Friday, October 16, 2009

GBMW Link Man: Steve K's -- Why Delaware State will win / why Michigan will win

Delaware State at Michigan

Were half way through the season, and even though UM has lost its last two games in very close matches, the team is playing pretty well under second season tutelage. Luckily we also have what adds up to a second spring game. This game should provide a chance for two things in the UM locker room: one is a chance to get reps for many players, and two a confidence builder before another tough challenge verses the Nitanny Lions. Hopefully this game does not become Appy or Toledo Two.

Why Delaware State might win:

DSU comes into the Big House in front of a crowd larger than four times their normal viewing group, they are also making a seasons bankroll in doing so. The hornets sport a 1-3 record and a recent loss to a school comparable to Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading School (Bethune-Cookman), but will the wolverines make the same mistake I am right now and look past any opponent? Doubtful, but easily plausible. The hornets have a QB in Glaud (who was injured in his last outing), but even healthy is 50/50 with 2 TDs and picks, and primary back in McQueen who has an abysmal 168 yards with no score in 4 games, but averages a little over 4 yards a carry. Their two primary receivers (Jackson/Moore) average 10 yards a catch, but have also came up blanked. On D the hornets have accumulated 7 sacks, but have allowed 6 more points than their offense has produced. If DSU is to win this, UM has to literally feed them the game through bad decisions, bad plays and turnovers.

Why UM WILL win:

This is simply beating up on the JV squad. But, this game is very needed to rebuild the UM confidence – and a loss would assuredly cause hysteria the like which would never be lived down. Look for UM to give everyone a chance in this game, which they are 35.5 point favorites. It should be a chance for shoelace to learn to read coverages and match his throwing ability with open receivers not wearing the other uniform. The other benefit should be the chance to rest some players such as Tate and Carlos who have felt the impact of B10 football. Though the spread is over 30, I also believe this will be a game where UM puts up over 50 points on the board, even when playing 3rd string players.

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