Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mailbag question: Vlad playing linebacker?

Posted at 10:00am -- 10/20/2009

Mailbag question: Vlad playing linebacker

Did you notice that Vlad played Stevie Brown's position? Was that just to get him on the field? I saw the coaches moved him back to safety, but I wonder if they might move him to the hybrid next spring depending on how others play and the recruits coming in.

David H.


Thanks for the question.

Yes we noticed Vlad played some Sam linebacker.

It is possible he could move to that position, he definitely has the skill level to be very good there. In our opinion Vlad was used at both positions to see where he fits best, but also this allowed Michigan to get more players on to the field.

One thing, Michigan will need to play several young players next year and probably this was a good time to see if he can handle several positions, so they can finish the recruiting class with defensive players based in part on such limited evaluations.

Marvin Robinson could be a key player next year; depending on what position he comes in and plays. We could see safety or Stevie Brown's position in Marvin’s future.

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