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The Grade Card – September 5, 2009

The Grade Card – September 5, 2009

It is not the end-all of end-all evaluations. Like any evaluation, there is an error bar. And so building on Coach BT’s thoughts and observations, here are my assigned grades. The first mid-term comes next week against Notre Dame,

Offensive line B-
Last year’s grade for the first game would have been a D-. The line can do better than get Carlos and the other guys 3 yards or so. But, the playbook was closed, the assignments were basic, and subs were aplenty as it should have been. Second level blocking is a work in progress and progress is needed quickly.

Wide-outs B+
This group blocked better and caught better than some thought. One drop on a tough flat route, big deal. Keep working slots, UM needs you to open up other areas of t he book.

Quarterbacks B
It is pretty tough to give a collective grade with four guys taking the test. Nick deserved better, without the penalty UM scores and he looks good, but the football world offers no such luxury. DRob threw a rocket that sailed a little but the receiver bailed him out. Tate is just accurate, get used to it. I am glad David took some snaps. QB’s were thrown for several losses in the running game. Some of this was not of their doing.

Offensive play calling B
This offense is just neat when it clicks. The play calling got a little cute when a simple blast play could probably yield the yardage on 2nd and 3rd downs to move the chains and wrack up the points. But there were I blast plays and toss sweeps, I love it.

D-line play A-
No big runs were given up to a decent back. The middle was pretty tough all day. The pass rush had its moments and needs to improve, likely by adding some blitzes and scheme change-ups. Roh is not taking no for an answer.

Linebackers B
Better tackling sure, but this group still needs to get to the ball a little better. The pursuit and effort were both noteworthy. As coach mentioned, the drops and reads were not world class. Still, this time last year this group was a generous C. The big test comes next week for the linebackers.

D-backs B
One big mess up and some tough times for our corners. That will happen when you are on the island with 1-1 press coverage. Cover corner is the toughest job on the field, but I saw Hiller look and look a few times, which meant the guys locked some receivers up. There will be a night and day difference in receiver ability next week. Get ready for the rodeo.

Defensive coaching A
These guys could not cover Toledo last year and gave up tons of yards and points. The real telling point was the first half stats, which were essentially zilch for WMU.

Kicking A
We will see what happens under pressure, but the snaps were clean, Zoltan is a great holder and the ball gets up high very quickly.

Coverage B+
There were times the coverage teams gave up about five yards more than they should have. But no big plays and plenty and gang tackling shows some work has been put into
special teams.

Turnovers and penalties C-
Nick has to be upset with the Western Union pass. It is a touchdown if there is a little more velocity and thrown quicker. Penalties, including some shaky holding calls, were a catalyst for future butt chewing.

Final report B

Linebackers work your butt off, cornerbacks and safeties know what the hell is coming, linemen outlast the Irish, receivers catch 20 in a row every day, qb’s know the game plan and execute it like an assassin. Team stay intense, stay loyal, be confident, play with control.

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Anonymous said...

Rodeo? I hope the defensive line is on Clausen's case all day long because I'm not sure Michigan could win a shoot out. They need to make him most uncomfortable.

Go Blue!

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