Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DirecTV Subscribers: Today some MPEG2 HD Channels are gone.

On Wednesday February 25th at 6:00am EST., the MPEG2 versions of Showtime (Channel 71), Universal HD (Channel 74) and HDNet Movies (Channel 78) will be removed from broadcast.

These channels are already available in their MPEG4 format -- Showtime (Channel 537), Universal HD (Channel 259), and HDNet Movies (Channel 552).

Since January 8, there have been on-screen crawls on each of the channels telling customers to check their set-up via instructions on viewer channel 77.

*** More to come in the next few months as well.

The MPEG2 HD Channels that are left are HBO (CH 70), ESPN2 (CH. 72), ESPN (CH. 73), TNT (CH. 75), HD Theater (CH. 76), HDNet (CH. 79). Along with the Distant local channels for anybody able to receive them CBS (CH. 80), NBC (CH. 82), ABC (CH. 86) and Fox (CH. 88).

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