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Mailbag question: Defensive Coordinator/Notre Dame question:

Mailbag question: Defensive Coordinator/Notre Dame question:

If I remember correctly, Hermann and English both had their greatest success in their first year of being a defensive coordinator. Granted, a lot of this had to do with the talent on those teams, but some of it seemed to be that the opponents didn't know all of Hermann and English's blitz packages and tendencies. Is it possible that Robinson's defense will have similar success, or is there too much old film still around for opponents to watch?

Also, ND has switched both offensive and defensive coordinators this year (from the beginning of last year). Does this give ND any advantages early in the year?

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Thanks for the question and comments.

Good Question, there is a big difference between Coach Robinson and Coaches English and Hermann regarding experience as a defensive coordinator.

The first year as defensive coordinator at Michigan was also Hermann and English’s first year as a defensive coordinator, period, at the major college level.

Coach Robinson has been a defensive coordinator at the pro and major college level before. He has a better understanding of what it takes to put together a complete defensive package.

He also understands how to teach the fundamentals of the game at a high level. This is a huge help.

Will viewing Michigan/Coach Robinson’s new schemes on film be a help? Sure. But current film will give opponents an opportunity to see Michigan personnel and their weaknesses, instead of planning for what he did at Syracuse or Texas, and just base it off of those schemes. Teams can put schemes and players together and predict what he will use here at Michigan.

As for Notre Dame switching coordinators, Coach Tenuta was on the staff last season as the defensive backs coach, along with helping Coach Brown with the defensive coordinator position. He had a major influence on the schemes. So we do not expect to see a big change on defense.

On offense we still expect Notre Dame to use a pro style offense. We think you will see a bit of different play sequencing and more play action. But, overall do not expect dramatic change. With the offensive weapons available, especially at the wide receiver positions, look for Notre Dame to get its weapons involved early and probe the Michigan secondary.

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