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Mailbag question: Snaps from under center

Mailbag question: Snaps from under center

Am I mistaken or did Michigan take a lot of snaps from under center against Western Michigan? I thought one of the hallmarks of the spread was starting out of the shotgun. I realize that coaches mix it up, but I was surprised at the number of under center snaps there were. Any thoughts?



Thanks for the question.

We were very happy that Michigan mixed up its formations and packages against Western Michigan, displaying more diversity than previous. This is something we have been talking about since the spring practices, through the summer, and all the way through fall practices. In every instance, we have seen the team using more of these various packages such as the double tight end, I-Formation, etc.

In fact, we firmly believe the Michigan staff did an excellent job of using different formations and player personnel packages.

The two tight ends, one running back look, that we refer to as "ACE," is a perfect example of using personnel effectively. Especially so, considering the tight ends Michigan has.

Using the “twins” formation with a tight end and I-backs is another example of utilizing player talent, Moundros specifically in this example, to an offense’s advantage.

Saturday was the first time in many years Michigan showed what we call flat backs. The more formations and player personnel packages an offense presents, the more difficult it becomes to prep for, especially in this day and age where the defensive coordinators try and throw everything they can at an offense. So the more formations used, the more defensive coordinators have to prepare for the offense.

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