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Mailbag question: Coach Rod's future

Mailbag question: Coach Rod's future


Reading your posts the last few weeks, it seems like you have become increasingly despondent regarding this team. I know you say it doesn’t look like we will be competing for Big 10 championships until 2011, but I'm curious to know who you think will be the coach at that time?

Brian at MGoBlog thinks Rich is gone if he can’t get to at least 7 wins next year, but what about you? Do you think Rich is still the guy?

Steve W


Thanks for the question.

Coach Rod is Michigan’s coach at this time. As Michigan’s coach he has our 100% support. We hope he goes 13-0 every season. But not becoming bowl eligible is truly a major deal that no program of Michigan’s nature can overlook.

We have said for the last two seasons that Coach Rod needs to get to 6-6 to insure the time to develop this program.

The entire sports program at Michigan is dependent on football by filling those 100,000+ seats for 7 or 8 home games. When the seats stop being filled, and donations start to dry, that is when Coach Rod will start to feel the real heat.

A win this weekend would go a long way to getting him the time he needs. We are not taking a position as to any specific number of wins that serve as an unofficial benchmark at this time. Except that, if he does not get the team bowl eligible next season it will be very difficult for him to survive at Michigan. Next year is likely a make or break year for Coach Rod and we believe he knows this better than anyone.

We do know that he needs to improve his Big Ten record, because 1-6 this year and 2-6 last year will not cut it without clear improvement.

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