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Mailbag question: Brickwork at Michigan Stadium

I like reading your blog. I think it's one of the best one's out there.

One question I have is about the pictures of the Michigan Stadium “Big House”, and the bricks they are using to cover the exterior.

I know that you don't have anything to do with the project , but I just thought it was suppose to be a brighter color of bricks they would use. It looks very dull, and cheap. It just does not look that good. What do you think?

The link that I have here is what I thought the brickwork would look like.

Thank you for your time.

veracityoflove from GBW



Thanks for the question.

Well I am in the commercial construction business and work with bricklayers. Quick history my grandfather, father, uncle, and myself were/are all in the masonry field with my brother and other uncle as carpenters so I have been around it all my life.

Anyway, I understand what your saying, but one thing to remember is the pictures they are showing are computer generated and probably at the time they were done, they did not have the pick of the brick out.

In addition, I think in those pictures it actually shows the brick better and of the two different types of brick where you can see the darker colored (soldier course) which mean they stand them up instead of sideways or normal length wise lighter colored ones (running bond) in those computer pictures.

Now as far as the brickwork you see right now you need to remember that they still have to clean the brick, which means they use a product called “sure clean” that is a general purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick surfaces. Dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt quickly, leaving the masonry clean and uniform with no acid burning or streaking. It removes excess mortar, mud, heavy efflorescence, embedded stains, etc.

So in another words it will look cleaner, brighter, and will look a lot better once this is done. Which I am assuming looking at what they have done so far they will or should have all the outside brickwork done this summer and should all be cleaned and finished before the first game this year.

Now if you looked through several of the pictures and see this one a close up and see the design of the brick you will be able to see the two different patterns and also the two different types of brick.

One thing they have done and I like is they have made all their athletic campus renovations near the stadium the same brick or very close to it. If you look at the Wilpon Complex (Softball and Baseball stadiums), Junge center, Ross Academic center, Michigan football new field house, and Michigan Stadium are all the same brick or close enough that the normal eye would not tell.

If you look at some of these pictures will show some of the brick cleaned up and what it will look like once it is completed.

Also if you look at the E-Labels on the right-hand side of the blog and look under "Michigan Stadium Pictures" and "Michigan Fieldhouse Pictures" you will be able to see all the pictures that have been on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

the snow looks dirty too. Do they use the same cleaner on that as well as the brick?

ted said...

i love the blog and far be it from me to question your knowledge of bricklaying, but i also come from a long line of masonry workers. i looked at the brick and the first thing i thought was that this is unacceptable. i do not agree the brick will be clean and bright. i think martin really screwed the pooch on this one. another in a long line of questionable decisions.

ErocWolverine said...


Not really sure what you mean by "bright" because no brick is ever bright (IMO).

Also it looks to me almost exactly like the same brick that was used on the Academic center, Baseball and Softball complex, Football fieldhouse and the Junge recruiting center and it all turned out okay in my opinion.

Next time I go I will have to get a better look at it for sure now, but it seems the same brick.

Anonymous said...

FYI: When you're at the stadium for the spring game, see if you can see the difference between the walls/columns and the arches. I saw the Precast Concrete magazine yesterday, and it had a little editorial tidbit showing that the arches aren't bricks, but in fact precast concrete, formed to look like brick.

billy said...

I agree,

i really think its bad bricks. I think RR had them cut some corners on final construction. I too Lay alot of bricks.

Benny said...

There are all types of bricks to be used on the stadium. If you say that bricks are not acceptable because they aren't bright enough then you are not true Michigan man. Are bricks will be the best bricks. They are going to intimidate and scar the other teams into playing to loose instead of playing to WIN. It will look like the collisseum from the outside and it will look like a black coffin inside. Black is so intimidating? We will win more games with new bricks. You see!

Fred said...

I have to agree with Benny. Anyone that thinks Michigan will use the wrong types of bricks does not believe in the team and is not a Michigan Man. Those (Bricks) Who Stay Will Be Champions!, to coin a phrase.

The bricks will be the first thing the opposing teams sees when then come to the stadium, and the last as they turn to look back upon the place where they lost their honor after being defeated by the Victors and Champions of the West! I guarantee at least 3 more wins a year with these renovations.

Benny said...

You our right Fred. But I think your wrong when you say 3 games a year more. We shouldn't never loose a game at the BIG HOUSE! So many people our there and our watching on televesion that we should be really intimating and ferosheous. The other teams will be scarred to play in the BIG HOUSE! and will bow to the champeons and Victor.

Fred said...

