deserves more than its own Facebook album. It's something special.

During the last five minutes, even though I was on the field and just feet from the action, I found myself focusing far more on the student section than the game. I wanted to soak in as much of the atmosphere as I could.

The truth is, I was jealous.

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Anonymous said...

Your right about remembering games like this. I was at the Indiana game, when Anthony Carter caught the last second touch down pass from John Wrangler for the win. The entire stadium stood and cheered for what seemed like an hour after the game. Bob Ufer was going crazy on the radio. No one wanted to go home, we stayed until the band finished playing after the game. I couldn't soak up enough of the atmospher, It was magic. It seems like it was just yesterday. PS Two of my friends left the game early, they regret it until this day. Mike T.

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