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Mailbag question: Giving up big plays -- Good offense or bad defense?

Mailbag question: Giving up big plays -- Good offense or bad defense?

There seems to be some concern about all the BIG OFFENSIVE PLAYS this week in practice, although I'm happy to see the explosiveness, I do worry that it may be a result of the Defense being out of position.

Also, I'm wondering if the big plays are the results of the QB's being off limits to the defense or because the plays are occurring against the second string defense.

I look forward to your response and I enjoy your blog, and as always " GO BLUE "

Thanks Don


Thanks for the question and comments.

Our biggest concern is that at this point defense should be light years in front of the defense.

During summer camp and early in the season defense generally has an advantage. Fact that the offense is lighting things up at this point definitely makes us nervous.

One of the things that needed improved from last season was stop giving up big plays. Coach Bo always said you will not win games if the offense turns the ball over, or the defense gives up big plays.

We still believe in that philosophy.

One of the biggest things that has hurt the last several years has been the different philosophy and having three different defensive coordinators in three years. Along with good quality depth on defense and going to have to count on true freshman is never a good thing especially at positions that you normally red-shirt kids at or hope to get them a year of development and under strength and condition coach.

During the spring practices we were mostly on the defensive sideline when the team was scrimmaging in practice and almost every time they came off the field you could tell a lot of kids were confused of their assignments.

Can our offense be that good and maybe that is making the defense give up big plays? Well we really will not know until the first game and even then we might not know until we play Notre Dame.

This offense has some weapons and speed on the team, but the defense is still lacking speed, athleticism at many key positions and the depth at those positions this year is going to cause Michigan to play a lot more younger players including a lot more true freshman than most teams would want to play and count on during the season.

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Hey guys - I read somewhere that GRob (I believe) said a lot of the big plays had to do with the schemes he was using in practice. i.e; that he wasn't scheming against our offense, and was using defenses that were different from what he would use against our formations in a live-game situation.

Is this just an exscuse? Or do you believe that he was working more on other bases defenses and assignments than just the schemes he would use against the spread? From what you saw, do you think it was it bad scheming? Or was it just plain bad defense?

ErocWolverine said...

WOLVERINENWV: We was told of one play that the defense did everything right and the defender was making the proper pursuit angle on the runner (D. Robinson) just happened that D-Rob got past the defender and went for a long run.

Why I bring this up is because Coach Robinson went up to the defender and said: "Don't worry you took the right and proper angle that kid is just frickin fast and you will not see to many like him this year".

Have to remember as well most of the time the first group is going up against the second group in these drills, scrimmages, etc...

So do not get to alarmed or worried .. save that for game day because that is when we really find out how the offense does and also the defense does against somebody else and that is what really matters.


Thanks Eroc.

It seems as though GRob is using the practices to hammer home his fundamentals. Although it isn't good that our guy had the right angle, etc. but couldn't make the tackle - that does speak well of DRob's abilities.

I really, really just hope we tackle better this year...

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