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Mailbag question: Coach Robinson is not the savior of the defense

Mailbag question: Coach Robinson is not the savior of the defense


Well you guys tried to warn us about Coach Robinson not being a savior of the defense.

When will Coach Rod take some responsibility with this defense and actually help them out?

There is nothing to support a counter-position that the past two years recruiting on defense has been the farthest thing on his mind.

Will this change now that it is obvious that Coach Rod cannot win games by just scoring a lot of points?

As MaizeMan has been saying recruit, recruit and recruit some more, but make it defensive studs, not one-star sleepers.

Also since I brought up MaizeMan, I feel bad for him for saying what he wanted in an e-mail and then getting torched. He is welcomed here isn't he? Do you guys agree with him?

Tim B.


Thanks for the comments.

Coach Rod is not a defensive guy; he takes little interest in the defense, and gives basically total control to the defensive staff. Is that a good thing or not, that is debatable? But that is how some head coaches operate.

In our opinion, until the defense becomes as much of a priority as the offense, Michigan will not be a great defensive team. We have seen practices where the defense is out on the field basically being used as a tool to help the offense get the system down the last two years. And, as some may think that GBMW says this tidbit ad nauseum, until Michigan gets better talent by recruiting this team will struggle trying to stop anybody.

In regard to MaizeMan we have been asked not to comment too much on what happened, but we will say this, we stand behind MaizeMan 100%.

MaizeMan is a close friend to GBMW, not only in the Internet world, but in person as well, and always he is welcomed here. More correctly, MaizeMan is invited to be here and we all are so pleased when he can help us out. He has been helping out GBMW for quite awhile, off and on, since we started this blog.

His knowledge and insight is a great addition to any site, period.

He has some great connections, past and present.

If you go back and read his stuff for the last ten years you will see that he is highly accurate. As we stated the other day, not many people are 100% accurate and those who think that they are in the never miss range are just full of themselves. Just look at skilled college coaches in recruiting, many kids do not pan out along with NFL coaches who draft players that never produce at the high level their draft stock or wallet should have indicated.

Too many people make a big deal out of a personal and private e-mails that can get forwarded to people that did not like them or have an agenda, because the pursuer ends up being wrong and is steamed. Some made a big deal out of nothing, in our opinion, of a man that was giving his personal thoughts on a situation. And take this to the bank, none of the folks taking issue are nowhere even remotely as knowledgeable, insightful, in the loop, or as accurate as our friend MaizeMan.

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Confused said...

For those of us who don't live on the Scout boards, can somebody explain what's up with MaizeMan

ErocWolverine said...


He is no longer at Scout.

That is all.


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