Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mailbag question: Should Denard have been brought in earlier?

Posted at 12:00pm -- 10/14/2009

Mailbag question: Should Denard have been brought in earlier?

I think Denard should have been brought in sooner, what do you guys think? It seemed like he made a lot of mistakes early on to warrant a chance for Denard.

Tate looked bad and I know a lot of fans will defend Tate to the end, but he played terrible and that is just not the turnovers I am talking about.

Do you think Tate actually decides where he is going with the ball before the snap, especially on running plays, because it seems like he has really been reading the play wrong a lot lately. Against Iowa, several times, he did not read the defensive end correctly and if he would have it would have been a good play.

Tim B.


Thanks for the question.

We were surprised Michigan did not go to Denard Robinson earlier to try to shake things up, especially when things were not going well and the offense was doing a lot of three and outs right in a row.

Iowa was playing nickel most of the night. Tate Forcier seems to be forcing things rather than taking what the defense gives. It does seem like he is deciding where to go with the ball before he takes the snap. This is an act of convenience and not an act of execution.

This leads to some spectacular plays; it also leads to some major gaffes. Denard Robinson did the exact same thing on the last pass, as he panicked a bit and just got rid of the ball. Iowa, sitting back in a zone, collected the error and ended the game.

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