Benny, you make a very good point. Honestly, I don't see us losing a single game at the Big House (THE HOUSE THAT YOST BUILT!) once the rennovations are done. It's simply going to be too big and intemidating and loud and just AWESOME. I am so PUMPED! We are finally going to strike FEAR into our opponants again! Not only does this lead to wins at the Big House (HOME OF THE VICTORS VALIANT!) but teams are going to be afraid to play us ANYWHERE!

The only thing that could be more awesome for the team than these rennovations is a night game at the Big House (HOME OF THE CONQUERING HEROES!). I read at Maize & Blue Nation that there's some real mommentum around this petition some guy's got going for a night game. He makes a really good case for it too.

Sorry for the hyperbolly, but I really am PUMPED for the Wolverine future. It's full of Maize and Blue baby, MAIZE AND BLUE!

Mr. ErocWolverine, have you checked this out? What do you think about a night game at the BIG House? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.

ErocWolverine said...


Well yea been hearing about a night game for awhile, but mostly it is coming from fans only.

Will Bill Martin agree to it? Not sure, but a lot of it would depend on what he wants along with Coach Rod.

Martin has stated that he does not like the night games because of parking, etc... but the real reason is because he doesn't like all the time for people to tailgate and get drunk.

Michigan State has had problems in the past with those issues.

If a night game does happen sometime after the renovations I hope it is sometime in the first several games when it is 90 degrees out.

Will Coach Rod push for it ...

Benny said...

Knight games arent for leaders and BEST they are four schools of Big East schools and the MACK. Michigan is #1 in all time winning percentage. How many of those our knight games? Not very manys. If we start playing the knight games we might end up loosing more than we our yoused too. I don't like the knight games one bit.


Fred said...

I'm sorry you feel that way Benny. I thought you were a CHAMPION and just wanted the BEST. As in teh LEADERS and BEST! And I think a night game or two early in the season would BE THE BEST! I don't think you can stop it though. There's a TON of polls and petitions out there in favor of it. Fans all over the blogs are going NUTS about it. Can't stop it baby!


Billy said...

Why don't we have all night games? WE WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE!!! There are a few threads about this on www.mgoblog.com started by one of their most solid commenters, so I think this thing has legs!

billy said...

i will say that it was obvious that michigan played better last year when the fans were crazy and loud... its not just the PLAYERS, but the fans.. 9-3 is ok, but a crazy e-vironment would lead to 11-0....

this place is turning into a great discussion board..

billy said...

plus at night, you wouldnt notice those terrible bricks...

Benny said...

FIRST: this yoused to be a comments ection about bricks. Bright bricks. When the big HOUSE! has all of it's bricks dun we will be intimating everyone.

SECOND: And this is importent. We our not a knight team. Wolverines isnot noktournal. We eats animals during the days and sleeps at knight. I shuld now, I took history of um in natral sciences bilding at um in 2001. GO BLUE!

Fred said...

Three things.

first: Benny is right this is about bricks and laying brick at the Big House (VICTORS, BABY!).

second: i think its important we at least TRY a night game. I've heards a lot of arguements about why not to have night games, traffic and getting homje late or not having hotels and not having enought lights and people being drunk and afraid of bad things like muggins or rape, but seriously I think we just TRY IT! Just a test run. If those things happen, then the AD can just say "Hey, our bad" and we won't do it, but I SWEAR if we try it everyone will see how AWESOME it is. It will be CRAZY!

Benny said...

Muggins?!?! Rape?!?!?! Ill let you live with that on your conscious but my conscious is clear. Rape is never exceptable to anyone with clear conscious.

Knight games are only good in backyeard with your friends and truckslights beamin on the field. I knowd this because of that gamemovie invinceble with Marky Mark. He is a boy then a man who plays football with his friends. Then he plays with the Eagles in the NFL. See, games in back yard under knightlights can beg great. But only for Marky Mark. Or the funky bunch. Say, whatever happend to them?

UMxWolverines said...

I'm the night games guy from mgoblog btw. Fred do you really think my idea about night games is a good idea, or is that sarcasm. Seriously, I can't tell anymore because I've been getting so much ridicule from people on mgoblog about it. I get the same stuff over and over. "BILL MARTIN HAS ADDRESSED THE CONCERNS ABOUT NIGHT GAMES SO WE CAN'T HAVE ONE! PARKING WOULD BE TERRIBLE AND THE RESIDENTS WOULD COMPLAIN! IT WOULD BE STUPID!" Bull crap. LSU does it every year without problem and they seat 95,000 I think. Also the residents need to suck it up and just go with it. So annoying...

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