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Links of Interest for Michigan

We will no longer have Detroit Free Press links. I asked Steve to no longer look for their stuff because of what has happened.

We thought it is time to stop feeding the evil empire and no matter how great or bad an article is about Michigan we will not link it anymore. Time to stop posting it, linking it, and talking about it along with their writers. That is the only way to get rid of them or at least show them we do not like what they have done to Michigan.




Quinton Dunbar
Early Games
Brothers reunite
We’re making progress
Possible upsets
Mealer making progress
Career return record
QB Trio
J.D. Pride
Regain the largest status
Talented pair on the field
All-time elite
A look at week 1
UM 8-4
Game by game
UM has lost its pulse
Henne smacks the complainers
No flaws in WVU records
WMU two deep roster
Lamaar starts charity
Chad must step up
Bowl struggles
Bronco Big House Debut
OSU players there from the crack of dawn
WMU prepares
Pack leader
Rosenburg taken to task
RR saves Crimson Tide
B10 top 5 players
Major distraction
Tears don’t do away with problem
Mistake of unpopularity
RRs biggest problem is a lack of win
Emotional coach defends U-M program
Excerpts from Rich Rodriguez's press conference
Divisiveness in football program eats at Rich Rodriguez
The Rosenburg interview
Did they violate
UM under investigation
UM investigating
Limits exceeded
Disaster awaits
In defense
Work them to death
Players claim
Conference taking a hit
Stop the hypocrisy
Mystique dwindles
B10 coaches backing
Perverse in UM
Molding minds no longer prevalent
To be the best
UM content w/ mediocrity
UM and MSU QBs
The O-line - maizenbrew
WMU a big game
Coaching hot seat
What others are saying
RR was victim of Ponzi scheme
Team has chemistry
Toomer released
Rod sees chemistry
WVU finds nothing
2011 top recruits
Top 150
Allin Video
CFN B10 weekly picks
Depriest UM verbal offer
Enrolled ranks
DE Chris rock UM Offer
Players say more then 20 needed
Five star tracking
Violation dominates coaches talk
Walk-on scholies
Fathers speak-up
Michigan must win
Broncos Tune-out UM scandal
RR has B10 support
Collected chip on the shoulder
NCAA Time rules are gray
Depth chart lists 3 QBs
Nick a safe option
Players need to go to coach not media
Still mum on QB
RR taking it hard
Butler talks
Murky situation
UM could lose to WMU
Allen on inferno
Some Offers

Countdown to kick-off:
A game to remember WMU
Kelvin Grady
RR press conference
Beanie Bowl

Devin GardnerShines in tough loss --- Willing to compete --- Lost to last minute drive
Cornelius Jones
Munchie Legaux: Proving people wrong --- enhancing creds --- Leads his team --- 4th and 1 score

Stephen Hopkins
Austin White
Lache Seastrunk
Codey Ellenwood
Cassius McDowell
Dietrich Riley --- leads his team
Andre' Dawson --- 79 yards and a TD --- A top prospect
Bishop Sankey --- Playing Full-back --- rushed for 10.5 per carry
Leveon Bell
Daniel Lindsey
Khalek Shepherd
Corvin Lamb --- New Offers
Jamaal Jackson
Brandon Gainer
Eduardo Clements
Tiger Powell: --- expected to step up --- looking for openings ---- key returner
James White --- Full speed --- 68 yards and 1 TD --- easy opener --- Only 8 plays needed
Herbie classic --- A combined force
Anthony Barr: Trimmed list includes UM

Tony Drake
Drew Dileo
Chris Dunkley Profile
Steven Green
Ivan McCartney --- Facing a lot of doubles --- 2 catches in victory
B.J. Chitty
Greg Hayes

Ricardo Miller --- Seesaw win
Jeremy Jackson --- 2 pt conversion
Jerald Robinson
Alvin Hall
Kenny Shaw --- Orange country preview
Baquer Sayed --- 2 TD catches
MichaelLee Harris
Josh Reese --- 1 yard plunge
Kevonte Martin
O.J. Ross
Eric Williams --- Catching up w/
Corey Reeder
Nick Jones
Ace Saunders: Deadly duo --- needs a big season

Greg Gainey
David Schneider --- Cinci faceoff
Christian Wesley
Alex Smith: --- Teleconference

