Thursday, March 12, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Blake Sims -- Quarterback

Blake Sims from Gainesville high school in Gainesville, Georgia.

CoachBt/ErocWolverine quick comments: Super quick and elusive athlete. Excellent moves and change of direction. Has accurate arm, but mechanics could use some work. He is teammate with Tai’ler Jones who has a Michigan offer as well.


Benny said...

Devin Young to committ on MONDAY four sure. Hes a big recruit who eroc and coachBt already profiled. They where a head of the game on this won. So know we have too good qbs and won who could be a speshul qb also. Coach RR is doing a great job. Know all he has too do is know knight games.


Fred said...

i dont know bout this Blane Sims guy? he looks reeeeelly good in the vid BUT HES NOT ENVEN RANKED BY SCOUT OR RIVALS! He cant be that good, so i don't think hed bee a good QB maybe if the rankings were better for him, but not now.

and i was glad about getting Devince, and he seemed like a big get but then i saw his rattings on scout and Rivals and he doesnt seems like MICHIGAN MATERIAL hes only a four *. i cun undertand only geting 4 * this year because MIchigan went 3-9 (UNACCEPTABLE!) but cmon we can do better were MICHIGAN! cmon RR bring home the CHAMPIONS!

bye the way, i like that these guys are playin at night this is whut Im talkin about BABBY! Night games! and if were geting these guy there going to be READY FOR IT!

BlueTommy said...

Hay Benny,

When i frst saw these storie i thought u first. Maizerman keep saying we needs deeper qbs. Now we gots Young DevDev and these Blake Simz hilites are for reelze good qualities.

Did u notes that CoachTB/ERocWolvrie both had sames comments? If both think he good he good. He is teemate with Taleir Jonsie with Mich U offers to. Hopefully they come tofethr and can get roommates room like Will Biggie Camball and Tric Jones this seesonin. U now its just e-pinion but the words on eblog ratings say no sugarcoats.

Sidesnotes - I really like the boy in video's blue shorties, I have pair just like tem. It lookies like they playing at Eaglets of Orchide Lake Marties stadium. Which is wrilly weird cause its in Mich and Simz from Gorgia, like Pitway was. I betz they r boyz. All sports eliterz now each othr somehow, like majics.

ErocWolverine said...


The thing is a lot of the recruiting services have not evaluated these kids yet.

Also some of these kids did not go to camps/combines where they could get noticed.

The big thing right now is just see who offers these kids, and who is interested.

After the summer the rankings will come out on these kids and then in the fall we will see how they do on the field where it matters and then the ranking will change again.

Benny said...

Pettway dunked SO HARD on people in practice. He is best dunker by far in all of world, or even America.

Fred - just dropp the knight games idea. We will never play them becuz we are LEADERS and even BEST. Knight games are for kiddies in there hi school underpants in there backyeards wearing hs underwares. Michigan Stadium is not in you're backyeards ant not in mine. Live you're fantasees out in videogames under brite knight lites.

Patel said...

coach/Eroc, Michigan seems to be recruiting a LOT of quarterbacks and receivers. A disproportionate number, even. Any thoughts on why this is?

Don't get me wrong, I believe in Coach Rod and trust his tactics; I'm just surprised. I'd like to see some defensive commits, pronto.

Benny- I'm sorry man, but I can barely understand you. You have some great analysis, but PLEASE use a spellchecker!

ErocWolverine said...


Well one thing is I am not sure they are that "excited" about current wide receivers on the team.

Also they might not be sure that those "3" committed kids actually sign.

Another thing I think that some of the wide receiver prospects can play on either side of the ball such as Jerald Robinson could play on the defenive side of the ball.

As quarterbacks go ... I think he wants two in this class for sure and wants to make sure he gets a decent one. With Devin committed now I am wondering if they slow things down and be a little more selective.

Benny said...

Spell chekker?

Patel, why mok me on this great eblog? I just half difculte with words. Itsnot my falt.

eroc is write. We will only look four won more qb in this class. They are go ing to take they're time and select the best qb for MICHIGAN. That weigh he wont go to Tulsa over Michigan. Beaver pelt lol!

Fred said...

Mr. Erocwolverine, thanks you for explaning the rankings. i guess i hope your right and all, im just a little worryed about hwo things are going with last seasons and the law suit and the jersey number and the family values. sometimes it seems like thing are going in the wrong direction but i reelly hope not and i trust RR and think hes the rigt man for the job but somtimes I qeustion what hes doing and i dont think hes the right hire.

for example, i agree with Patle about all the WRs and QBs sometimes it seems like their really good catchs and I think RR is a good coach but then I worry about the lack of defensve players and I think RR may not be that good a coach and im still not solde on GR.

Beeny, ive been over this with you and now you are the one to pearce my hart with arrows with your words. why man? and why not just TRY a night game? not every night just one night? i know people ar worryed about bad things like muggins and rapes, but for all intensive purposes i think it will either be a good idea or a bad idea (50/50 like this one guy said) so its worth TRYING!

Benny said...

Fred my lips are lik sords and will pierce what they are wanting? Sords are what nights use. But that doesn't mean we need to use my lips. Lips arenot part of football. You no what is? Devin Young and his football skills. Skills that are good and football related. I like football skills in playurs who go to MICHIGAN! He mite whin the highsman tommorow you'll see!

Fred said...

Beeny, words stings and we must be carful what we say. yes youre lips are like sworts and you must be careful were you put your lips because those sworts can cut is placed on the wrong part but they can also be sweet and strong and wise like when Lloyd woud read Kelping to th eplayers. on this wek can agree..

and your right about Devince. his arm will be a swort to strike against the emeny teams even though hes not a 5 star and Coltate will bee like a javlin and they will be UNSTOPABLE! Heck with Coltate and Devince might even win back to back to back hiesmans! Thats being a CHAMPTIONS!

Benny said...

3 or for highsmans is not out of the realm of possiibilty. We are MICHIGAN afterall. But we must rember ryen perilllloouz at LSU because he said hed win for highsmans and nowhe is no where to be found as a playur or a man on a campus or in a stadium or even in a lockerrromm on a campus stadium anywhere. I feel bad for him and his dreem.

Anonymous said...

learn how to spell!

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