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Mailbag question: Michigan Man?

Hey guys,

Is the term "Michigan Man" overused, or made to divide certain groups? Seems like some fans are saying that Coach Rod will never be a Michigan Man, and some say he is accepted as a Michigan Man already.

Is the term overused since Bo said it about the basketball coach that left?

Is it something that has to be earned?

Fred T.


Thanks for the question.

The term Michigan Man is great and Bo used it for years. It was a badge of honor shared by those who truly bled Maize and Blue!

Being a Michigan Man should still be a badge of Honor. The problem is Michigan fans with a political agenda have hijacked the term.

Most people remember when Bo had a press conference before the NCAA Basketball tournament and said no coach from Arizona State was going to coach the Michigan basketball team, a Michigan Man was going to coach the Michigan Basketball team. Of course Coach Fisher ended up winning the National Championship and that is when people really started using the term "Michigan Man".

Do you have to attend or graduate from UM to be awarded the designation? Obviously no, since Bo did not go to UM and in fact went to school at Miami of Ohio and coached at Ohio State. Some believe that only those who are alumni deserve the title; we do not. Could the above position be because we are fans first who grew up loving the Maize and Blue? Some might even say fans that did not go to Michigan are more loyal and intense because they would have killed to have gone to UM and root for the team as a student.

There have been people asking if Coach Rod is a "Michigan Man" yet? Well this is hard to finalize a verdict on, since some will say he became a Michigan man as soon as he became the head coach, while others say coach Rod will never be a Michigan Man. We believe the verdict lies within the individual making the judgment. There is no formal or informal definition or accepted criteria for declaring one as a Michigan Man.

But all of us know it is an honor.

Maybe the declaration will become more universal upon the obtainment of Coach Rod’s first winning season, beating Ohio State, going to a bowl game, winning a bowl game, or going to a national championship game. Who really knows? All we care about is that Coach Rod is treated fairly, wants to be here, and points the program in a winning direction.

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Anonymous said...

Gary Moeller was captain of the 1960 OSU team...and Lloyd Carr went to Missou and later Northern Mich and those coaches became Michigan Men.....

coachbt said...

And Bo coach at OSU, Northwestern, and Miami of OHio.

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