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Mailbag question: Five positives and five negatives so far

Mailbag question: Five positives and five negatives so far

Hey guys,

Can you give me 5 things that have impressed you guys so far and 5 things that have disappointed you?

Can you also go into details about them and talk about what needs to happen to get better as well.

Keep up the good work!

Ted C.

Thanks for the question.


This was answered before the Illinois game.

What has been impressive:

1) The defense has done nice job after sudden changes/ turnovers. This group has been able to hold opponents to field goals many times after the offense gave up a short field.

2) Michigan has done a very good job of punting the ball and covering punts.

3) Michigan 's split ends have done a much better job of blocking the edge. Last year this necessary spread skill was very poor, there has been great improvement.

4) The offense has done a very good job of rushing the football. The improved running game was a key in Michigan 's five wins and gave Michigan a chance against both Michigan State and Iowa.

5) Despite using a walk-on Michigan has made every extra point (knock on wood) and missed only one field goal.


1) The defense has given up too many big plays. Too step up to the next level Michigan cannot continue to give opposing offenses big plays.

2) The defense must improve the third down defense. Michigan is giving up too many third and longs. The defense has to get off the field when presented an opportunity.

3) The lack of vertical passing game by the offense. Eventually Michigan needs to stretch defenses and back up the safeties.

4) Turnovers, Michigan has turned the ball over ten times in the three loses, but only six times in five wins. Ball security needs to improve if Michigan is going to be in the title hunt.

5) Lack of involvement by tight ends. Yes they dropped a couple last week, but in our opinion Koger is one of the top talents on the team and he needs to see the ball more.

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