Saturday, September 05, 2009

Michigan Football Tidbits: Some Gameday Tidbits

Some tidbits to look for at today's game.

1) C. Brown will be the starter, but look for Shaw to be first RB off the bench.

2) Hemingway has been the most consistent WR, he will start. Matthews will be at the other WR, but Stonum has come on the last two weeks.

3) Floyd could get some early PT and coaches are looking for JT to see the field early.
Boo-boo, they would love to take it easy on him this week if possible.

4) One possible surprise: if UM struggles defending the pass, it is possible Brandon Smith sees some action at LB to help in pass protection

5) Roh and Herron will split time, Roh has been more effective rushing the passer.

6) Martin is better at rushing the passer than people think, or at least could give us some pressure up the middle---something UM has lacked for yrs.

7) So far in practices---there has been a TE in the game at least 80% of time.

8) The closer the offense gets to the goal line, the more you will see Roundtree at slot, and also Moundros in the game.

9) Mike Jones has solidified the back-up position to S.Brown.

10) There are a lot of frosh who could play on ST's

11) Stokes has made a big move late in fall, seems to have gained a ton of confidence that was lacking early.

12) Gallon, unfortunately is just the opposite

13) Odoms could be our ST specialist, he seems much quicker than one yr ago and is catching the ball, (at least in practice).

14) I cannot remember a time when the team seems as focused and ready to play than this group. I just hope they are not too hyped, which makes a team tire early.

15) Coach Rod and coaches have commented how much they appreciate the support they have been receiving. Keep sending those e-mails!

Finally, game time is here!!!!!!

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