Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mailbag question: Younger players playing

Mailbag question: Younger players playing


Great site guys!

Seeing the younger players play was great yesterday, but did we learn anything about them playing? Did you guys see anything that might change your opinion on some of the younger guys that have not seen any action excerpt for yesterday?

Or: Is it to difficult to judge what happened since we played Delaware State?

Fred B.


Thanks for the question.

Playing against a team like Delaware State does make evaluating a bit tricky.

One of the young guns we really liked was Barnum; there were quite a few times where he was absolutely destroying his opponent.

We also thought V. Smith showed more speed than before. He always had the quick's and vision, just not that much speed.

On defense Fitzgerald looked a bit more physical than we thought in the spring and we really liked Vlad’s play at Sam linebacker.

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