Christian Pace
Maurice Goodman
Ben Buzzelli
Quinton Roland
Matt James
Seantrel Henderson --- top in the nation --- Still firmly on top --- in August
Skyler Schofner --- Transferred
Torrian Wilson
Chaz Green --- Tampa preview
Damien Robinson --- Paved the road --- one of the best
James Stone --- Tide on him --- split their first two
Jarhaur Jackson
Jake Kaufman
Jermaine Barton
Garret Davis

Sharif Floyd
Anthony Render
Jonathan Hankins
Jimmy Office
Jeffrey Whitaker --- Getting 11 to the ball
Fre'Shad Hunter -- Has visited most area schools --- Recruiting wave
Terry Talbott
Tremondae Branch
Richard Ash
Tim Jernigan
Carl Davis

Jordan Paskorz
Derrick Bryant
Owamagbe Odighizuwa --- Will official Huskers
Lyden Trail
Gabe King --- State of NC top
Dominique Easley --- top changes --- he rocks --- getting doubled
Ronald Powell
Corey Lemonier --- Thoroughbred
Wayne Dorsey
Hayes Pullard --- Class of his own
Troy Gloster
C.J. Olaniyan --- Talks recruiting --- vaunted
David Perry --- Standout player
Tim Jackson
Clarence Murphy: Community examples --- honored --- heroics

Ken Wilkins
Sam Bergen
Matt Rea
Kenneth Dickie
Jewone Snow
D.J. Lynch: --- 126 yds and 2 tds
Josh Furman --- Focused on senior year --- highly touted --- threat every time he touches the ball
Khairi Fortt --- Easy to spot
Bradley Gallon
Cody Sprayberry
Zac Rosenbauer
Aramide Olaniyan --- Will be well known --- plans to visit others --- team has returners
Preston Brown
Justin Wilson --- 32 yard screen pass
Mike Huff

Courtney Avery --- Hooking up at QB --- 53 yard pass picking apart opponent
Terrence Talbott
Cullen Christian --- Down to 5 (UM is one)
Dior Mathis
Blake Johnson: --- Camping
Duran Snoddy
Brandon Ifill
Troy Hill --- Postpones UW visit
Nathan Lindsey
Travis Williams --- Highly regarded
Rashad Knight
TC Robinson
Ricardo Allen --- Will visit Purdue
Tyler Blandin
Ravonne Carter
Bryan Douglas
Jordan Paschal
Joshua Shaw --- He and Reiley looking at same teams (Likes Buckeyes) --- most heavily recruited

Gareef Glashen: Brendon Felder --- UNC leads

Marvin Robinson --- last of the big names
Latwan Anderson --- Taking snaps at QB
Sean Parker --- Named preseason all-state
Demar Dorsey --- No fly zone
Keenan Allen --- corner prospect
Lorenzo Waters
Marquis Flowers: --- Growing --- 2 rushing TDs
Dontae Johnson --- winning sensation
Miles Simpson --- Ankle tweeked
Bobby Swigert --- Playing QB --- QB Ace
Kurtis Drummond
Tony Grimes --- Focused on 3 (UM is 1)
Jeremy Deering --- Success at RB

Will Hagerup

Traylor could face jail time
Cronin’s journey back
Jordan Morgan
Blake McLimans
Thomas King
Walter Pitchford
Darius Morris
Matt Vogrich
Josh Bartelstein
Austin Carroll

Out Years
Evan Smotrycz
Timothy Hardaway
Allen Payne
Carlton Brundidge
Ray McCallum
Trey Zeigler
Brandan Kearney
Cameron Ayers
Casey Prather: --- Final Four (UM IS 1) --- Memphis gets cut --- visiting UM
Amir Williams
Spencer Turner
Moses Morgan --- Visiting Indiana
Dan Chilcote
Wes Saunders
Patrick Lucas-Perry --- playing football --- 56 yard run
Mike Shaw --- package deal?? --- past Louisville trip
DeJuan Marrero --- Hoosier interest
Quincy Miller --- 2011 top 75
Rod Odom --- Visiting Louisville
Jakarr Sampson
Marshall Plumlee

Other Sports:
Volley ball upset #3 Nebraska

Written by Steve


jblaze1 said...

Agree with your decision to ignore that paper. Good stuff!

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Good move no longer linking Freep. Always appreciate these posts, very comprehensive.

Anonymous said...

WOW !!! A lot of stuff today ... Great Job Guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you've dropped the Freep from the list. I too have sworn not to give the Freep anymore "hits."

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