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Mailbag question: Delaware State game


Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like the Delaware State game is nothing more than the University using the players, and their unpaid labor, to make money.

They might as well hire them out to local businesses for endorsements.

What do you think? Is there a reasonable argument that it's worthwhile for them? I don't mean, 'can you find any benefit?' I mean, wouldn't they be better off playing a more competitive game? Or a scrimmage?

Would you choose such inferior competition?

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Thanks for the question.

WE partially agree, Delaware State was basically a sacrificial lamb for both schools to get a big payday.

When the NCAA allowed a twelfth regular season game programs scrambled to find a team with same bye week as themselves. This is just not a Michigan problem, check out some of the SEC match ups.

Reality is with finances like they are we fully expect Michigan to schedule MAC schools and others who will to play at Ann Arbor without having Michigan play at their house. The UConn game is something we believe will not happen very often with Michigan going to their place to play a game especially with Notre Dame on the schedule.

The Big Ten had a chance to either play nine or even ten Big Ten games, but balked at both ideas because the Big Ten wants to get as many teams bowl eligible as they can and playing themselves and having a true champion (by playing everybody - ten games) would not be good for some of the teams in the Big Ten to reach the six win games minimum to be bowl eligible.

It all comes down to money and having more Big Ten teams bowl eligible brings in more money for the conference. Right now with the new bowl games that will be introduced we believe after the 2010 football season the Big Ten could have eight tie-in bowl games which means they need to have eight teams with six wins on their schedule.

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Not that it changes your point, but it is mathematically impossible for each team to play nine conference games. one team would have to play ten conference games, or one team would have to play eight conference games (or teams would have to play twice)

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