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Mailbag question: Michigan's defense against Penn State

Mailbag question: Michigan's defense against Penn State

What does Michigan's defense need to do to stop Penn State Saturday? It seems, at least to me, they need to try and contain D. Clark and try and limit him from scrambling because that seems like when he is the most dangerous.

Also if somehow Michigan can make Penn State one-dimensional this would greatly help Michigan's chances as well.

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Thanks for the question.

If Michigan can stop the run and make Clark beat them in the air it will help Michigan's chances immensely.

If Michigan can neutralize Royster this will give Michigan a huge leg up.
With Clark the defensive line needs to be very careful to stay in the assigned rush lanes and not open up seams for him to escape and step up into. Getting quick heat on him and making him pull the ball down early will be very important in our opinion.

Another big key is Michigan's secondary has to keep Penn State’s wide receivers, Derrick Moye and Chaz Powell, in front of them. Moye, in particular, worries us, not only is he 6'5, but he is also a Pennsylvania state sprint champion. A tried and true PSU weapon is the deep post when teams cheat to stop the run. Moye’s combination of height and speed makes him a match-up problem for just about any team.

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