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Mailbag question: Recruit Rankings and Vlad

Mailbag question: Recruit Rankings and Vlad

Great blog. I have two questions for you:

1) You had mentioned that we need more top-50 recruits. Do you have a number in mind that you are hoping the coaches can get in any given year?

2) You guys used to be pretty high on Vlad Emilien, but I haven't heard much about him lately. Are you still as excited about him?



Thanks for the question and comment.

A program can never have too many top 50/elite level players. Just look at programs like USC the last several years and lately Florida. We remember when USC played Michigan in the Rose Bowl a few years ago we did a little fact finding study and found out that USC had 21 5 star recruits on their team compared to a total of 12 for Michigan and Ohio State combined. Talent wins out a lot of the times, not always, but every program will gladly take as much as possible.

To give an example, the 2006 UM defense in the NFL draft had 4 of the top 50 selections. We like defenses built around one top 20, or so, player, with 3 or 4 players in the top 50 to 75 mixed in. That is how USC has produced a great defense over the last several years. Competition gets talent to compete, not only in games, but also on the practice field, in the off-season, and in the weight room. There is no better motivator than daily competing with someone just as talented who puts in the time and effort to succeed (win the position). This dynamic makes individual players and hence the entire team better.

Also in regards to talent it does not hurt a program as much if a kid decides to transfer. How many times in the last five years have Michigan fans complained about when a star went down and almost given up saying well we are injured, lost our good players, etc. At some schools the second group is just as good as the first group.

We are still very high on Vlad.

We believe he has the ability to be one of the better Michigan safeties in some time. He is currently splitting time at safety with M. Williams. He is still learning the position and assimilating to college football. We think Vlad will get tons of reps and might even start before end of season.

Once the talent starts getting back to Ann Arbor, players with good skills but needing further development will not be counted on to contribute right away at Michigan. They can come in and compete and take things in, without instant pressure. Right now many in this class have to be ready to play, because they are in the two deep. This spring UM had a ton of walk-on's and January early entries already on the two deep. That is not a good thing and we think it will turn around once UM achieves better quality depth throughout the roster.

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