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Mailbag question: Offensive Linemen recruiting

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Michigan has a great tradition of NFL lineman. However in the new system lineman are required to do a lot of running. It is my opinion that the joints of big players cannot tolerate the repeated stress, and it shortens their career. Do you feel that this is why we are not landing the 5* lineman like Seantrel Henderson? It would also make sense that other schools negatively recruit against us in this aspect.




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Many NFL teams use zone schemes very similar to Michigan's.

The Patriots, Broncos, and Texans come to mind immediately.

We do agree that the amount of running does have a effect on some linemen leaving, and probably not picking Michigan, but you also have to believe that parents seeing this program can see how it will make their kids into a healthier person than just some of these programs where they try and beef these guys up no matter how with eating as many calories as possible.

In the NFL we have watched players for years and then after they get done playing you see a lot of them trying to lose weight because in most cases it is very unhealthy weight and under Coach Barwis these kids for the most part are taking off bad weight and putting on good weight in his program.

At one of the clinics we went Coach Barwis talked about some former linemen that he had at West Virginia when a pro scout came in and said that kid is what 250 pounds and Coach Barwis said no he is at 275 pounds and the scout couldn't believe it because the kid did not have the typical offensive linemen gut on him and you could actually see stomach muscles. He said that is the way kids should look and that he wants these kids to be healthy now not just after they are done playing football. He figures if these kids can develop good habits now they will carry them for the rest of their lives.

A large part of Coach Barwis program is joint stability and function. The work on these two areas should off set any negative effect from the additional running.

Right now negative recruiting is probably happening, but it is up to our coaches to dispel those attacks, but right now the other coaches are telling kids they went 3-9 last year and it will be awhile before they return to what Michigan use to be.

A lot in our opinion comes down to recruiting and battling these other schools and getting these kids on campus and letting them talk with Coach Barwis and see his program up close and personal.

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Anonymous said...

The questioner's premise that increased running is bad for the joints, is simply not true. Love your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good point, I also believe that when the player prospects see the Michign team start to win this year, that it will have the same effect on recruiting as it did on the school's basketball program. Winning makes a difference.

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