Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Justin Turner: He is enrolled

Thanks Goodness ... Now get to Ann Arbor and get ready to play (well he is there actually)!

***Update 8:45pm *** Got three different e-mails and 1 phone call from people I trust about this matter and one with a connection to the Massillon area and said "he's good to go".


Anonymous said...

No sugarcoat?

Anonymous said...

How can
you post something that important on your blog and then not cite how or where you got that information?

Give me a per JT's dad, or something at least.

I really want this to be true but up to this point I have heard:

-That the earliest the test scores come back is Aug 3rd.
-The summer session has began already so how can he be ENROLLED? Qualified is much different than ENROLLED.

Wade said...

Guys he has enrolled for fall classes the way i hear it, not summer classes, he is at Michigan working out, and no doubt Michigan knows what there doing when it comes to matters like this. He is good to go..

Anonymous said...

Boom malleted

Glenn said...

calm down bro. They said he was at Michigan so is D.Rob he hasn't started summer classes either. They still have to get in the weight room and get ready.

coachbt said...

Difference between being enrolled in school and making through the NCAA clearinghouse.

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