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Mailbag question: What is Coach Dews talking about when he says the wide receivers know the offense better?

Mailbag question: What is Coach Dews talking about when he says the wide receivers know the offense better?

Do they read plays like the quarterback? Does the quarterback signal them at the line? Do they read plays from the sideline that might be tough to decipher? I can understand saying they are better receivers (for whatever reason).

When you guys get a minute could you ask Magee, RR or Dews how they would characterize the route running/sophistication of plays in this offense. Seems like the guys primary route is a dig with the occasional dig and go.

Post-patterns, Post-flags, Pick-plays, Clear outs and underneath?

Just asking.



Thanks for the question.

The coaches upstairs, in the booth, read the defense and then send the play downstairs to Coach Rod, who then gives the play to the quarterbacks standing next to him. The sideline qb’s then signal to the on-field quarterback, who checks his wristband and makes the call to the split ends. They will then know the packages Michigan wants to be in.

Out of the selected package, there are a number of options that both the quarterback and split ends need to read properly. That is what we think Coach Dews means by knowing the offense: making the proper reads and knowing (the receivers) what routes go with each package.

Coach Dews told us the two most important things split ends do is (1) releases, to beat press coverage, and (2) being good at the top of the route. That is, accelerating to break point and learning to drop and accelerate out of break point.

Michigan uses a passing tree that is similar to what is used by most other programs.

In our opinion, a primary difference between UM and other programs is how other teams combine the routes. Michigan is just starting to do this with passing schemes like the new “Trojan” quick passing scheme.

Passing games are far more sophisticated than even just 10 years ago.

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