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Mailbag question: Cornerback recruiting


With having two cornerbacks in the fold (Avery and Talbott) does that mean that Michigan will only choose one more cornerback of the following guys-- T. Grimes, C. Christian, J. Shaw, D. Mathis, R. Knight, who I believe are all higher rated than the players we got so far?

Which players do we have a real chance at and which players do you think we will really get?

Thanks guys and keep up the great work on the blog!

Tom T.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion, Michigan has a “best” shot at Grimes, Knight, and Christian.

With the loss of Helmuth and Evans, the Wolverines now have around 23 scholarships available for 2010.

We expect Michigan to take at least two more defensive backs in the 2010 class. We also believe, at this time, Michigan will take Christian as a player who can play either cornerback or safety.

We assume that Michigan would like to get Grimes as the other cornerback and bring in Christian as a combo safety/cornerback. There is a very good chance Michigan will also bring in players like Swigert, Ifill, or possibly even J. Furman.

At this time, we do not believe Michigan is in the running for Latwan Anderson. We wish we had better news regarding Latwan, because he is one heck of a football player, who is the type of player Michigan has not had at safety in quite awhile.

As for some of the players you listed being rated higher than Terrence Talbott this is true. But in our opinion, Talbott's combine numbers and film show an athlete with skills more in line with what Coach Rod and staff prefer.

Talbott's 35-inch vertical and 9 foot broad jump show the type of explosive/dynamic skills the staff talked about at this year’s clinic.

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Frank said...

Nice post.

Restraining criticism is a valuable trait not just towards Michigan players, but ALL young athletes of all ages: most are trying their best and feel bad enough by themselves when they fall short without needing any extra criticism heaped on them from those in the stands.

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