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Mailbag question: Jewone Snow recruiting question

Mailbag question: Jewone Snow recruiting question

I wonder why Michigan is not recruiting Jewone Snow for one of the linebacker positions? He seems to have adequate speed and his father was a great player for Michigan.

I also understand if Michigan made an offer he would accept. Why do you think Michigan is not actively recruiting Jewone?



Thanks for the question.

Michigan football recruiting under Coach Rod is about speed and superior athletic ability.

Coach Rod looks for players who very explosive and dynamic.

We agree with your assessment of him having adequate speed. Will adequate speed be enough for the new Michigan to offer him? J. Snow was a division one (biggest in Ohio) first team All-Ohio linebacker in 2008.

He also has a teammate that would be great to make inroads on as well. We saw this teammate at the spring scrimmage with J. Snow and he is one of the elite kids in Ohio. It is a great program to get into good graces with since they have great players, Division 1 ready, almost yearly.

J. Snow is from one of the more historical powerful football programs not only in the state of Ohio but also in the nation. He is a good football player and a solid athlete, whose father (Garland Rivers) did play for Michigan. Sporting News rated Fawcett Stadium, where Canton McKinley plays homes games along with Timken, as the number one high school football venue in America. This is where the NFL plays the Hall of Fame game.

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