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Mailbag question: Catching the ball

Mailbag question: Catching the ball

Hi guys,

Love your site. Here's a trivia question:

If you recall, during the Penn State game, one of their receivers slipped and fell, the ball hitting, or almost hitting, the feet on his upright legs (he was on his back on the ground). This made some of us watching the game wonder: must a pass be caught by the hands and arms, or is it just a matter of establishing control regardless which body parts are used?

-- Quizzical in Queensland


Thanks for the question.

It is a matter of controlling the ball before it touches the ground. You can catch with your arms, hands, feet, and any other body part as long as it is controlled before touching the ground.

One famous play in college football involved an “accidental” kick by a Nebraska player in the end zone forcing the ball upward so that another player could catch it. This became the play that saved Nebraska’s national title hopes.

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