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GBMW: Coach's Corner: Keys to "The Game"

GBMW: Coach's Corner: Keys to "The Game"

Some are universal with some especially with Ohio State

1) Win turnover battle! Talked to death, but still a must especially with this Michigan football team.

2) Win the field position battle! Coach Tressel is master of this game.

3) Tempo! Ohio State loves to slow the game down and shorten it, keep Michigan's offense on the sideline, defense has to get off the field.

4) Make Ohio State drive the field / prevent big plays! Go back and look at the last three Ohio State games and count the runs and passes over twenty yards. You will be appalled!

5) Special teams! One of the biggest keys to Ohio State vs. Penn State win were Small's punt returns.

6) Create some big plays of their own. In first four games where Michigan was 4-0 they had many long gains. They have pretty much disappeared lately.

7) Keep Ohio State out of nickel package! In our my opinion this is where Ohio State is at their best, with Heyward slid inside to defensive tackle and Williams to defensive end.

8) Match Ohio State's physical play and intensity! Ohio State is a very physical team, especially on defense. They will knock your D*MN head off and try to intimidate Michigan. Michigan must match them hit for hit.

Ohio State Personnel: Players who have stepped up

1) Ray Small: Always had talent, now is producing especially in return game.

2) Spitler and Homan: Been very solid against the run / big improvement over spring.

3) Posey and Sanzenbacher: Both are playing better than in spring. You could see Posey had the talent, but has put it together earlier. Dane is classic too small too slow who all he does is work his *ss off and make plays.

4) Devon Terrence: Showed signs of being player this spring. Has delivered.

5) Pryor: Struggled early, is starting to play up to his skills. Decision-making is 100% better.

Match ups that favor Michigan:

1) B. Graham on either left tackle! Neither Cordle or Miller has the feet or athletic ability to play with B. Graham mano / mano. Look for Ohio State to use Ballard and running back to help either left tackle.

2) Michigan slots on Ohio State outside linebackers! This is why Michigan needs to keep Ohio State out of nickel. Purdue took huge advantage of Ohio State outside linebackers in coverage. It in my opinion is Ohio State's biggest weakness on defense.

3) Michigan running backs on Ohio State outside linebackers in passing game! When Michigan has used C. Brown and V. Smith in passing game they have been very effective. Same as #2.

Match ups That Favor Ohio State:

1) Ohio State's Front four vs. Michigan offensive line! This is the strength of Ohio State team and has been very good to dominate most of year. Really worry about Michigan's offensive tackles vs. Ohio State defensive ends and blocking Heyward. Penn State could not block him and it huge difference in game.

2) Ohio State's pass rush vs. Michigan's pass protection, Ohio State strength vs. Michigan worry.

3) Ohio State's experienced secondary vs. Tate Forcier. Ohio State's ability to switch up coverage's and rotations can be very confusing to young quarterbacks.

4) Pryor scrambling for first downs and yards. Mobile quarterbacks have been a major pain in Michigan's / our *ss all season. H*ll non-mobile quarterbacks have hurt us / Michigan. Michigan must keep Pryor in the pocket and make him beat us with his arm instead of his feet.

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