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Mailbag question: Converting Offensive Line to Defensive Line?

Mailbag question: Converting Offensive Line to Defensive Line?


I get the impression that this staff is very selective on who they recruit on the dline. They seem to not offer guys like Hankins, unless they specifically can play within their system.

Now, here is my question. What is stopping this staff from converting offensive lineman and making them interior d-linemen? It seems like we have a lot of o-line coming in and will have a lot of depth. Can a guy like Pace play DT or NT? What about Omameh?

I know it is a different skill set, but it seems like this is in the realm of possibility. Who in your opinion could be a candidate for a switch and why so?

Thanks again. Great work and I appreciate how you answer the questions from your visitors.

John W.


Thanks for the question.

We think you answered your own question.

Coach Rod and the defensive staff look for very specific skills in their defensive linemen.

The coaches are less worried about size and instead focus more on players who are good overall athletes: guys who can run, and are athletes with a defensive mentality.

Pace and Omameh are solid prospects and we are happy Michigan has them.

In our opinion neither of them have the skills the staff looks for on the defensive side of the ball. When thinking about converting offensive linemen to defensive linemen, always remember that the explosive get off and closing burst necessary to play defensive line are both different than what it takes to play the offensive line.

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