Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mailbag question: Arkansas DeQuinta Jones

Mailbag question: Arkansas DeQuinta Jones

A little off-topic, but did you guys watch the Arkansas game against Florida and notice DeQuinta Jones was starting for Arkansas and had a pretty good game.

Too bad Michigan passed on the kid right at the end, or at least that is what I remember when Coach Rod and several other "message board publishers" tried to tell everybody when he switched his decision.

Your thoughts on how he would have helped this defense, along with the depth issues and talent on defense, would be appreciated.

Jim R.


Thanks for the question.

Regardless of who you believe about why Jones and Graves left, it left a huge hole in Michigan 's class and team defensive line depth.

These two were the type of jumbo athletes needed to play in Coach Robinson’s defensive schemes.

They also would have given Michigan depth in the present and players for development in the future. Nothing good came about by both selecting other schools at the last minute. The team is left to go back to the drawing board for defensive line recruiting. Some say that defensive tackle and defensive end are areas of depth, GBMW disagrees.

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