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Mailbag question: How long before we start competing again?

Mailbag question: How long before we start competing again?


I understand that is was a process with Coach Rod, but how long does it look to you before it (the program) is headed in the right direction?

Yes, we beat Notre Dame, which I was not expecting, but we also almost lost to Indiana and we did lose to Illinois in which case they are, or I thought they were, one of the worst teams in the Big Ten.

How long before we actually start competing again for just the Big Ten conference title, not national championships?

Has this program turned into Nebraska, a program that fell off the "Elite" status and has not returned ever since Tom Osborne left the program?

Randy S.


Thanks for the question.

The last two weeks have been painful to watch and have caused many of our Blue Brothers and Sister to stop and pause (and things that cannot be printed or better left alone).

We thought Michigan was heading in the right direction and even with the two tough loses early on we all felt Michigan was right there with the midstream of the Big Ten.

The last two weeks have brought a thud of reality, bringing forth the obvious conclusion that this team still has a ways to go. Now, maybe the team has a long way with no known shortcut. If by the 2010 season Michigan is not a serious contender for the Big 10 and by 2011 a serious contender for a National Championship/BCS appearance, things will need to be re-evaluated.

If after three or four years there is no clear appreciable improvement against the top level conference teams, it will be time to take serious look at what Coach Rod is doing.

Having said all of this, “football fans need to keep the historical phrase in mind: Rome was not built in a day. Now add this: But one guy, Nero, burned it down pretty quick.

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Anonymous said...

Nice analogy. RR believed he had the burn the village down to save it. We are now looking at the smoldering remnants of the village. We'll see whether it gets saved or abandoned.

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