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Michigan Football Tidbits: Defense Thurday Practice Report


First Group Defense on Thursday:

Graham (DE), Martin (DT), RVB (DE), Herron (Spinner), Fitzgerald (LB), Ezeh (LB), S. Brown (Hybrid), Boo Boo (CB), Vlad (S), Woolfolk (S), Warren (CB).

Another big surprise was Helmuth playing with the first team. There was a reason for this: Martin, who was with the first team during drills, was held out after drills, so Helmuth split time with Sagesse with the first group.

Evans is first backup for Herron. Watson alternated with Evans as well. Watson has a ways to go, but plays well when they put in the rush package.

There were several surprises today -- some huge surprises that will take some explaining. Starting safeties (Thursday) were Woolfolk and Vlad. Yes, Vlad as starter. He looked, on Thursday, to be our best safety -- not even close.

Second Group Defense on Thursday:

Patterson (DE), W. Campbell (DT), Banks (DE), Watson (Spinner), Demens (LB), Leach (LB), Hawthorne (Hybrid), JT Floyd (CB), Smith (S), Williams (S), F. Simmons(CB).

We played a three-man line the whole practice. Here is the deal with the defense: they have it arranged so the best athletes are on the field, but if they had to, they could always put in an extra defensive lineman at any time -- it seems like a variation of a 3-3-5. In a way, it is almost like a 3-1-2-5. Herron rushes the passer a lot.

Defensive Backs:
Vlad and Woolfolk looks like if they stay as safeties. Turner could play cornerback. Vlad is very good and rarely is out of position. Be shocked if Vlad does not start at safety in the first game. Vlad was still in green jersey, but still hit. Woolfolk had an interception and looked physical. Boo Boo had a big interception today. Williams also played well, but speed is an issue. Smith had a horrible practice and did not seem ready for prime time, although physically, he is one of the most impressive kids on the team. Will be interesting to see where B. Smith ends up, but he was not great today. He is thinking too much, which expected playing for the first time with such high expectations on him. He could be moved to S. Brown's spot at some point in his career.

Defensive Line:
Sagesse looks to be in great shape, so reports on him were not accurate. Will Campbell, at this point in time, is not ready to play. He is also, practically, still a high school player, so he needs to get better fundamentally. LaLota did not play. Martin had a small ankle sprain.

Linebackers (including Spin/Hybrid): Ezeh and Fitzgerald still have a ways to go. Herron looked good. Jones, who plays the same spot as S. Brown, played a lot today, and played well .

Special Teams:
Each coach gets to choose whoever player they want to play on their respective special team. Coach Rod outlined how they coach special teams: Dews has Punt Returns, Coach Hopson has Kick Offs, Jackson has Kick Returns, Gibson has Punts, and Frey has Field Goals.

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Anonymous said...

It's great to read that Vlad is doing well at this point. Would be awesome to see him kick ass at safety and end up being responsible for beating Ohio State in every game he plays against them. That would be sweet sweet Karma.

gsimmons85 said...

its all a type of 3-4

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