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Michigan Football: Penn State at Michigan -- MAIZE OUT -- GBMW Preview, Predictions and TV Coverage

Penn State at Michigan

GBMW: Penn State and Michigan Preview

This is a huge weekend for several reasons.

Michigan is playing a good team at home and with a lot of things going on, around this football team and the athletic program, this team needs a signature win.

Such a win would be a huge boost and confidence lifter for the rest of the season and also would help with their bowl aspirations for attending a bigger bowl game. A win would also get some major airtime on the national scene and might start getting some national recruits looking at Michigan a little closer.

Can you take anything out of the Iowa and Penn State game or the Michigan at Iowa game to compare and see some weaknesses?

Well if Penn State had not put the delayed tight end pass up the seam in before this game, you all know it will be tried against Michigan after watching the Iowa game.

We are really looking forward to this game. Michigan will win this game if they can win the turnover battle and rush for more than 175 yards.

If these two things do not happen, then Michigan is going to need some help. Penn State has a veteran quarterback and a solid defense. Turnovers are always huge in big games, but it seems lately Michigan has struggled with turnovers and these errors cost UM dearly, especially at Iowa.

The question is how great is this defense considering the competition that has been played? It will be interesting to see how well the PSU defense does against the UM offense and will the UM offense come to play for sixty minutes?

Another thing that Michigan needs is for Brandon Minor to play and play the entire game near 100%. He is not the fastest guy on the team, but he runs with a nasty (in a good way) attitude. He did this at Penn State last year and Iowa this year.

Defensively, Michigan must control the line of scrimmage and not allow big plays. Michigan 's best players need to play at their best.

Penn State presents match-up problems for Michigan.

Their offense is the type that has given Michigan trouble; possessing a strong running game, mobile quarterback, and big fast wide receivers.

The defense features a very good front seven, especially strong up the middle. The Penn State secondary is where you can have success.

For Michigan to win, the interior offensive line must play their best game, Penn State's Odrick is the best defensive tackle Michigan has faced this season.

The Michigan defense must keep Clark in the pocket and not give up big plays in the passing game.

Can Michigan make Penn State one-dimensional? That could be the success for Michigan to win the game.

Because Michigan is at home that will help Tate and the offense might just be able to score just enough points to beat Penn State. We will see.

GBMW: Penn State and Michigan -- Predictions

Penn State 31
Michigan 27

MaizeMan: (two predictions)
If the game is close - we lose
Penn State 27
Michigan 25


We might blow them out if we can get the running game going.
Penn State 14
Michigan 32

Penn State 24
Michigan 17

Coach Webb
Penn State 20
Michigan 24

Penn State 27
Michigan 35

Penn State 24
Michigan 27

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