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Mailbag question: Second-guessing

Mailbag question: Second-guessing


I know second guessing is part of a fan’s deal and usually I do not like getting into what a coach does or doesn’t do, but what do you guys think of Coach Rod's decision to go with Denard on the last series.

With little time (1:30) I have to think if you want to win the game you go with Tate, no matter how he might have struggled because how it seems they do not want Denard throwing the ball, or as little as possible.

Your thoughts?
Jim R.


Thanks for the question.

We 100% agree that Tate Forcier at quarterback on the last series gave Michigan the best chance to win. Denard Robinson was not the player most able to run a two-minute drill, or at least we have not seen any evidence to counter the above thought yet. Denard is working very hard on his throwing but for the most part Denard has been a running quarterback in his brief Michigan career. Yes, he has thrown the ball some, but not enough to keep the defense honest and who really believes that Iowa was worried about his passing skills.

Tate has the experience and skills to make the two-minute drill work and we have seen evidence of this ability the last several weeks. He knows how to run the offense in a hurry, along with being able to move the chains.

The real issue and decision becomes, based on what was happening, as a coach what do you do?

Do you let a player get away with talking back instead of just listening and not following his regimen and process as daily practiced?


Do you swallow your pride, give up your (and the program’s) principles and play the kid.

We will go with coach’s decision in this instance, Coach Rod is the one who knows exactly what was occurring on the field, what was being said, and it is his program, not Tate’s. He must have total control of the players, especially a young quarterback who wandered into his own world and associated decisions. Players must understand totally, with no exceptions being made, who the man in charge is.

Ponder this: did Coach Rod sacrifice a game for the future benefit of the program, and we believe Tate as well? Or was this just bull-headedness x bullheadedness?
This was a simple coaching decision and a tone setter, nothing that has not happened thousands of times beforehand. Whether or not it becomes personal will be up to Tate. The smart kid crawls on the knees to the office early this week and informs the head coach that he is ready to become a better quarterback and attends extra film sessions with coaching critique that is both pointed and wide-ranging that will serve as a learning experience.

Sitting on the bench and getting the ball taken away is another type of learning experience, one that is very painful but also beneficial to a true competitor.

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Anonymous said...

What about the fact that we now know Forcier suffered a concussion? Perhaps RR realized -- or sensed -- that Forcier's game just wasn't up to snuff at that time -- which it wasn't due to the concussion.

Regardless, you've got to put in the guy who just drove the team 90-some yards for a touchdown have the chance.

Forcier has to learn to pace himself better and not rely on brief flashes of brilliance to save the day, which I'm sure he eventually will

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