Monday, August 31, 2009

GBMW: Things we want to address

GBMW: Things we want to address.

Contained within is some information that the readers may wish to consider.

GBMW lately has received e-mails questioning whether or not some specific articles, most notably last Saturday’s attention-getting offensive line concerns piece, were of a negative connotation. The explicit statements or inferences, by some, were that there should be nothing “negative” written about the Michigan program

Nothing would be nicer or more enjoyable than to present material of that nature. But such an approach from an intellectual and integrity standpoint would only be suited if absolutely every aspect of the U of M football program met the criteria that could lump sum be termed “perfecto.”

It takes little introspection and observation to conclude that a team with new leadership coming off a 3 and 9 season does not reach a lofty plateau of being “untouchable.” Therefore, we respectfully state that the fluff stops here.

Never make the mistake that those who contribute to this site have any agenda towards the program. The very opposite is true, as one would be hard pressed to find contributors more loyal and supportive of a life-long love, namely, Michigan football.

Before continuing, let us visit a quote from the ultimate Michigan Man, Coach Bo. On a broadcast shortly before he died, Bo stated, “Michigan is a poor tackling team.” And, of course, he was correct. Bo would have loved to say something like, “I am very proud of the exceptional tackling Michigan has displayed.” That approach was not his way.

If knowledgeable people see concerns, they will be addressed. Concerns will be identified and discussed, as will positive observations. As the program builds, and all here believe it will, they will be fewer concerns and more positives. Yes, here we all realize that some sites are very positive and negatives are taboo. Those here try not to be blind sheep or put the head in the sand. It is the hope of this site that readers not only tolerate but also support an approach such as this. Perhaps some sites will hide concerns and try to only produce "fluff pieces" to gain viewership, post counts, access from the university, and paying customers.

Unless you are a current fan of the Florida Gators, there will be concerns for “your” team this year. Sorry, that is the way it is, especially right before the season and also from practice observation.

When most Michigan fans are predicting 6-6, 7-5 or, at best, 8-4 this year, that to means the above predictors must see concerns as well. If there are no concerns anywhere in any program facet, why not just predict 12-0 and a chance at the National Championship?

We will be doing a grading scale that follows like this:

A = Great
B = Good
C = Average / Okay
D = Poor / Need Help
F = Hope and Pray for a great recruiting class at that position.

Thanks for stopping by Go Blue Michigan Wolverine
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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine


Anonymous said...

I for one appreciate the real insights of this sites creators and the educated commentary. That is why I visit, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely, but don't object to others' criticism (such as the Free Press) in the same way?

David said...

I read GBMW regularly because of the authors' objectivity. Keep up the great work!

jblaze1 said...

Coaches, I like your unbiased opinions. The scale is nice though as it is sometimes difficult to judge tone from words alone.

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