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Mailbag question: Question about Tate

Mailbag question: Question about Tate

First off, love the blog!

Question for you on Tate.

Wondering if more of the issues with him have to do with the injury to his throwing arm rather than him being rattled and making bad decisions. I know the weather has not helped him, but his ball does not seem to look as nice as it did earlier this year. I know he claims to be 100%, but wondered what are your thoughts on this?

Also, from what you see, do you predict this defense improving next year with the incoming freshman and red-shirted players coming in, or will the loss of Graham and possibly Warren be tough to overcome?



Thanks for the question and comments.

There are many factors involved with Forcier’s recent performance. His injury is definitely a factor, but so is his inexperience. The lack of talent around him is also a factor.

Another factor is that teams have caught onto Forcier’s game and have made adjustments to take away what things he does well.

For the defense, much will depend on whether the entire staff returns and if D. Warren returns for his last year of eligibility.

Losing B. Graham is a huge hole, with no real replacement in sight. Losing S. Brown, the only true strong-side linebacker, is also going to be difficult.

Next question is if Roh steps up and plays B. Graham’s position then who plays Quick?

We would expect a year of experience to be helpful, but overall we are still going to have significant concerns about the defense until we see at least average linebacker and safety play.

In our opinion, it is almost impossible to be even a good defensive team without being strong up the middle.

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Anonymous said...

I think his arm/shoulder was hurt worse than he lets on. You can tell just by the way he holds his arm when he's looking to the sidelines to get the play that something's not right.

Not that this is the sole excuse for his lackluster play, but it does account for some of the totally off-target throws he's been making.

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