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Mailbag question: Kelvin Grady question

Mailbag question: Kelvin Grady question

How far down on the depth chart do you see Kelvin Grady when the season starts and how much playing time do you see him getting? I've heard that he's impressed the coaches by picking up the offense so fast and being explosive. There is even talk that at the end of practice he will be awarded a scholarship. Thanks for your insight GO BLUE!!

Evan Varilone


Thanks for the question.

We posit that Kelvin will be with the second group of slot receivers. As with all positions in Coach Rod's regime, playing time will be dependent on his performance.

We expect Martavious Odoms and Roy Roundtree to start the season as the first line group of slot receivers. We expect Kelvin Grady, Terrance Robinson, and possibly Jeremy Gallon, to compete for the “left-over” playing time at slot receiver.

We were informed early on that Kelvin Grady had to demonstrate playing ability during the summer and probably would get a one-year scholarship, if the venture succeeded. Well, we believe with how he practiced and worked-out that he is now already on full scholarship, but we do not know this for certain.

Kelvin Grady has impressed according to the reports we have been getting during fall practice. He has really surprised not only us, but it seems, the coaches as well. They, like us, thought it would take Kelvin more time to get back into the swing of football and learning how Coach Rod's system works.

Kelvin seems, in practice, to have some great hands, so look for him to get some playing time. Right now it might be determined by how the other players ahead of him do, but also what happens once he gets his chance on game day.

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