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Mailbag question: Woodson and star rankings

Mailbag question: Woodson and star rankings

This is a random question, but I was thinking about the star ratings and was wondering what you think/know Charles Woodson would have been rated out of high school? I was too young to have ever read anything about him and I don't really have a good feeling for how my favorite player in Michigan history progressed.

Evan V.


Thanks for the question.

We were both privileged to have watched C. Woodson play in high school numerous times.

Living only twenty minutes away ErocWolverine was able to watch him several times his junior and senior year.

CoachBt actually scouted Woodson for a friend of his who coached in the Great Lakes league in the 1990's and helped put together some game plans to stop C. Woodson.

CoachBt has coached against a number of highly skilled players who would later play in the NFL, including Jeremy Lincoln, Myron Bell, Chuck Webb, and current redskin Fred Davis. C. Woodson was by far the best high school player Coach has ever seen.

ErocWolverine agrees with CoachBt about C. Woodson being the best player he ever watched in person at the high school level. Eroc watched Chuck Webb and thought he could dominate a game by himself. It almost seemed like Webb did not even need blockers. C. Woodson was not only a great defensive player, but also an offensive running back. In fact a lot of programs wanted him for offense.

C. Woodson was Mr. Football in Ohio, first team All-Ohio, and was an All-American on some services, and top 100 player on most lists. He would definitely be a five star by any competent service.

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