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Mailbag question: Why not blitzing more

Mailbag question: Why not blitzing more

Here's my question, first, I am not a defensive coordinator, but with Michigan giving up so many third and long completions for first downs, it would seem logical that in third and long situations, the quarterback is going to need more time for his receivers to get downfield. My question, why are we not blitzing then? What do we have to lose, a long completion? Isn't that the prime time to blitz opposing quarterbacks and make quarterbacks hurry the pass? Time and time again, we watch the opposing quarterback stand back in the pocket with just the four down lineman rushing and pick apart our secondary. I would love to see how many times opposing quarterbacks have completed their passes for first downs when we blitzed.



Thanks for the question.

Iowa was a tough team to blitz. They use two tight ends and the I-formation scheme gave the Hawkeyes the ability to max protect.

Also, Michigan has been forced to play the safeties tight to help with the run support this year. This has left the cornerbacks on an island, making it even tougher to blitz. Michigan has had trouble stopping the run this year and teams are using that to their advantage to soften up the defense.

The deficiency is a combination of not having the proper personnel (including talent); depth and quality of athletes and the successful offensive philosophies of opponents have limited Michigan 's blitzing ability.

In the Iowa game, most of the obvious “mistakes” took place when Michigan tried to blitz, or the safeties got sucked up anticipating a run or a short pass. When you have inexperienced football players at a position where mistakes can turn into big gains for the opponent, bad things can happen and that is what is really hurting Michigan right now.

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