Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mailbag question: Penn State's defense

Mailbag question: Penn State 's defense

What would be your plan to attack Penn State 's defense? Do you think Michigan can run the ball on Penn State enough to balance out the offense? They seem like they are better at run stopping.

What worries me more about Penn State is their future because they have really hauled in some great classes the last 2 years and most of their best players are on defense -- something we have been lacking in recruiting.

Clark is a beast and hard to bring down. Do you see him and PSU exploiting or trying to exploit our linebackers with his legs and running up the middle?



Thanks for the question.

On thing to carefully observe about the Penn State defense is the play up the middle.

The strength of the Penn State defense is the defensive tackles, Odrick and Oqbu. They have combined for fifteen tackles for losses already and one sack.

Add in defensive end Crawford's nine TFL and five sacks and you get the picture about how good the defensive front seven is.

They have been good enough so that Penn State has not needed to blitz a lot to get pressure.

Look also for the overall tackles for loss. Penn State has sixty TFL this season already. If PSU keeps Michigan at second or third and long most of afternoon it will make Michigan 's job of moving the offense that much harder.

In our opinion Michigan will need to have some success running the ball to set up play action passing. Anytime when facing an aggressive defense, play action, screens, and reverses can and should be used to slow down the onslaught.

Two defensive match ups concern us: Roster and Penn State 's running game against Michigan 's run defense and Moye at 6'5” against Michigan 's safeties.

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