Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mailbag question: biggest concern

What is the biggest concern for you guys with Greg Robinson?




The biggest concern we have is that most of his success was years ago. He was literally run out of Kansas City, and then recently fired as the head coach at Syracuse.

His success will be determined by how much power Coach Rod gives Coach Robinson. Nobody knows that answer except Coach Rod.

In addition, after watching Michigan last spring and throughout the season, we're not sure Michigan has that much talent on defense to work with, especially when it comes to depth.

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Anonymous said...

I agree talent is very this this year. Only Brandon G is an established star. No real stud LB. Donovan was way off last year. The safety position is a waste land unless some of the Frosh and Smith step up.

Anonymous said...

the big play killed us last year... this year, look for us to be more fundamentally sound at safety and OLB...the DL will not quite be as stout but id rather die a slow death by getting run on...than a quick death by having safeties out of position consistantly as happened last year.... we have some good safety talent coming in and if B. Smith comes to play that position could actually upgrade significantly.

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